Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther07/04/12. 11:50 PM.100 BLOCK OF SAGE TRAIL RD YAKIMADetails
BOther07/04/12. 11:25 PM.1400 BLOCK OF KONNOWAC PASS RD MOXEEDetails
CArrest07/04/12. 11:49 PM.2100 BLK BIRCHFIELD RD YAKIMADetails
DOther07/04/12. 10:42 PM.400 BLOCK OF BEANE RD MOXEEDetails
EOther07/04/12. 09:10 PM.1000 BLK WENAS VIEW DR SELAHDetails
FOther07/04/12. 10:59 PM.00 BLOCK OF N BONAIR RD ZILLAHDetails
GOther07/04/12. 10:50 PM.10000 BLOCK OF SR410; MP107 NACHESDetails
HOther07/04/12. 11:03 PM.5500 BLOCK OF PEAR BUTTE DR YAKIMADetails
IOther07/04/12. 10:49 PM.SELAH LOOP & MCGONAGLE RD SELAHDetails
JOther07/04/12. 10:27 PM.W 2ND ST & TIETON AVE NACHESDetails
KOther07/04/12. 09:46 PM.SWALLEY LN & RUTHERFORD RD YAKIMADetails
LOther07/04/12. 09:21 PM.1800 BLOCK OF ALLEN RD SUNNYSIDEDetails
MOther07/04/12. 10:32 PM.4200 BLOCK OF MAPLE AVE; APT 3 YAKIMADetails
NOther07/04/12. 09:58 PM.5100 BLK LYONS LP YAKIMADetails
OOther07/04/12. 10:08 PM.10600 BLOCK OF SR 12 NACHESDetails
POther07/04/12. 10:19 PM.400 BLK KEYS RD YAKIMADetails
QArrest07/04/12. 10:18 PM.3200 BLOCK OF KAYS RD WAPATODetails
ROther07/04/12. 10:17 PM.LOWRY RD & VAN BELLE RD OUTLOOKDetails
SOther07/04/12. 09:40 PM.10400 BLOCK OF HUGHES RD YAKIMADetails
TOther07/04/12. 10:06 PM.RESTHAVEN RD YAKIMADetails
UOther07/04/12. 09:51 PM.SATUS LONGHOUSE RD & SR 22 GRANGERDetails
VOther07/04/12. 10:01 PM.7200 BLOCK OF VAN BELLE RD SUNNYSIDEDetails
WOther07/04/12. 09:45 PM.SELAH LOOP RD & GUINAN LOOP SELAHDetails
XOther07/04/12. 10:02 PM.5900 BLOCK OF S NACHES RD NACHESDetails
YOther07/04/12. 09:55 PM.2500 BLOCK OF DONALD WAPATO RD WAPATODetails
ZOther07/04/12. 09:27 PM.13000 BLOCK OF WIDE HOLLOW RD YAKIMADetails
Assault07/04/12. 09:51 PM.3300 BLOCK OF S 62ND AVE YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 09:12 PM.600 BLOCK OF SHEETS RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 09:35 PM.11800 BLOCK OF COTTONWOOD CANYON RD YAKIMADetails
Burglary07/04/12. 09:38 PM.00 BLOCK OF MCLAUGHLIN RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 09:41 PM.00 BLOCK OF BURR ST BUENADetails
Other07/04/12. 09:40 PM.1800 BLOCK OF SELAH LOOP RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:33 PM.CHARVET RD & HICKORY RD GRANDVIEWDetails
Other07/04/12. 09:14 PM.COOK RD & TIETON DR YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 09:23 PM.200 BLOCK OF W 4TH ST NACHESDetails
Other07/04/12. 09:15 PM.SELAH LOOP & MCGONAGLE RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 09:02 PM.N TIETON RD & WISCONSIN AVE TIETONDetails
Other07/04/12. 09:05 PM.2ND AVE & W OUTLOOK RD OUTLOOKDetails
Arrest07/04/12. 08:52 PM.1200 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON AVE TOPPENISHDetails
Other07/04/12. 09:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF SAGE TRAIL RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 08:43 PM.100 BLOCK OF HUMPHREY RD TIETONDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:32 PM.2000 BLOCK OF S SATUS RD TOPPENISHDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:25 PM.100 BLOCK OF WARD RD TOPPENISHDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:22 PM.3200 BLOCK OF ROSENKRANZ RD TIETONDetails
Assault07/04/12. 08:02 PM.200 BLOCK OF TAYLOR LOOP RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:16 PM.2200 BLOCK OF MURRAY RD SUNNYSIDEDetails
Other07/04/12. 08:06 PM.ROZA DR & SCHOOLEY RD ZILLAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 07:47 PM.300 BLOCK OF S WENAS RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 07:36 PM.S 62ND AVE & AHTANUM RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 07:18 PM.16100 BLK N WENAS RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 07:02 PM.200 BLOCK OF HOFFER RD WAPATODetails
Other07/04/12. 07:09 PM.100 BLOCK OF STARK RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 06:20 PM.400 BLOCK OF OLDENWAY RD TOPPENISHDetails
Other07/04/12. 06:27 PM.00 BLOCK OF LINK RD NACHESDetails
Other07/04/12. 06:20 PM.10800 BLOCK OF HUGHES RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 05:55 PM.4400 BLOCK OF BIRCHFIELD LN MOXEEDetails
Theft07/04/12. 05:16 PM.00 BLOCK OF HOFF RD MOXEEDetails
Other07/04/12. 04:23 PM.300 BLOCK OF CHARVET RD GRANDVIEWDetails
Assault07/04/12. 01:10 PM.3500 BLOCK OF BIRCHFIELD RD MOXEEDetails
Other07/04/12. 02:03 PM.400 BLOCK OF SELAH HEIGHTS RD SELAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 02:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF SAGE TRAIL RD YAKIMADetails
Other07/04/12. 12:37 PM.700 BLOCK OF S 41ST ST YAKIMADetails
Burglary07/04/12. 12:30 PM.4400 BLOCK OF VAN BELLE RD OUTLOOKDetails
Other07/04/12. 12:20 PM.00 BLOCK OF EMERSON RD ZILLAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 11:39 AM.CLEAR LAKE S CAMPGROUND NACHESDetails
Other07/04/12. 10:34 AM.XXXX S COUNTY LINE RD GRANDVIEWDetails
Theft07/04/12. 08:23 AM.VAN BELLE RD & BEAM RD GRANGERDetails
Vandalism07/04/12. 07:47 AM.2400 BLOCK OF GILBERT RD ZILLAHDetails
Other07/04/12. 07:08 AM.8200 BLOCK OF LATERAL C RD TOPPENISHDetails
Other07/04/12. 12:17 AM.200 BLOCK OF N 81ST AVE YAKIMADetails