Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther11/01/19. 09:39 PM.1500 BLOCK OF 9TH ST WENATCHEEDetails
BOther11/01/19. 09:40 PM.500 BLOCK OF TRIGGER LN WENATCHEEDetails
CTheft11/01/19. 12:17 PM.200 BLOCK OF RAMONA AVE WENATCHEEDetails
DTheft11/01/19. 01:43 PM.1600 BLOCK OF ELM ST WENATCHEEDetails
ETheft11/01/19. 02:35 PM.00 BLOCK OF MARTIN PL WENATCHEEDetails
FTheft11/01/19. 11:08 PM.800 BLOCK OF S CHELAN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
GOther11/01/19. 11:49 PM.200 BLOCK OF SNOHOMISH ST WENATCHEEDetails
HOther11/01/19. 07:53 PM.1000 BLOCK OF KITTITAS ST WENATCHEEDetails
IOther11/01/19. 02:56 PM.00 BLOCK OF S BUCHANAN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
JArrest11/01/19. 05:18 PM.1000 BLOCK OF WEDGEWOOD AVE WENATCHEEDetails
KOther11/01/19. 01:30 AM.500 BLOCK OF S FRANKLIN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
LOther11/01/19. 04:27 PM.00 BLOCK OF S WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
MOther11/01/19. 02:45 AM.S CHELAN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
NTheft11/01/19. 09:29 AM.1300 BLOCK OF MAPLE ST WENATCHEEDetails
OOther11/01/19. 06:15 PM.3600 BLOCK OF US HWY 97A WENATCHEEDetails
QArrest11/01/19. 10:29 PM.S WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
RTheft11/01/19. 04:20 PM.100 BLOCK OF S MILLER ST WENATCHEEDetails
SOther11/01/19. 02:48 PM.2000 BLOCK OF N WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
TOther11/01/19. 10:46 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SPRINGWATER AVE WENATCHEEDetails
UOther11/01/19. 09:08 PM.1000 BLOCK OF N MISSION ST WENATCHEEDetails
VTheft11/01/19. 04:02 PM.700 BLOCK OF S WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
WAssault11/01/19. 11:22 AM.1200 BLOCK OF C S MILLER ST WENATCHEEDetails
XOther11/01/19. 06:38 PM.100 BLOCK OF S CLEVELAND AVE WENATCHEEDetails
YTheft11/01/19. 04:30 PM.00 BLOCK OF N CHELAN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
ZOther11/01/19. 01:44 PM.200 BLOCK OF FERRY ST WENATCHEEDetails