Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault08/04/19. 02:15 PM.600 BLOCK OF N HOWARD ST AKRONDetails
BArrest08/04/19. 04:25 PM.1200 BLOCK OF ROSLYN AV AKRONDetails
CTheft08/04/19. 05:16 PM.2100 BLOCK OF EAST A AKRONDetails
DVandalism08/04/19. 11:40 AM.1000 BLOCK OF DELIA AV AKRONDetails
EArrest08/04/19. 06:15 PM.W WATERLOO RD AND GAUGLER AV AKRONDetails
FAssault08/04/19. 05:56 PM.1200 BLOCK OF LAFFER AV AKRONDetails
GVandalism08/04/19. 06:40 PM.100 BLOCK OF BACHTEL AV AKRONDetails
HTheft08/04/19. 08:00 PM.2300 BLOCK OF EAST AV AKRONDetails
IVandalism08/04/19. 12:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF NOBLE AV AKRONDetails
JTheft08/04/19. 12:00 PM.400 BLOCK OF HOMESTEAD ST AKRONDetails
KOther08/04/19. 05:30 PM.1300 BLOCK OF CHIPPEWA AV AKRONDetails
LShooting08/04/19. 01:00 PM.GALE AND CROSBY STREETS AKRONDetails