Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther10/30/19. 01:22 PM.1500 BLOCK OF 9TH ST WENATCHEEDetails
BOther10/30/19. 01:15 PM.1300 BLOCK OF 5TH ST WENATCHEEDetails
COther10/30/19. 01:35 PM.400 BLOCK OF KITTITAS ST WENATCHEEDetails
DVandalism10/30/19. 08:57 AM.200 BLOCK OF FULLER ST WENATCHEEDetails
ETheft10/30/19. 03:54 PM.900 BLOCK OF WILLIS ST WENATCHEEDetails
FVandalism10/30/19. 02:59 PM.700 BLOCK OF YAKIMA ST WENATCHEEDetails
GTheft10/30/19. 02:52 PM.300 BLOCK OF SHADY LN WENATCHEEDetails
HOther10/30/19. 06:15 PM.400 BLOCK OF OKANOGAN AVE WENATCHEEDetails
IVandalism10/30/19. 09:51 AM.1100 BLOCK OF CASHMERE ST WENATCHEEDetails
JOther10/30/19. 09:59 AM.100 BLOCK OF 2ND ST WENATCHEEDetails
KTheft10/30/19. 05:29 PM.1000 BLOCK OF S MISSION ST WENATCHEEDetails
LOther10/30/19. 09:08 PM.00 BLOCK OF N GARFIELD AVE WENATCHEEDetails
MTheft10/30/19. 03:31 AM.2000 BLOCK OF N WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
NTheft10/30/19. 09:10 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SPRINGWATER AVE WENATCHEEDetails
OArrest10/30/19. 07:38 AM.100 BLOCK OF 2ND ST NE WENATCHEEDetails
POther10/30/19. 07:11 PM.00 BLOCK OF THURSTON ST WENATCHEEDetails
QOther10/30/19. 05:49 PM.300 BLOCK OF S COLUMBIA ST COLUMBIADetails
RArrest10/30/19. 12:41 AM.1400 BLOCK OF N WENATCHEE AVE WENATCHEEDetails
SAssault10/30/19. 11:56 AM.400 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON ST WENATCHEEDetails