Orange, TX Daily Crime Reports - 08/29/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault08/29/11. 1300 BLOCK OF SHOLARS ORANGEDetails
BBurglary08/29/11. 1600 BLOCK OF BURTON ORANGEDetails
CBurglary08/29/11. 1800 BLOCK OF LINK ORANGEDetails
DBurglary08/29/11. 200 BLOCK OF DECAUTER ORANGEDetails
EBurglary08/29/11. 300 BLOCK OF 37TH ORANGEDetails
FBurglary08/29/11. 3600 BLOCK OF BOWLING LANE ORANGEDetails
GArrest08/29/11. 3200 BLOCK OF 16TH ORANGEDetails
HArrest08/29/11. 3000 BLOCK OF 18TH ORANGEDetails
IVandalism08/29/11. 2300 BLOCK OF MAXWELL CIR ORANGEDetails
JVandalism08/29/11. 500 BLOCK OF BILBO ORANGEDetails
KOther08/29/11. 5TH - NORTH ORANGEDetails
LTheft08/29/11. 600 BLOCK OF STRICKLAND ORANGEDetails
MTheft08/29/11. 3600 BLOCK OF EDGEMONT ORANGEDetails
NTheft08/29/11. 500 BLOCK OF BILBO ORANGEDetails
OArrest08/29/11. 1800 BLOCK OF 11TH ORANGEDetails
POther08/29/11. 1000 BLOCK OF SCOTT ORANGEDetails
QOther08/29/11. 1600 BLOCK OF IH10 ORANGEDetails
ROther08/29/11. 2300 BLOCK OF RIVERSIDE DR ORANGEDetails
SOther08/29/11. 200 BLOCK OF 8TH ST ORANGEDetails
TOther08/29/11. 600 BLOCK OF AZALEA ORANGEDetails
UOther08/29/11. 300 BLOCK OF BURTON ORANGEDetails
VOther08/29/11. 2300 BLOCK OF LUTCHER ORANGEDetails
WAssault08/29/11. 100 BLOCK OF DAHLIA ORANGEDetails
XAssault08/29/11. 1800 BLOCK OF CHURCH ORANGEDetails
YArrest08/29/11. 700 BLOCK OF OLD TIMERS ORANGEDetails
ZTheft08/29/11. 1700 BLOCK OF ARKANSAS ORANGEDetails
Theft08/29/11. 1100 BLOCK OF 16TH ST ORANGEDetails
Theft08/29/11. 700 BLOCK OF W PARK ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 2ND AND JOHN ORANGEDetails
Theft08/29/11. 1200 BLOCK OF 1ST ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 3000 BLOCK OF 18TH ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 300 BLOCK OF N FARRAGUT ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 2ND AND CYPRESS ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 200 BLOCK OF 8TH ST ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 62 AND 00 BLOCK OF ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 3700 BLOCK OF 16TH ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 500 BLOCK OF BILBO ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 5TH - NORTH ORANGEDetails
Arrest08/29/11. 2900 BLOCK OF TEXAS AVE ORANGEDetails

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