Tacoma, WA Daily Crime Reports - 01/21/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest01/21/12. 01:48 AM.700 BLOCK OF S. MERIDIAN PUYALLUPDetails
BArrest01/21/12. 02:17 AM.800 BLOCK OF S HILL PARK DR PUYALLUPDetails
CArrest01/21/12. 01:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF 31ST AV SE PUYALLUPDetails
DArrest01/21/12. 03:12 PM.500 BLOCK OF 39TH AV SW PUYALLUPDetails
ETheft01/21/12. 06:07 PM.100 BLOCK OF 31ST AV SE PUYALLUPDetails
FArrest01/21/12. 11:50 PM.2300 BLOCK OF SR512 E TACOMADetails
GBurglary01/21/12. 09:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF 10TH ST SE PUYALLUPDetails
HBurglary01/21/12. 12:15 PM.4400 BLOCK OF 2ND ST SW PUYALLUPDetails
IArrest01/21/12. 12:05 AM.6500 BLOCK OF SC W LAKEWOOD DR W TACOMADetails
JVandalism01/21/12. 12:05 AM.9700 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
KArrest01/21/12. 12:15 AM.S 57TH ST/PACIFIC AV TACOMADetails
LAssault01/21/12. 12:20 AM.6700 BLOCK OF 6TH AV TACOMADetails
MArrest01/21/12. 12:48 AM.E 70TH ST/MCKINLEY AV TACOMADetails
NOther01/21/12. 01:19 AM.S 54TH ST/S SHERIDAN AV TACOMADetails
OArrest01/21/12. 02:07 AM.9900 BLOCK OF S TACOMA WY LAKEWOODDetails
PArrest01/21/12. 04:02 AM.1100 BLOCK OF S 63RD ST TACOMADetails
QBurglary01/21/12. 05:07 AM.15500 BLOCK OF MERIDIAN E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
RVandalism01/21/12. 06:30 AM.20300 BLOCK OF RHODODENDRON DR E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
SAssault01/21/12. 08:55 AM.6200 BLOCK OF LAKEWOOD DR. W. UNIVERSITY PLACEDetails
TOther01/21/12. 09:15 AM.500 BLOCK OF S 53RD ST TACOMADetails
UAssault01/21/12. 09:35 AM.1100 BLOCK OF S HIGHLAND AV TACOMADetails
VOther01/21/12. 09:40 AM.300 BLOCK OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR WY TACOMADetails
WAssault01/21/12. 09:30 AM.5700 BLOCK OF S TYLER ST TACOMADetails
XArrest01/21/12. 10:15 AM.6200 BLOCK OF LAKEWOOD DR W UNIVERSITY PLACEDetails
YBurglary01/21/12. 02:42 AM.12700 BLOCK OF 122ND ST E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
ZAssault01/21/12. 11:08 AM.S 36TH ST/S M ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 11:30 AM.9600 BLOCK OF 218TH AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Other01/21/12. 12:00 PM.600 BLOCK OF N 1ST ST TACOMADetails
Other01/21/12. 11:30 AM.8800 BLOCK OF JOHN DOWER RD SW LAKEWOODDetails
Robbery01/21/12. 01:01 AM.15200 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Other01/21/12. 12:15 PM.3000 BLOCK OF N PEARL TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:15 PM.700 BLOCK OF S 13TH ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:01 AM.00 BLOCK OF N BROADWAY TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 02:15 PM.10600 BLOCK OF AV E 32ND ST E EDGEWOODDetails
Other01/21/12. 02:45 PM.7200 BLOCK OF TACOMA MALL BL TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 02:56 PM.E 72ND ST MCKINLEY AV TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 10:30 AM.10200 BLOCK OF BROADWAY AVE S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 02:15 PM.8000 BLOCK OF S HOSMER ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 03:42 PM.10200 BLOCK OF GRAVELLY LAKE DR SW LAKEWOODDetails
Theft01/21/12. 02:15 PM.700 BLOCK OF TACOMA MALL TACOMADetails
Other01/21/12. 12:30 PM.5500 BLOCK OF 78TH AV NW PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 04:30 PM.8400 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV TACOMADetails
Assault01/21/12. 04:40 PM.7000 BLOCK OF BRIDGEPORT WY W LAKEWOODDetails
Theft01/21/12. 04:40 PM.2500 BLOCK OF S 47TH ST TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 06:00 PM.9400 BLOCK OF LAKEWOOD DR SW LAKEWOODDetails
Theft01/21/12. 03:15 PM.3700 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:01 AM.1200 BLOCK OF S AINSWORTH AV TACOMADetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 05:00 PM.00 BLOCK OF MONTANA AV TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 05:46 PM.10800 BLOCK OF PACIFIC HW SW LAKEWOODDetails
Assault01/21/12. 06:13 PM.11400 BLOCK OF PACIFIC HW SW LAKEWOODDetails
Arrest01/21/12. 06:22 PM.S 15TH ST/MARTIN LUTHER KING J W TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 02:00 AM.700 BLOCK OF S 121 ST PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Assault01/21/12. 06:35 PM.7200 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 07:00 PM.5600 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AVE TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 07:40 PM.11300 BLOCK OF 3RD AC E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Assault01/21/12. 08:00 PM.8400 BLOCK OF / PACIFIC AVE TACOMADetails
Assault01/21/12. 07:10 PM.4300 BLOCK OF S PUGET SOUND AV TACOMADetails
Assault01/21/12. 09:03 PM.1300 BLOCK OF S G ST TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 09:05 PM.S 72ND ST S D ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 09:40 PM.800 BLOCK OF E 72ND ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 12:00 PM.8800 BLOCK OF TACOMA AVE S TACOMADetails
Assault01/21/12. 06:00 PM.2100 BLOCK OF S M ST TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 10:12 PM.CENTER ST/S STEELE ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 07:00 PM.1600 BLOCK OF S 56TH ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 12:01 AM.20400 BLOCK OF 50TH AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 09:00 PM.5600 BLOCK OF S WASHINGTON ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:00 PM.1600 BLOCK OF S 56TH ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 05:30 PM.800 BLOCK OF N FIFE ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 06:00 PM.11000 BLOCK OF PARK AV S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/21/12. 07:00 PM.2100 BLOCK OF E 60TH ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 09:00 PM.4900 BLOCK OF 230TH AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/21/12. 06:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF 167TH ST E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 08:00 PM.7900 BLOCK OF N 7TH ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:45 PM.8800 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 04:00 PM.700 BLOCK OF N STADIUM WY TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 07:00 PM.7100 BLOCK OF HARTS LAKE RD S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Other01/21/12. 02:25 PM.11000 BLOCK OF ADDISON ST SW LAKEWOODDetails
Theft01/21/12. 10:00 PM.11700 BLOCK OF 63RD AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Other01/21/12. 01:00 PM.200 BLOCK OF 144TH ST E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Burglary01/21/12. 05:00 PM.1200 BLOCK OF E 65TH ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 10:00 AM.1200 BLOCK OF S VERDE ST TACOMADetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 10:00 AM.300 BLOCK OF 197TH STCT E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:30 PM.12200 BLOCK OF PACIFIC AV S PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 10:00 PM.5200 BLOCK OF 45TH AV NW PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:05 AM.1200 BLOCK OF E 35TH ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 11:00 AM.600 BLOCK OF S SHERIDAN AVE TACOMADetails
Other01/21/12. 05:00 PM.3800 BLOCK OF S ASOTIN ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 06:00 PM.8000 BLOCK OF A ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 11:00 AM.5600 BLOCK OF S BELL ST TACOMADetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 02:00 AM.1400 BLOCK OF S WASHINGTON ST TACOMADetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 01:00 PM.15000 BLOCK MAIN ST E SUMNERDetails
Theft01/21/12. 05:00 PM.1400 BLOCK OF VALLEY AVE SUMNERDetails
Theft01/21/12. 06:00 PM.6800 BLOCK OF PARKER RD E SUMNERDetails
Theft01/21/12. 03:00 PM.900 BLOCK OF N L ST TACOMADetails
Vandalism01/21/12. 09:00 AM.4800 BLOCK OF S 49TH ST TACOMADetails
Other01/21/12. 03:00 PM.9000 BLOCK OF MAIN TACOMADetails
Arrest01/21/12. 08:55 PM.1400 BLOCK OF WILMINGONT DR DUPONTDetails
Other01/21/12. 02:40 PM.4800 BLOCK OF PT FOSDICK DR NW GIG HARBORDetails
Theft01/21/12. 04:30 PM.1600 BLOCK OF 12TH ST SW PUYALLUPDetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:00 PM.1800 BLOCK OF RIVER RD PUYALLUPDetails
Theft01/21/12. 07:00 AM.17300 BLOCK OF 15TH AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 03:00 AM.400 BLOCK OF E HARRISON ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:00 AM.5000 BLOCK OF S PUGET SOUND AV TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:00 PM.5200 BLOCK OF S STEELE ST TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:00 AM.3600 BLOCK OF E B ST TACOMADetails
Burglary01/21/12. 12:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF 171ST ST E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Assault01/21/12. 06:18 PM.9600 BLOCK OF STEILACOOM BLVD SW LAKEWOODDetails
Theft01/21/12. 05:00 PM.900 BLOCK OF N PEARL ST TACOMADetails
Assault01/21/12. 11:59 PM.14100 BLOCK OF 107TH AVE CT E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 12:01 AM.17100 BLOCK OF 140TH AV E PIERCE COUNTYDetails
Theft01/21/12. 08:00 AM.5000 BLOCK OF TACOMA MALL BLVD TACOMADetails
Theft01/21/12. 10:30 PM.300 BLOCK OF N TACOMA AV TACOMADetails

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