Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther08/30/19. 12:00 AM.700 BLOCK OF CARROLL ST AKRONDetails
BBurglary08/30/19. 05:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF DOTY DR AKRONDetails
CBurglary08/30/19. 02:30 PM.1000 BLOCK OF WEEHAWKEN PL AKRONDetails
DVandalism08/30/19. 03:00 PM.1100 BLOCK OF GRANT ST AKRONDetails
EArrest08/30/19. 07:36 PM.W LONG ST AND PRINCETON ST AKRONDetails
FArrest08/30/19. 08:30 PM.2500 BLOCK OF BENTON AV AKRONDetails
GArrest08/30/19. 09:28 PM.S BALCH ST AND W MARKET ST AKRONDetails
HTheft08/30/19. 11:30 AM.400 BLOCK OF E EXCHANGE ST AKRONDetails
IBurglary08/30/19. 07:50 PM.2400 BLOCK OF 7 ST SW AKRONDetails
JArrest08/30/19. 08:12 PM.300 BLOCK OF S MAPLE ST AKRONDetails
KVandalism08/30/19. 10:20 PM.1000 BLOCK OF DIAGONAL RD AKRONDetails
LRobbery08/30/19. 2100 BLOCK OF EAST AVE AKRONDetails