Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther06/10/19. 11:10 PM.18500 BLOCK 37TH AVE LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
BOther06/10/19. 11:06 PM.17400 BLOCK BALLINGER WAY LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
COther06/10/19. 10:38 PM.18900 BLOCK BOTHELL WAY BOTHELLDetails
DAssault06/10/19. 10:18 PM.23800 BLOCK 527 BOTHELLDetails
EOther06/10/19. 09:56 PM.23900 BLOCK 23RD DR BOTHELLDetails
FOther06/10/19. 09:11 PM.21000 BLOCK 527 BOTHELLDetails
GOther06/10/19. 08:47 PM.18300 BLOCK 120TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
HOther06/10/19. 08:06 PM.1100 BLOCK 208TH ST BOTHELLDetails
IOther06/10/19. 07:59 PM.1400 BLOCK 228TH ST BOTHELLDetails
JOther06/10/19. 07:54 PM.18500 BLOCK 53RD AVE LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
KVandalism06/10/19. 07:49 PM.17700 BLOCK 33RD AVE LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
LOther06/10/19. 07:36 PM.22900 BLOCK BOTHELL-EVERETT HWY BOTHELLDetails
MOther06/10/19. 07:11 PM.100 BLOCK 240TH ST BOTHELLDetails
NTheft06/10/19. 05:28 PM.17100 BLOCK BOTHELL WAY LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
OOther06/10/19. 05:02 PM.23700 BLOCK 23RD AVE BOTHELLDetails
POther06/10/19. 04:54 PM.19000 BLOCK 108TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
QAssault06/10/19. 04:48 PM.21400 BLOCK 35TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
ROther06/10/19. 04:26 PM.23900 BLOCK 7TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
SAssault06/10/19. 03:46 PM.200 BLOCK 219TH PL BOTHELLDetails
TOther06/10/19. 03:27 PM.23900 BLOCK 7TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
UAssault06/10/19. 03:20 PM.700 BLOCK 228TH ST BOTHELLDetails
VOther06/10/19. 03:01 PM.21700 BLOCK 4TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
WOther06/10/19. 02:35 PM.21000 BLOCK 527 BOTHELLDetails
XTheft06/10/19. 11:33 AM.23800 BLOCK 15TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
YOther06/10/19. 11:32 AM.100 BLOCK 231ST ST BOTHELLDetails
ZOther06/10/19. 11:31 AM.10300 BLOCK E RIVERSIDE DR BOTHELLDetails
Other06/10/19. 11:20 AM.17900 BLOCK 102ND AVE BOTHELLDetails
Other06/10/19. 11:13 AM.18400 BLOCK 101ST AVE BOTHELLDetails
Other06/10/19. 10:34 AM.100 BLOCK OF BLOCK & 00 BLOCK OF LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
Theft06/10/19. 09:39 AM.20000 BLOCK NORTH CREEK PKWY BOTHELLDetails
Other06/10/19. 09:05 AM.E RIVERSIDE & 100 BLOCK OF LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
Theft06/10/19. 08:26 AM.14900 BLOCK 37TH AVE LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
Other06/10/19. 08:18 AM.3500 BLOCK NE 146TH PL LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
Other06/10/19. 06:34 AM.12500 BLOCK NE 183RD ST BOTHELLDetails
Other06/10/19. 01:40 AM.17500 BLOCK BALLINGER WAY LAKE FOREST PARKDetails