Arlington, TX Daily Crime Reports - 09/25/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther09/25/12. 12:34 AM.2300 BLOCK OF SHERRY STREET ARLINGTONDetails
BBurglary09/25/12. 12:27 AM.1200 BLOCK OF WOODLAND WEST DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
CBurglary09/25/12. 03:14 PM.300 BLOCK OF E MITCHELL STREET ARLINGTONDetails
DBurglary09/25/12. 06:45 PM.700 BLOCK OF POLK DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
EBurglary09/25/12. 08:47 AM.5700 BLOCK OF W PLEASANT RIDGE RD ARLINGTONDetails
FBurglary09/25/12. 04:08 PM.200 BLOCK OF GEORGE FINGER RD ARLINGTONDetails
GBurglary09/25/12. 12:50 AM.1600 BLOCK OF CARTER DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
HBurglary09/25/12. 02:39 AM.300 BLOCK OF HOLLY PARK DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
IBurglary09/25/12. 05:34 AM.1700 BLOCK OF POWDER HORN LANE ARLINGTONDetails
JBurglary09/25/12. 12:50 PM.5400 BLOCK OF RUSH CREEK DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
KBurglary09/25/12. 05:29 PM.800 BLOCK OF S MESQUITE STREET ARLINGTONDetails
LBurglary09/25/12. 02:57 PM.800 BLOCK OF SANDALWOOD LANE ARLINGTONDetails
MBurglary09/25/12. 03:35 PM.5300 BLOCK OF IRIS LANE ARLINGTONDetails
NBurglary09/25/12. 03:56 PM.2800 BLOCK OF ROBERTS CR ARLINGTONDetails
OBurglary09/25/12. 03:16 PM.2600 BLOCK OF W RANDOL MILL RD ARLINGTONDetails
POther09/25/12. 02:12 PM.2000 BLOCK OF W GREEN OAKS BV ARLINGTONDetails
QVandalism09/25/12. 02:55 PM.1700 BLOCK OF CREST POINT DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
RVandalism09/25/12. 04:13 PM.4600 BLOCK OF W BARDIN RD ARLINGTONDetails
SVandalism09/25/12. 05:02 PM.2200 BLOCK OF PLUM LANE ARLINGTONDetails
TVandalism09/25/12. 04:44 PM.600 BLOCK OF MISSION HILLS DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
UVandalism09/25/12. 08:41 PM.2600 BLOCK OF SUMMER TREE CR ARLINGTONDetails
VTheft09/25/12. 08:59 AM.5600 BLOCK OF LOUISE WAY DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
WTheft09/25/12. 09:57 AM.1400 BLOCK OF ROANOKE STREET ARLINGTONDetails
XTheft09/25/12. 11:04 AM.900 BLOCK OF E SANFORD STREET ARLINGTONDetails
YArrest09/25/12. 04:12 AM.3900 BLOCK OF W SUBLETT RD ARLINGTONDetails
ZArrest09/25/12. 04:16 AM.700 BLOCK OF W I30 FW ARLINGTONDetails
Other09/25/12. 12:45 AM.2300 BLOCK OF SEMINOLE DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 05:18 PM.2100 BLOCK OF MARIPOSA LANE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 12:44 AM.2000 BLOCK OF CRAIG HANKING DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:30 AM.2500 BLOCK OF BROWN BV ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:11 AM.300 BLOCK OF FULLER STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 09:10 AM.2400 BLOCK OF W DIVISION STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:33 AM.600 BLOCK OF GREEN OAKS BV ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:14 AM.5000 BLOCK OF WAREHAM DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:05 AM.2200 BLOCK OF N COLLINS STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:27 AM.5500 BLOCK OF ALTA VERDE CR ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:35 AM.700 BLOCK OF E BORDER STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 11:50 AM.4600 BLOCK OF S COOPER STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 01:20 PM.400 BLOCK OF W PARK ROW DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 01:46 PM.7000 BLOCK OF MONTEGO CT ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:00 PM.7100 BLOCK OF LAKE MEAD BV ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:01 PM.2600 BLOCK OF SPRINGDALE CT ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:28 PM.700 BLOCK OF HIGHLAND DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:36 PM.3200 BLOCK OF WOODSIDE DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 03:09 PM.1100 BLOCK OF COLORADO LANE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 06:25 PM.2000 BLOCK OF CREST CREEK DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 06:29 PM.4900 BLOCK OF FALCON MILL RD ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 06:58 PM.500 BLOCK OF CAVENDISH DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 04:48 PM.2900 BLOCK OF AVENUE E EAST ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:38 PM.500 BLOCK OF E NORWOOD CR ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 06:31 AM.4900 BLOCK OF SIGMOND DRIVE ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 07:08 AM.2200 BLOCK OF DUDLEY CR ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 08:46 AM.1800 BLOCK OF VAN CR ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 02:03 PM.4800 BLOCK OF S COOPER STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Theft09/25/12. 07:31 PM.3800 BLOCK OF S COOPER STREET ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 12:08 PM.900 BLOCK OF DANFORTH PL ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 11:13 AM.1100 BLOCK OF HARTMAN CT ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 12:38 PM.900 BLOCK OF DANFORTH PL ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 01:28 PM.1400 BLOCK OF W LAMAR BV ARLINGTONDetails
Assault09/25/12. 03:08 PM.1000 BLOCK OF GREEN OAKS BV ARLINGTONDetails

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