Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther08/26/13. 10:16 AM.700 BLOCK OF E SOUTH STREET OZARKDetails
BOther08/26/13. 09:35 PM.N 11TH AVENUE OZARKDetails
CTheft08/26/13. 06:42 AM.S SELMORE BOULEVARD OZARKDetails
DTheft08/26/13. 11:21 AM.900 BLOCK OF N 4TH AVENUE OZARKDetails
ETheft08/26/13. 01:30 PM.4700 BLOCK OF N 22ND STREET H-22 OZARKDetails
FTheft08/26/13. 12:57 AM.2000 BLOCK OF AIRPARK ROAD OZARKDetails
GTheft08/26/13. 02:48 PM.1700 BLOCK OF E BINGHAM STREET OZARKDetails
HOther08/26/13. 03:24 PM.14TH STREET OZARKDetails
IOther08/26/13. 03:17 PM.14TH STREET OZARKDetails
JOther08/26/13. 11:32 AM.2000 BLOCK OF W BINGHAM STREET OZARKDetails