Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther06/24/19. 04:08 PM.OLD HWY 99 N BURLINGTONDetails
BOther06/24/19. 11:22 PM.BAKER LOOP RD CONCRETEDetails
COther06/24/19. 11:43 PM.W BIG LAKE BLVD MOUNT VERNONDetails
DOther06/24/19. 11:23 PM.JUNGQUIST RD MOUNT VERNONDetails
EOther06/24/19. 10:24 PM.OLD HWY 99 NORTH RD BURLINGTONDetails
FAssault06/24/19. 10:21 PM.SUENIC RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
GAssault06/24/19. 09:48 PM.GARDEN TERRACE LN SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
HOther06/24/19. 09:10 PM.COHOE DR BURLINGTONDetails
IOther06/24/19. 09:03 PM.FARM TO MARKET RD BOWDetails
JAssault06/24/19. 08:33 PM.MOSIER RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
KOther06/24/19. 07:59 PM.COOK RD BURLINGTONDetails
LAssault06/24/19. 07:34 PM.GALLAGHER RD CONCRETEDetails
MAssault06/24/19. 07:32 PM.CUMBERLAND ST HAMILTONDetails
NOther06/24/19. 05:54 PM.GARDEN OF EDEN RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
OArrest06/24/19. 06:01 PM.BOW HILL RD BOWDetails
POther06/24/19. 05:53 PM.N SKAGIT ST BURLINGTONDetails
QOther06/24/19. 05:42 PM.N SKAGIT ST BURLINGTONDetails
ROther06/24/19. 05:27 PM.BUTLER HILL RD BURLINGTONDetails
SOther06/24/19. 05:06 PM.BUCHANAN ST MOUNT VERNONDetails
TOther06/24/19. 04:08 PM.99 AND COOK RD SKAGIT COUNTYDetails
UTheft06/24/19. 03:33 PM.WA-20 SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
VBurglary06/24/19. 02:31 PM.COCKERHAM ISLAND RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
WBurglary06/24/19. 03:14 PM.HIGH RIDGE DR MARBLEMOUNTDetails
XOther06/24/19. 02:21 PM.PRAIRIE RD BURLINGTONDetails
YAssault06/24/19. 02:05 PM.ALGER CCC RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
ZVandalism06/24/19. 12:09 PM.HALLORAN RD BOWDetails
Other06/24/19. 12:15 PM.DIKE RD MOUNT VERNONDetails
Other06/24/19. 12:03 PM.BUTLER CREEK LN SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
Theft06/24/19. 11:58 AM.STORE ROCKPORTDetails
Other06/24/19. 12:00 PM.OLD HWY 99 NORTH RD BURLINGTONDetails
Arrest06/24/19. 09:35 AM.HOEHN RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
Other06/24/19. 09:29 AM.S GARDNER RD BURLINGTONDetails
Theft06/24/19. 08:03 AM.ESTATE DR MOUNT VERNONDetails
Assault06/24/19. 07:26 AM.ALGER CCC RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
Theft06/24/19. 06:34 AM.STERLING RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
Assault06/24/19. 04:41 AM.DUNBAR RD MOUNT VERNONDetails
Arrest06/24/19. 03:40 AM.OLD DAY CREEK RD SEDRO-WOOLLEYDetails
Arrest06/24/19. 01:59 AM.LA CONNER AND SAMISH RD MOUNT VERNONDetails