Crime at 300 BLOCK OF N MARKET BLVD on 06/08/2020 9:43 AM

Type: Other

Date: 06/08/2020 9:43 AM

Description: Trespassing : This Is From The Sumter County Sheriff Calls For Service. Information Is Subject To Change

Address: 300 BLOCK OF N MARKET BLVD, Sumter County, FL

Case Number: SCSO20CAD052676

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Area Most Wanted



Hill Darnell Lanier




Felony Warrant Ref Failure to Appear - Burglary Dwelling, Structure or Conveyance Armed

Wanted By

Citrus County Crime Stoppers

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Natalia Gooden




Theft $300-$1000 Fro Person 65 Yoa or Older ct II - Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information capias Ct I - Dealing in Stolen Property

Wanted By

Sumter County Sheriff

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