Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther01/29/20. 12:12 AM.4300 BLOCK OF NEEDHAM CT COLUMBIADetails
BOther01/29/20. 12:55 AM.2000 BLOCK OF W BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
COther01/29/20. 01:51 AM.900 BLOCK OF W TEXAS AVE COLUMBIADetails
DOther01/29/20. 02:09 AM.1200 BLOCK OF E BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
EOther01/29/20. 02:24 AM.2709-150 E BROADWAY COLUMBIADetails
FOther01/29/20. 03:19 AM.1003-101 CLAUDELL LN COLUMBIADetails
GTheft01/29/20. 04:26 AM.1400 BLOCK OF W BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
HTheft01/29/20. 06:21 AM.300 BLOCK OF BAY POINTE LN COLUMBIADetails
IOther01/29/20. 07:16 AM.2900 BLOCK OF CLARK LN COLUMBIADetails
JVandalism01/29/20. 08:15 AM.3600 BLOCK OF W WORLEY ST COLUMBIADetails
KOther01/29/20. 08:23 AM.2200 BLOCK OF N STADIUM BLVD COLUMBIADetails
LTheft01/29/20. 08:27 AM.611-C BIG BEAR BLVD COLUMBIADetails
MArrest01/29/20. 09:00 AM.CLARK LN AND N HWY 63 NB COLUMBIADetails
NOther01/29/20. 09:23 AM.600- LYON ST COLUMBIADetails
OOther01/29/20. 09:30 AM.500 BLOCK OF S PROVIDENCE RD COLUMBIADetails
POther01/29/20. 09:52 AM.3300 BLOCK OF E GANS RD COLUMBIADetails
QAssault01/29/20. 10:16 AM.4600 BLOCK OF ORCHARD LN COLUMBIADetails
ROther01/29/20. 10:20 AM.4300 BLOCK OF S PROVIDENCE RD COLUMBIADetails
STheft01/29/20. 11:12 AM.3100 BLOCK OF BASS PRO DR COLUMBIADetails
TTheft01/29/20. 11:33 AM.SILVEY ST AND I70 DR SW COLUMBIADetails
UOther01/29/20. 11:45 AM.3900-146 CLARK LN COLUMBIADetails
VOther01/29/20. 12:17 PM.900 BLOCK OF RAIN FOREST PKWY COLUMBIADetails
WOther01/29/20. 01:04 PM.1500 BLOCK OF KINLOCH CT COLUMBIADetails
YTheft01/29/20. 01:32 PM.2300 BLOCK OF W WORLEY ST COLUMBIADetails
ZOther01/29/20. 01:45 PM.JACKAL DR AND IGUANA DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 01:59 PM.4106- CONGO CIR COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 02:43 PM.915-714 LOCUST ST COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 02:46 PM.1100 BLOCK OF E BROADWAY COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 04:17 PM.600 BLOCK OF E WALNUT ST COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 04:35 PM.3909-102 OAKLAND GRAVEL RD COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 04:39 PM.500 BLOCK OF N COLLEGE AVE COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 05:07 PM.100 BLOCK OF OAK ST COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 05:44 PM.1000 BLOCK OF KENNESAW RIDGE RD COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 05:47 PM.103-314 N STADIUM BLVD COLUMBIADetails
Arrest01/29/20. 06:02 PM.1022-102 CLAUDELL LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 06:14 PM.2500 BLOCK OF BERNADETTE DR COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 06:14 PM.2621-C QUAIL DR COLUMBIADetails
Theft01/29/20. 06:20 PM.4500 BLOCK OF KENTSFIELD LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:08 PM.1600 BLOCK OF STEAMBOAT LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:28 PM.3101-302 WINGATE CT COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:29 PM.4600 BLOCK OF DERBY RIDGE DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:36 PM.2000 BLOCK OF PARIS RD COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:42 PM.1100 BLOCK OF LONDON DR COLUMBIADetails
Vandalism01/29/20. 07:43 PM.3300 BLOCK OF PREMIER LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 07:47 PM.2600 BLOCK OF SPRUCE DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 08:39 PM.5000 BLOCK OF COMMERCIAL DR COLUMBIADetails
Assault01/29/20. 08:42 PM.1700 BLOCK OF W ASH ST COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 08:46 PM.400 BLOCK OF N STADIUM BLVD COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 09:27 PM.1300- SEATTLE SLEW DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 10:02 PM.2500 BLOCK OF MORNING GLORY DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 10:07 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BOYD LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 10:19 PM.607-1 CLAUDELL LN COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 10:29 PM.2900 BLOCK OF YUKON DR COLUMBIADetails
Other01/29/20. 10:55 PM.3100 BLOCK OF W BROADWAY COLUMBIADetails