Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther05/16/19. 10:14 PM.20900 BLOCK 29TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
BBurglary05/16/19. 07:43 PM.22000 BLOCK 7TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
COther05/16/19. 05:46 PM.3600 BLOCK NE 155TH ST LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
DTheft05/16/19. 03:21 PM.16500 BLOCK 39TH AVE LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
EOther05/16/19. 06:47 PM.11000 BLOCK CIRCLE DR BOTHELLDetails
FTheft05/16/19. 05:54 PM.15700 BLOCK 116TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
GTheft05/16/19. 03:50 PM.11700 BLOCK NE 160TH ST BOTHELLDetails
HTheft05/16/19. 03:12 PM.20900 BLOCK 9TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
IOther05/16/19. 02:33 PM.MAIN ST BOTHELLDetails
JOther05/16/19. 12:41 PM.S OF SHOPS LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
KOther05/16/19. 11:40 AM.14800 BLOCK BOTHELL WAY LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
LOther05/16/19. 11:11 AM.23900 BLOCK 40TH DR BOTHELLDetails
MOther05/16/19. 11:04 AM.18000 BLOCK 120TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
NOther05/16/19. 10:28 AM.22900 BLOCK 15TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
OOther05/16/19. 10:28 AM.8900 BLOCK NE 176TH ST BOTHELLDetails
PTheft05/16/19. 10:15 AM.18400 BLOCK 101ST AVE BOTHELLDetails
QOther05/16/19. 07:47 AM.17400 BLOCK BALLINGER WAY LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
ROther05/16/19. 07:43 AM.S OF SHOPS LAKE FOREST PARKDetails
SOther05/16/19. 07:37 AM.23400 BLOCK 39TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
TTheft05/16/19. 12:29 AM.19700 BLOCK 112TH AVE BOTHELLDetails
UOther05/16/19. 12:23 AM.10700 BLOCK ROSS RD BOTHELLDetails