Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther12/30/19. 12:46 AM.2500-1231 S OLD 63 COLUMBIADetails
BTheft12/30/19. 01:00 AM.600 BLOCK OF N FOURTH ST COLUMBIADetails
CShooting12/30/19. 01:05 AM.00 BLOCK OF MOHAWK AVE COLUMBIADetails
DOther12/30/19. 01:29 AM.1600 BLOCK OF E BROADWAY COLUMBIADetails
EOther12/30/19. 01:30 AM.201-152 E TEXAS AVE COLUMBIADetails
FOther12/30/19. 02:49 AM.1012-2 DUKE ST COLUMBIADetails
GOther12/30/19. 03:08 AM.3100 BLOCK OF WINGATE CT COLUMBIADetails
HOther12/30/19. 05:28 AM.300 BLOCK OF BURNSIDE DR COLUMBIADetails
IBurglary12/30/19. 05:41 AM.300 BLOCK OF N FIFTH ST COLUMBIADetails
JTheft12/30/19. 07:39 AM.2600 BLOCK OF TRIMBLE RD COLUMBIADetails
KTheft12/30/19. 08:22 AM.3700 BLOCK OF DERBY RIDGE DR COLUMBIADetails
LAssault12/30/19. 08:25 AM.600-XYZ E WALNUT ST COLUMBIADetails
MOther12/30/19. 08:44 AM.1013-10 E WALNUT ST COLUMBIADetails
NTheft12/30/19. 08:54 AM.5127-104 CLARK LN COLUMBIADetails
OTheft12/30/19. 09:25 AM.4100 BLOCK OF CREVE COEUR DR COLUMBIADetails
PTheft12/30/19. 10:19 AM.4000 BLOCK OF SOUTH PHOENIX RD COLUMBIADetails
QTheft12/30/19. 10:31 AM.900-A N KEENE ST COLUMBIADetails
ROther12/30/19. 11:42 AM.2518-38 E BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
SOther12/30/19. 11:46 AM.2600 BLOCK OF S PROVIDENCE RD COLUMBIADetails
TTheft12/30/19. 12:05 PM.402-102 RIPLEY ST COLUMBIADetails
UTheft12/30/19. 12:10 PM.400 BLOCK OF W WORLEY ST COLUMBIADetails
VArrest12/30/19. 12:16 PM.600 BLOCK OF E WALNUT ST COLUMBIADetails
WOther12/30/19. 12:16 PM.1900-105 N PROVIDENCE RD COLUMBIADetails
XOther12/30/19. 12:56 PM.5000- E HELLER RD COLUMBIADetails
YOther12/30/19. 12:57 PM.2400 BLOCK OF WHITE GATE DR COLUMBIADetails
ZOther12/30/19. 01:06 PM.2001-6 HOLLY AVE COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 01:52 PM.8-E36 N KEENE ST COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 02:17 PM.200 BLOCK OF W ASH ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 02:46 PM.100-108 BRICKTON RD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 02:56 PM.200 BLOCK OF AUSTIN AVE COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 03:37 PM.2905-B CLOVER WAY COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 03:37 PM.800 BLOCK OF W BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
Assault12/30/19. 04:08 PM.2600 BLOCK OF BARRYS BLUFF CT COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 04:34 PM.25-A CONLEY RD COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 04:50 PM.600 BLOCK OF CLAUDELL LN COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 04:55 PM.3000 BLOCK OF W BROADWAY COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 04:57 PM.1600 BLOCK OF HANOVER BLVD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:00 PM.702-101 CLAUDELL LN COLUMBIADetails
Vandalism12/30/19. 05:05 PM.5200 BLOCK OF HATTERAS DR COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:13 PM.3705-806 FORUM BLVD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:15 PM.5612-A E ST CHARLES RD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:17 PM.00 BLOCK OF N EIGHTH ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:29 PM.1600- SYLVAN LN COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 05:57 PM.5000 BLOCK OF KIRK HILL RD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 07:11 PM.RIPLEY ST AND WINDSOR ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 07:15 PM.415-3 CONLEY RD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 07:18 PM.415-3 CONLEY RD COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 07:18 PM.1100 BLOCK OF JEWELL AVE COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 07:47 PM.1201-814 PAQUIN ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 08:10 PM.3100 BLOCK OF WINGATE CT COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 08:40 PM.500 BLOCK OF MIKEL ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 08:44 PM.1800 BLOCK OF STANFORD DR COLUMBIADetails
Burglary12/30/19. 08:44 PM.3800 BLOCK OF ZEBRA DR COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 08:56 PM.200 BLOCK OF E FOREST AVE COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 09:02 PM.PERSHING RD AND GARY ST COLUMBIADetails
Other12/30/19. 09:26 PM.1100 BLOCK OF ST CHRISTOPHER ST COLUMBIADetails
Vandalism12/30/19. 09:33 PM.2200 BLOCK OF SHAMROCK DR COLUMBIADetails
Theft12/30/19. 09:34 PM.700 BLOCK OF W BUSINESS LOOP 70 COLUMBIADetails
Assault12/30/19. 09:49 PM.3200 BLOCK OF CLARK LN COLUMBIADetails