Mason County, WA Analytics

March recorded 1,325 crime incidents.

February recorded 1,395 crime incidents.

January recorded 1,126 crime incidents.


Crime Types

  • Other: 2,910
  • Arrest: 342
  • Theft: 286
  • Assault: 192
  • Vandalism: 59
  • Burglary: 54
  • Robbery: 3
  • Shooting: 0
  • Arson: 0

Crime by Month

In the past three months, February had the most number of crimes in Mason County, Washington.

February had about 1% more crime than January, with February producing 269 more crimes than January.

February had about 1% more crime than March, with February producing 70 more crimes than March.

Most Committed Crimes in Mason County, Washington

Over the past three months, Arrest was the most committed crime overall making up about 9% of crime in Mason County, Washington.

The most committed violent crime was Assault, making up about 100% of violent crime in Mason County, Washington.

The most committed property crime was Theft, making up about 84% of property crime in Mason County, Washington.

Reported Shootings in Mason County, Washington

We recorded 0 shootings over a three month period in Mason County, Washington. That's an average of about 0 shootings per month. March saw the most shootings with 0, followed by February with 0 shootings, and January with 0 shootings.

Disclaimer: SpotCrime pulls from multiple sources including news reported incidents. A majority of the crime incidents are directly from local police agencies. Occasionally, there may be duplicate crimes. The status of the crime is subject to change.

We are not the FBI. These are not official FBI numbers.

Data is based on a radius around the center point of Mason County. This may include crimes from adjacent agencies and agencies within the area.