Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther11/19/19. 12:07 AM.500 BLOCK OF CHETCO AVE BROOKINGSDetails
BOther11/19/19. 01:12 PM.600 BLOCK OF PIONEER RD BROOKINGSDetails
CShooting11/19/19. 11:48 PM.96600 BLOCK OF W HARRIS HTS BROOKINGSDetails
DAssault11/19/19. 12:04 PM.800 BLOCK OF ELK DR BROOKINGSDetails
EArrest11/19/19. 06:48 PM.WHALESHEAD RD BROOKINGSDetails
FAssault11/19/19. 11:44 AM.16300 BLOCK OF HWY 101 S BROOKINGSDetails
GOther11/19/19. 06:45 PM.101 AND FLORAL HILL BROOKINGSDetails
HOther11/19/19. 09:10 PM.300 BLOCK OF 5TH ST BROOKINGSDetails