Yakima County, WA Daily Crime Reports - 11/04/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault11/04/11. 01:50 AM.XXXX SCHUT RD;#XXXX YAKIMADetails
BAssault11/04/11. 02:01 AM.1800 BLOCK OF HUDSON RD GRANGERDetails
CTheft11/04/11. 02:04 AM.3900 BLOCK OF TERRACE HEIGHTS DR YAKIMADetails
EOther11/04/11. 03:19 AM.300 BLOCK OF KRINER RD SUNNYSIDEDetails
FTheft11/04/11. 06:09 AM.700 BLOCK OF N 54TH ST YAKIMADetails
GTheft11/04/11. 08:20 AM.HARRISON RD SUNNYSIDEDetails
HArrest11/04/11. 08:48 AM.9800 BLOCK OF PROGRESSIVE RD HARRAHDetails
IBurglary11/04/11. 08:55 AM.100 BLOCK OF DEER MEADOW LN NACHESDetails
JArrest11/04/11. 09:50 AM.900 BLOCK OF N 4TH AVE YAKIMADetails
KTheft11/04/11. 10:37 AM.100 BLOCK OF FISHER RD MABTONDetails
LAssault11/04/11. 11:51 AM.200 BLOCK OF MAMACHAT WAPATODetails
MBurglary11/04/11. 11:59 AM.3600 BLOCK OF BIRCHFIELD RD YAKIMADetails
NBurglary11/04/11. 12:56 PM.300 BLOCK OF WILLOWTREE LN; #37 TOPPENISHDetails
OAssault11/04/11. 02:43 PM.1700 BLOCK OF FORT RD TOPPENISHDetails
PTheft11/04/11. 02:50 PM.500 BLOCK OF W ROBINSON GRANDVIEWDetails
QTheft11/04/11. 04:45 PM.1600 BLOCK OF E SELAH RD YAKIMADetails
RTheft11/04/11. 04:50 PM.500 BLOCK OF N 38TH ST YAKIMADetails
SOther11/04/11. 06:06 PM.9900 BLOCK OF EVANS RD WHITE SWANDetails
TAssault11/04/11. 06:10 PM.100 BLOCK OF CLASEN YAKIMADetails
UAssault11/04/11. 08:24 PM.2800 BLOCK OF TIETON DR YAKIMADetails
VOther11/04/11. 08:29 PM.23XX HOUGHTON RD ZILLAHDetails
WOther11/04/11. 10:04 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SW CRESCENT AVE SUNNYSIDEDetails
XBurglary11/04/11. 10:48 PM.4000 BLOCK OF W LARCH AVE YAKIMADetails
YOther11/04/11. 11:32 PM.OLD NACHES HWY/GALLOWAY YAKIMADetails

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