Waco, TX Daily Crime Reports - 03/08/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault03/08/12. N 29TH ST AND GORMAN AV WACODetails
BAssault03/08/12. CLIFTON ST AND E WACO DR WACODetails
CAssault03/08/12. 1000 BLOCK OF AUSTIN AV WACODetails
DAssault03/08/12. 3900 BLOCK OF FREDERICK AV WACODetails
EAssault03/08/12. 3500 BLOCK OF N 19TH ST WACODetails
FAssault03/08/12. 1900 BLOCK OF LIVEOAK AV WACODetails
GAssault03/08/12. 2300 BLOCK OF S LOOP 340 WACODetails
HAssault03/08/12. 400 BLOCK OF OWEN LN WACODetails
IAssault03/08/12. 2000 BLOCK OF MORROW AV WACODetails
JAssault03/08/12. 1700 BLOCK OF BAYLOR AV WACODetails
KTheft03/08/12. 2000 BLOCK OF S 8TH ST WACODetails
LTheft03/08/12. 1800 BLOCK OF S 12TH ST WACODetails
MTheft03/08/12. 1700 BLOCK OF DALLAS WACODetails
PBurglary03/08/12. 2700 BLOCK OF ETHEL AV WACODetails
QBurglary03/08/12. 2300 BLOCK OF HANOVER DR WACODetails
RVandalism03/08/12. 1100 BLOCK OF N 45TH ST WACODetails
SVandalism03/08/12. 1400 BLOCK OF N 34TH ST WACODetails
TVandalism03/08/12. 2500 BLOCK OF E LAKE SHORE DR WACODetails
UVandalism03/08/12. 3600 BLOCK OF LASKER AV WACODetails
VVandalism03/08/12. 1700 BLOCK OF S 15TH ST S WACODetails
WArrest03/08/12. N 25TH ST AND WINDSOR AV WACODetails
XArrest03/08/12. 1000 BLOCK OF AUSTIN AV WACODetails
YArrest03/08/12. 1300 BLOCK OF ROYAL OAKS DR WACODetails
ZArrest03/08/12. 2500 BLOCK OF COLE AV WACODetails
Arrest03/08/12. N 25TH ST AND MORROW AV WACODetails
Arrest03/08/12. 8200 BLOCK OF MARS DR WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 3900 BLOCK OF ROSELAWN AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 1600 BLOCK OF N 6TH ST WACODetails
Other03/08/12. N 28TH ST AND GORMAN AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 800 BLOCK OF DALLAS ST WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 2600 BLOCK OF CUMBERLAND AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 700 BLOCK OF N 4TH ST WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 100 BLOCK OF MARY AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 800 BLOCK OF FORT GATES DR WACODetails
Other03/08/12. N 18TH ST AND ALEXANDER AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 4000 BLOCK OF S 4TH ST WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 600 BLOCK OF LAKE AIR DR WACODetails
Other03/08/12. S 18TH ST AND CLAY AV WACODetails
Other03/08/12. 8200 BLOCK OF MARS DR WACODetails
Robbery03/08/12. 400 BLOCK OF W WACO DR WACODetails
Robbery03/08/12. 4200 BLOCK OF FRANKLIN AV WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 1900 BLOCK OF PARK LAKE DR WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 5400 BLOCK OF BOSQUE BL WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 3300 BLOCK OF S IH 35 WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 4100 BLOCK OF W LAKE SHORE DR WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 2700 BLOCK OF N 18TH ST WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 2600 BLOCK OF S 16TH ST WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 4300 BLOCK OF FRANKLIN AV WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 1700 BLOCK OF MORROW AV WACODetails
Theft03/08/12. 11200 BLOCK OF CHINA SPRING RD WACODetails

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