Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther06/16/19. 01:43 AM.          1155 SE PROFESSIONAL MALL BLVD; 215 PULLMANDetails
BBurglary06/16/19. 11:27 PM.          266 NW CLAY CT PULLMANDetails
CAssault06/16/19. 09:43 PM.          1165 S GRAND AVE; 108 PULLMANDetails
DOther06/16/19. 09:02 PM.          515 NW FISK ST PULLMANDetails
EAssault06/16/19. 09:02 PM.        1243 NE VALLEY RD; D PULLMANDetails
FVandalism06/16/19. 08:00 PM.          500 S GRAND AVE PULLMANDetails
GOther06/16/19. 04:28 PM.          1155 SE PROFESSIONAL MALL BLVD; 215 PULLMANDetails
HOther06/16/19. 04:11 PM.          SE SPRING ST AND E WATER ST PULLMANDetails
ITheft06/16/19. 02:06 PM.          1690 SE HARVEST DR PULLMANDetails
JOther06/16/19. 12:23 PM.          SE BISHOP BLVD AND E JOHNSON AVE; PULLMAN PULLMANDetails
KAssault06/16/19. 12:21 PM.          2290 NE WESTWOOD DR; MAPLE VALLEY APTS; PULLMAN PULLMANDetails
LOther06/16/19. 10:06 AM.          NE VALLEY RD AND E MERMAN DR PULLMANDetails