Spokane, WA Daily Crime Reports - 07/11/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft07/11/12. 11:58 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
BAssault07/11/12. 11:56 PM.SOUTH RIVERTON SPOKANEDetails
CAssault07/11/12. 11:54 PM.BROADWAY SPOKANEDetails
DOther07/11/12. 11:49 PM.4TH AND S WALNUT ST SPOKANEDetails
ETheft07/11/12. 11:47 PM.RUBY SPOKANEDetails
FVandalism07/11/12. 11:47 PM.BISMARK AND N CRESTLINE ST SPOKANEDetails
GOther07/11/12. 11:46 PM.BISMARK AND N G ST SPOKANEDetails
HOther07/11/12. 11:41 PM.CLEVELAND SPOKANEDetails
IArrest07/11/12. 11:41 PM.SUNSET SPOKANEDetails
JArrest07/11/12. 11:35 PM.COURTLAND SPOKANEDetails
KArrest07/11/12. 11:22 PM.11TH AND S SHERIDAN ST SPOKANEDetails
LShooting07/11/12. 11:21 PM.MORTON SPOKANEDetails
MOther07/11/12. 11:19 PM.16TH SPOKANEDetails
NArrest07/11/12. 11:11 PM.GRETA SPOKANEDetails
OVandalism07/11/12. 11:10 PM.SPRAGUE AND N STEVENS ST SPOKANEDetails
PVandalism07/11/12. 11:04 PM.POST AND W WABASH AV SPOKANEDetails
QOther07/11/12. 11:01 PM.BRIDGE AND N CHESTNUT ST SPOKANEDetails
ROther07/11/12. 10:54 PM.POST SPOKANEDetails
SBurglary07/11/12. 10:36 PM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
TArrest07/11/12. 10:33 PM.BROADWAY SPOKANEDetails
UBurglary07/11/12. 10:21 PM.OAK SPOKANEDetails
WOther07/11/12. 10:15 PM.11TH AND S RAY PL SPOKANEDetails
XArrest07/11/12. 10:13 PM.CRESTLINE AND E EMPIRE AV SPOKANEDetails
YBurglary07/11/12. 09:54 PM.HOWARD AND W SPRAGUE AV SPOKANEDetails
ZVandalism07/11/12. 09:45 PM.JEFFERSON SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 09:40 PM.BROADWAY SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 09:37 PM.OHIO SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 09:25 PM.EUCLID SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:24 PM.3RD SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 09:18 PM.SPRAGUE SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 09:18 PM.FRANCIS AND N LEE ST SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 09:14 PM.MONROE SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 09:12 PM.REGAL SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 09:10 PM.PITTSBURG SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 09:02 PM.ATLANTIC SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 08:58 PM.FORT GEORGE WRIGHT SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 08:48 PM.PACIFIC SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 08:37 PM.CENTRAL SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 08:27 PM.HARTSON SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 08:23 PM.29TH SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 08:22 PM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 08:11 PM.ELGIN SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:50 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 07:41 PM.7TH SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:40 PM.GLASS SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 07:07 PM.PITTSBURG SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 07:04 PM.3RD SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 07:02 PM.NEVADA AND E WELLESLEY AV SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 06:57 PM.35TH SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 06:46 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 06:40 PM.20TH AND S PERRY ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 06:37 PM.5TH SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 06:28 PM.ROWAN SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 06:25 PM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 06:23 PM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 06:19 PM.24TH AND S HATCH ST SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 06:08 PM.SHARPSBURG SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 05:59 PM.MISSION SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 05:55 PM.GRETA SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 05:53 PM.MAIN AND N NAPA ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 05:51 PM.27TH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 05:46 PM.NAPA AND E NORA AV SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 05:39 PM.SOUTH CRESCENT SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 05:34 PM.SINTO SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 05:19 PM.SPRAGUE SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 05:13 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 05:07 PM.DESMET SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 05:00 PM.29TH SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 05:00 PM.ROWAN SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 04:25 PM.HARTLEY SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 04:18 PM.COLTON SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 04:02 PM.BERNARD AND W RIVERSIDE AV SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 03:57 PM.PRINCETON SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 03:56 PM.FRANCIS SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 03:33 PM.29TH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 03:32 PM.29TH SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 03:31 PM.MARKET SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 03:22 PM.MARIETTA SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 03:21 PM.BROADWAY SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 03:20 PM.7TH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 02:54 PM.COURTLAND SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 02:52 PM.ROWAN SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 02:47 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 02:38 PM.MARKET SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 02:32 PM.FRANCIS SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 02:31 PM.24TH AND S FREYA ST SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 02:28 PM.SPRAGUE AND N WALL ST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 02:22 PM.HOWARD SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 02:10 PM.POST AND W RIVERSIDE AV SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 02:04 PM.HELENA AND E SPRAGUE AV SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 01:57 PM.32ND SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 01:56 PM.MADELIA SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 01:49 PM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 01:49 PM.1ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 01:46 PM.POST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 01:39 PM.CONGRESS SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 01:15 PM.7TH AND S BERNARD ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 01:14 PM.FISKE SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 01:14 PM.WALTON SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 01:06 PM.ANTIETAM SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 01:06 PM.WELLESLEY SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 01:00 PM.MORTON SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 12:55 PM.KNOX SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 12:51 PM.29TH SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 12:47 PM.17TH AND S RAY ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 12:35 PM.CALISPEL SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 12:24 PM.SOUTH RIVERTON SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 12:21 PM.7TH AND S INLAND EMPIRE WY SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 12:16 PM.REGAL SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 12:11 PM.1ST SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 11:56 AM.WEDGEWOOD SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 11:53 AM.MONROE SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 11:49 AM.WELLESLEY SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 11:37 AM.SPRAGUE AND N STEVENS ST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 11:34 AM.DIVISION AND E INDIANA AV SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 11:23 AM.4TH SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 11:18 AM.DEARBORN SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 11:14 AM.3RD AND S ADAMS ST SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 11:13 AM.MISSION SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 11:02 AM.BOONE SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 10:22 AM.SPOFFORD SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 10:19 AM.OLYMPIC SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 10:10 AM.DIVISION AND E LINCOLN RD SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 10:07 AM.HOGAN SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 09:58 AM.MARTIN SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:52 AM.QUEEN SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 09:37 AM.LACEY SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:31 AM.SHERI SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:21 AM.EUCLID SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:18 AM.FAIRVIEW SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:11 AM.SOUTH RIVERTON SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:10 AM.ASH AND W FIVE MILE RD SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 09:07 AM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 09:06 AM.WEDGEWOOD SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 09:05 AM.INLAND EMPIRE SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 08:45 AM.NINE MILE SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 08:28 AM.SPRAGUE SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 08:13 AM.8TH SPOKANEDetails
Burglary07/11/12. 08:13 AM.1ST SPOKANEDetails
Vandalism07/11/12. 08:06 AM.33RD SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 07:53 AM.HOUGHTON SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 07:51 AM.SPOFFORD AND N WALL ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:44 AM.PACIFIC SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 07:25 AM.29TH AND S REGAL ST SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:20 AM.HILL N DALE SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:19 AM.CANNON SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 07:11 AM.3RD AND S WALL ST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 07:06 AM.ADAMS SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 06:58 AM.HOWARD AND W WAVERLY PL SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 06:38 AM.EUCLID SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 06:07 AM.PITTSBURG SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 05:27 AM.EVERGREEN SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 04:22 AM.1ST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 04:12 AM.BROAD SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 03:57 AM.22ND AND S BERNARD ST SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 03:49 AM.HOWARD SPOKANEDetails
Arrest07/11/12. 03:39 AM.1ST SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 01:36 AM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 01:26 AM.WABASH SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 01:02 AM.SITKA SPOKANEDetails
Other07/11/12. 12:56 AM.WABASH SPOKANEDetails
Theft07/11/12. 12:31 AM.DIVISION SPOKANEDetails
Assault07/11/12. 12:19 AM.MAXWELL SPOKANEDetails

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