Orange, TX Daily Crime Reports - 10/17/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest10/17/11. 1000 BLOCK OF ELM ORANGEDetails
BArrest10/17/11. 200 BLOCK OF BORDER ORANGEDetails
CTheft10/17/11. 1100 BLOCK OF 17TH ORANGEDetails
DAssault10/17/11. 1000 BLOCK OF 2ND ORANGEDetails
EAssault10/17/11. 1400 BLOCK OF 5TH ST ORANGEDetails
GTheft10/17/11. 900 BLOCK OF DUPONT ORANGEDetails
HOther10/17/11. 3600 BLOCK OF BOWLING LN ORANGEDetails
IOther10/17/11. NAVY PARK ORANGEDetails
JVandalism10/17/11. 1000 BLOCK OF COLLEGE ORANGEDetails
KArrest10/17/11. 3800 BLOCK OF N. 16TH ST ORANGEDetails
LArrest10/17/11. 1200 BLK JOHN ORANGEDetails
MArrest10/17/11. 3RD AND HICKORY ORANGEDetails
NArrest10/17/11. 20TH AND BARKINS ORANGEDetails
OAssault10/17/11. 1000 BLOCK OF W MAIN ORANGEDetails
PBurglary10/17/11. 100 BLOCK OF PINE 40 AND 00 BLOCK OF ORANGEDetails
QBurglary10/17/11. 1000 BLOCK OF 2ND ORANGEDetails
RBurglary10/17/11. 1700 BLOCK OF 16TH ST ORANGEDetails
SBurglary10/17/11. 3900 BLOCK OF TULANE ORANGEDetails
TOther10/17/11. 600 BLOCK OF STRICKLAND ORANGEDetails
UAssault10/17/11. 4400 BLOCK OF 27TH ORANGEDetails

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