Portsmouth, VA Daily Crime Reports - 01/30/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest01/30/12. 02:25 PM.500 BLOCK OF BUNCHE BLVD PORTSMOUTHDetails
BArrest01/30/12. 05:10 PM.600 BLOCK OF GEORIGA AVENUE PORTSMOUTHDetails
CAssault01/30/12. 01:30 AM.100 BLOCK OF LEXINGTON DRIVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
DBurglary01/30/12. 06:00 AM.800 BLOCK OF CRAWFORD PKWY PORTSMOUTHDetails
EBurglary01/30/12. 03:00 PM.00 BLOCK OF PAUL JONES STREET PORTSMOUTHDetails
FOther01/30/12. 01:30 PM.200 BLOCK OF DALE DRIVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
GOther01/30/12. 11:05 PM.700 BLOCK OF LONDON STREET PORTSMOUTHDetails
ITheft01/30/12. 10:00 AM.5700 BLOCK OF PORTSMOUTH BLVD PORTSMOUTHDetails
JTheft01/30/12. 03:40 PM.1100 BLOCK OF LONDON BLVD PORTSMOUTHDetails
KTheft01/30/12. 05:40 PM.400 BLOCK OF EISENHOWER CIR PORTSMOUTHDetails
LOther01/30/12. 03:10 PM.4000 BLOCK OF VICTORY BLVD PORTSMOUTHDetails
MRobbery01/30/12. 11:23 PM.3300 BLOCK OF ELM AVENUE PORTSMOUTHDetails
NAssault01/30/12. 01:30 AM.100 BLOCK OF LEXINGTON DR PORTSMOUTHDetails
OAssault01/30/12. 05:00 AM.00 BLOCK OF GOTHIC ST PORTSMOUTHDetails
PAssault01/30/12. 10:48 AM.200 BLOCK OF KELLY DR PORTSMOUTHDetails
QOther01/30/12. 10:54 AM.00 BLOCK OF ELM AVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
ROther01/30/12. 11:45 AM.5900 BLOCK OF STURBRIDGE WAY PORTSMOUTHDetails
SAssault01/30/12. 01:30 PM.3100 BLOCK OF HONEYSUCKLE LN PORTSMOUTHDetails
TOther01/30/12. 01:30 PM.200 BLOCK OF DALE DR PORTSMOUTHDetails
UVandalism01/30/12. 02:00 PM.400 BLOCK OF WATER ST PORTSMOUTHDetails
VBurglary01/30/12. 04:00 PM.00 BLOCK OF MAURICE AVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
WTheft01/30/12. 04:00 PM.4900 BLOCK OF BRIARWOOD LN PORTSMOUTHDetails
XArrest01/30/12. 05:10 PM.700 BLOCK OF CRAWFORD ST PORTSMOUTHDetails
YAssault01/30/12. 05:54 PM.5600 BLOCK OF MICHAEL LN PORTSMOUTHDetails
ZTheft01/30/12. 06:00 PM.4000 BLOCK OF GREENWAY CT W PORTSMOUTHDetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 07:30 PM.3200 BLOCK OF HIGH POINT DR PORTSMOUTHDetails
Theft01/30/12. 07:30 PM.3200 BLOCK OF HIGH POINT DR PORTSMOUTHDetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 08:14 PM.3400 BLOCK OF SCOTT ST PORTSMOUTHDetails
Theft01/30/12. 09:00 PM.400 BLOCK OF BROAD ST PORTSMOUTHDetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 09:54 PM.3200 BLOCK OF KILLIAN AVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
Theft01/30/12. 11:00 PM.1100 BLOCK OF MT VERNON AVE PORTSMOUTHDetails
Other01/30/12. 11:05 PM.700 BLOCK OF LONDON ST PORTSMOUTHDetails

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