User Reported Crimes (Most Recent)

Crime Type/Address Description
Other on 13912 113th AVE ct e, PuyallupI was awake when a White late 90s Honda Civic Hatchback with a loud exhaust and a LED licence plate light, drove up to the side of my house. Two losers got out.
Burglary on 2834 Harriet Avenue, MinneapolisMy home was burglarized on 12/17/2014 sometime between 9:15 AM and 4:00 PM. The burglar stole my iPad 2, third generation ($1,500 total purchase price brand new
Burglary on 2834 Harriet Avenue, MinneapolisMy home was burglarized on 12/17/2014 sometime between 9:15 AM and 4:00 PM. The burglar stole my iPad 2, third generation ($1,500 total purchase price brand new
Burglary on 2100 Halstead Ave., LakewoodAttempted burglary.
Burglary on 11800 Madison Ave., LakewoodAn unlocked apartment was entered.
Theft on 12600 Lake Ave., LakewoodA loaded gun was stolen from an unlocked truck.
Theft on 13600 Merl Ave., LakewoodA bicycle was taken from a yard.
Assault on 13700 Lake Ave., LakewoodA pregnant student was assaulted following a large fight at Lakewood City Academy.
Burglary on 2200 Richland Ave., LakewoodAn IPAD was taken following a house break-in.
Robbery on 14300 Madison Ave., LakewoodA male was robbed at gunpoint during a drug deal gone bad. The suspects were located in a nearby home.
Burglary on 14800 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodSeveral appliances were stolen out of an apartment building.
Assault on 14800 Madison Ave., LakewoodAn intox female refused to pay her cab fare and assaulted the driver.
Theft on 15200 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA Dodge Intrepid was stolen while parked on the street.
Theft on 16100 Hilliard Rd., LakewoodA running car with the keys in the ignition was taken by two black males who fled southbound in the vehicle. The vehicle is a 1997 Buick Park Avenue, gray in co
Vandalism on 16200 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTwo intox males broke the window out of a parked car.
Vandalism on 16000 Detroit Ave., LakewoodMirrors broken off of parked car.
Theft on 1400 Northland Ave., LakewoodPackage stolen off of porch.
Theft on 1327 Bonnieview Ave., LakewoodA neighbor allegedly stole money from an apartment.
Theft on 104 west 36th ave, SpokaneA Banana Republic shipment was taken off front porch from Federal Express
Burglary on 6202 Burning Tree, Houston
Theft on 303 Central St, Kansas CityHVAC van was broken into and all tools were stolen.
Vandalism on 2550 e. lee, TucsonLarge rock thrown at hood of my car causing body damage.
Other on 9877 Brockbank, Dallas
Other on 9877 Brockbank, Dallas, TX, Dallas
Theft on 1400 Ridgewood Ave., LakewoodA car was broken into overnight.
Robbery on 1400 Hopkins Ave., LakewoodA male was robbed by two black males at gun and knifepoint while waling on the street.
Theft on 1500 Newman Ave., LakewoodA car was broken into while parked on the street.
Theft on 11800 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA car was broken into while parked in the lot.
Robbery on 12000 Lake Ave., LakewoodA female was robbed at gunpoint by two black males she met at a nightclub. Both males were apprehended and charged with agg. robbery.
Arrest on 13600 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA male and female were arrested following a Heroin overdose at this apartment complex.
Theft on 13500 Detroit Ave., LakewoodCar stolen from lot of Saint Ed's High School.
Theft on 13400 Franklin Blvd., LakewoodA child's cell phone was taken while he was at wrestling practice at Roosevelt School.
Burglary on 1300 Cook Ave., LakewoodHome broken into.
Assault on 15700 Madison Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Vandalism on 1385 Cranford Ave., LakewoodAn intox male poured water through the ceiling of another apartment and damaged the electricity.
Theft on 64 N. Mar Vista Ave, PasadenaMy bike was stolen sometime last night from my locked apartment garage. The bike lock was cut and left. My bike is a women's Nirve beach cruiser, dark blue with
Robbery on 11706 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodA shoplifter hit an employee while trying to flee.
Vandalism on 304 E. Trevor Rd, Spokane Countyspray painted vehicle
Theft on 1200 Marlowe Ave., LakewoodItems taken from unlocked car.
Burglary on 14953 Sorrel Rd, Victorvillestolen computer and pellets gun 1 imac 27 inches computer with vesa mount C02LQ0E8F8JC this is special with 2 ssd in it 2 benjamin marauder .22 pellet gun w
Assault on 1200 Beach Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence - ex-boyfriend entered a females house and assaulted her.
Theft on 17400 Northwood Ave., LakewoodAn IPHONE was taken out of a student's backpack at Grant Elementary School.
Burglary on 1532 SE 39TH PL, GainesvilleBroke back window, stole washer, dryer and outside ac unit while vacant and for rent. Previously because unlocked window and door while occupied.
Vandalism on 12500 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodTemporary license plate stolen from a 2000 Chevrolet Impala. The tires were also flattened.
Burglary on 1500 Warren Rd., LakewoodA person's adult daughter is suspected of entering their house and stealing things.
Robbery on 2053 starr ave, Toledo
Theft on 11700 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodBlack male shoplifter stole cleaning supplies from CVS.
Theft on 16900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodMoney taken out of female's locker at the YMCA.
Theft on 16900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodWallet stolen out of locker at YMCA.
Theft on 1400 Newman Ave., LakewoodJuvenile male tampering with coin machine in laundry room.
Burglary on 1200 Lakeland Ave., LakewoodHome broken into.
Theft on 14100 Detroit Ave., LakewoodBlack male shoplifter at Giant Eagle.
Theft on 2700 Black Cherry Drive, CharlotteSomeone took two mountain bikes off our porch
Theft on 400 block in Sharon St., ProvidenceOutdoor Christmas decorations, cords and timer stolen.
Assault on 1920 Foxhound Ct., SevernAssault committed in self-defense
Theft on 18900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodVending machines broken into in an apartment lobby.
Vandalism on 1415 Clarence Ave., LakewoodGraffiti on shed.
Burglary on 828 Crooked Branch Dr, OrlandoJewelry and electronics stolen.
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