Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft11/21/19. 04:00 AM.3600 BLOCK MONTEREY CT NE RENTONDetails
BTheft11/21/19. 18000 BLOCK SE 216TH ST RENTONDetails
COther11/21/19. 09:35 PM.500 BLOCK BRONSON WAY NE RENTONDetails
DTheft11/21/19. 03:30 PM.3100 BLOCK NE 4TH ST RENTONDetails
ETheft11/21/19. 18300 BLOCK 149TH AVE SE RENTONDetails
FTheft11/21/19. 09:50 PM.3300 BLOCK EDMONDS AVE NE RENTONDetails
GTheft11/21/19. 05:45 PM.400 BLOCK S 43RD ST RENTONDetails
HTheft11/21/19. 08:00 AM.500 BLOCK S 4TH ST RENTONDetails
ITheft11/21/19. 12:00 AM.2000 BLOCK ILWACO AVE NE RENTONDetails
JTheft11/21/19. 10:00 PM.1100 BLOCK EDMONDS AVE NE RENTONDetails
KTheft11/21/19. 11:59 PM.4400 BLOCK NE 7TH PL RENTONDetails
LVandalism11/21/19. 11:54 PM.800 BLOCK SW 4TH PL RENTONDetails
MVandalism11/21/19. 11:09 PM.19900 BLOCK 108TH AVE SE RENTONDetails
NTheft11/21/19. 10:46 PM.700 BLOCK RAINIER AVE S RENTONDetails
OOther11/21/19. 10:07 PM.MAPLE VALLEY HWY AND N & B I RENTONDetails
PVandalism11/21/19. 10:00 PM.4400 BLOCK NE 12TH ST RENTONDetails
QArrest11/21/19. 09:41 PM.1300 BLOCK BRONSON WAY N RENTONDetails
STheft11/21/19. 07:30 PM.00 BLOCK SW 7TH ST RENTONDetails
TTheft11/21/19. 07:16 PM.600 BLOCK S GRADY WAY RENTONDetails
UVandalism11/21/19. 05:00 PM.1100 BLOCK HOQUIAM AVE NE RENTONDetails
VOther11/21/19. 09:25 AM.2300 BLOCK BENSON RD S RENTONDetails
WOther11/21/19. 04:14 AM.1100 BLOCK UNION AVE NE RENTONDetails
XTheft11/21/19. 12:00 AM.1100 BLOCK N 33RD ST RENTONDetails