User Reported Crimes (Most Recent)

Crime Type/Address Description
Other on 11404 Walnut Ridge Drive, AustinMid-twenties African American male lurking in the bushes of an apartment complex harassing a young Hispanic female.
Assault on 4300 Rosewood, DallasHispanic Male and Female in brown/gold-ish Impala or Malibu hit and ran my vehicle at Maple & Wycliff, I gave chase, they fled to the No Exit part of Arroyo. I
Other on 290 allan lane, corralitosFour strangers hiding in bushes above the property in a difficult to access area, having trespassed across several properties and poison oak infested steep hill
Vandalism on 1117 S 700 E, Salt Lake Cityblue spray painted out large two car garage door--looks gang related. reported to graffiti line am of 7/24
Theft on 4104 Locust St, Kansas CityLawn mower was stolen from fenced in backyard.
Other on 1000 Lakeridge Ct, ColleyvilleAn mentally ill white male in his late 40's gets assaulted by his mid 60's siblings in Colleyville Texas at the 1000 Lakeridge Ct Colleyville Texas 76034 and al
Assault on 10218 Desert Sands Street Apt # 4G, San AntonioSexual Harrassment The victim was a male / white which sexual harass by another male / white in his early 40's which was the suspect who sexually harass a male/
Assault on 5555 Duffek Dr, San AntonioA white male ( victim ) got assault by a black male inside at a bowling alley on Duffek Drive. The white male got shaken up and was scared of the black male per
Assault on 10218 Desert Sands Street, San AntonioA white male got assaulted by two female Hispanics in a Dark Blue Ford Explorer which the Ford Explorer was road raging with one vehicle in the neighborhood. Th
Vandalism on 2262 South Duval, MesaDestruction of private property. Crushed plant and cement circle border around plant. Landscaping light pulled out of ground and smashed. Beer can and also r
Shooting on Tierra Limon Dr, El PasoHeard shots fired in east of Tierra Limon Dr.
Burglary on 352 Plover Place, PittsburgIncident probably occurred few days before the date above. I was returning from a trip when discovered that burglar(s) broke in by the side garage door. Then br
Theft on 6181 hillmont dr, Oaklandblack person in my car . broke my window (suv) then ran into his car NISSAN PATHFINDER (MAROON) COLOR 1990'S ( 3 SUSPECTS)
Theft on 5019 E. Columbine Dr, ScottsdaleBroke in thru back door, stole SUV black in color from garage.
Shooting on 17 Mantis Rd, ScarboroughA Scarborough man is dead after being shot in his backyard in a quiet Scarborough neighbourhood. Surenthira Vaithilingam, 37, was killed while doing landscapin
Shooting on 2550 Farrel Dr., ColumbusA drug related shooting, two men were killed in an apartment. The Columbus Dispatch covers the story.
Theft on 1602 Winton Ave., LakewoodTheft from auto.
Assault on 18616 Detroit Ave., LakewoodMale was assaulted in a bar fight.
Assault on 12650 Detroit Ave., LakewoodSimple assault on a police officer at City Hall.
Vandalism on 1415 Clarence Ave., LakewoodCar keyed by ex-girlfriend.
Theft on 16915 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTheft at YMCA.
Assault on 1586 Cordova Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Assault on 1412 Ridgewood Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Burglary on 800 Cherokee Ave SE, AtlantaVehicle
Burglary on 800 Cherokee Ave SE, AtlantaVehicle
Burglary on 800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta
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