Memphis, TN Daily Crime Reports - 06/22/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft06/22/12. 11:39 PM.4100 BLOCK OF KIRBY PWY MEMPHISDetails
BAssault06/22/12. 11:45 PM.6000 BLOCK OF MISSION RIDGE MEMPHISDetails
CAssault06/22/12. 11:54 PM.1600 BLOCK OF CARNEGIE MEMPHISDetails
DAssault06/22/12. 11:54 PM.2800 BLOCK OF ARLINGTON MEMPHISDetails
EAssault06/22/12. 11:54 PM.2700 BLOCK OF SUPREME MEMPHISDetails
FAssault06/22/12. 11:59 PM.3100 BLOCK OF CRAIG MEMPHISDetails
GAssault06/22/12. 11:59 PM.3200 BLOCK OF FOREST GLEN MEMPHISDetails
HVandalism06/22/12. 05:20 PM.5000 BLOCK OF APPLEWOOD MEMPHISDetails
ITheft06/22/12. 05:24 PM.4200 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
JTheft06/22/12. 05:24 PM.1700 BLOCK OF LIVERPOOL MEMPHISDetails
KTheft06/22/12. 05:29 PM.3200 BLOCK OF COMMERCIAL PARK MEMPHISDetails
LOther06/22/12. 05:29 PM.5300 BLOCK OF LOCHINVAR RD MEMPHISDetails
MTheft06/22/12. 05:29 PM.4300 BLOCK OF GRACELAND MEMPHISDetails
NArrest06/22/12. 05:29 PM.MISSISSIPPI//S PKWY MEMPHISDetails
OTheft06/22/12. 05:34 PM.1700 BLOCK OF HOMEDALE MEMPHISDetails
PBurglary06/22/12. 05:34 PM.4000 BLOCK OF MOSSVILLE ST MEMPHISDetails
QBurglary06/22/12. 05:34 PM.4900 BLOCK OF DAVIS CV MEMPHISDetails
RAssault06/22/12. 05:39 PM.3800 BLOCK OF MILLBRANCH MEMPHISDetails
STheft06/22/12. 05:44 PM.3600 BLOCK OF DUTCHESS MEMPHISDetails
TTheft06/22/12. 05:44 PM.100 BLOCK OF E BROOKS RD MEMPHISDetails
UTheft06/22/12. 05:54 PM.3000 BLOCK OF CARNES MEMPHISDetails
VVandalism06/22/12. 06:04 PM.3000 BLOCK OF VICTORIA PARK CV MEMPHISDetails
WTheft06/22/12. 06:14 PM.3400 BLOCK OF WALNUT GROVE MEMPHISDetails
XArrest06/22/12. 06:19 PM.600 BLOCK OF FREEMAN MEMPHISDetails
YTheft06/22/12. 06:19 PM.5100 BLOCK OF SANDERLIN 104B MEMPHISDetails
ZTheft06/22/12. 06:19 PM.1100 BLOCK OF FRAYSER BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 PM.2900 BLOCK OF SUNRISE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 PM.4500 BLOCK OF SUNNY CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 PM.3400 BLOCK OF N WATKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:29 PM.300 BLOCK OF GREENWAY PLACE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 06:34 PM.200 BLOCK OF N MANASSAS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:39 PM.600 BLOCK OF UNION AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:39 PM.700 BLOCK OF PORTER MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 06:39 PM.1900 BLOCK OF JACKSON MEMPHISDetails
Other06/22/12. 06:44 PM.1000 BLOCK OF RAYNER MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:45 PM.600 BLOCK OF MISSISSIPPI MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:45 PM.1900 BLOCK OF FELIX MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:45 PM.3000 BLOCK OF SOUTH PERKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:45 PM.7500 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:49 PM.SCOTTSDALE//MENDENHALL MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 06:55 PM.1500 BLOCK OF E MALLORY MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:55 PM.1100 BLOCK OF BARRON CT MEMPHISDetails
Arson06/22/12. 07:00 PM.600 BLOCK OF DELTA MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 07:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF SILVERAGE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:00 PM.5000 BLOCK OF NEWTON MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 07:00 PM.2600 BLOCK OF FRISCO MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:04 PM.1600 BLOCK OF E RAINES MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 07:04 PM.5000 BLOCK OF RIDGEWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 07:05 PM.3600 BLOCK OF EGLESFIELD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 07:05 PM.HAVEN CT MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:05 PM.5300 BLOCK OF LEONARD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 07:05 PM.3400 BLOCK OF E WINCHESTER PL MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:59 PM.3200 BLOCK OF ARRENDALE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:59 PM.4600 BLOCK OF SCOTTSDALE AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:10 PM.5400 BLOCK OF MAPLE RIDGE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:10 PM.2000 BLOCK OF COPPER HILL CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:39 PM.5200 BLOCK OF FLOWERING PEACH MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:54 PM.3000 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:54 PM.600 BLOCK OF BUCK MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 01:59 PM.1000 BLOCK OF HARBOR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:59 PM.100 BLOCK OF GOODLOE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:59 PM.1300 BLOCK OF GETWELL MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:09 PM.300 BLOCK OF SCOTT MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:14 PM.1000 BLOCK OF COLLEGE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:14 PM.400 BLOCK OF LUCY MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:19 PM.BEALE ST//THIRD ST MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:19 PM.4900 BLOCK OF HIDDEN WOODS CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:24 PM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 02:24 PM.8000 BLOCK OF SAG HARBOR CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:24 PM.200 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 02:24 PM.6700 BLOCK OF VALLEY BEND MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:24 PM.6100 BLOCK OF VALLEYDALE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:24 PM.2400 BLOCK OF JAMES MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:24 PM.2800 BLOCK OF HICKORY HILL RD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 02:29 PM.3000 BLOCK OF DEBBY ST MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:29 PM.4300 BLOCK OF SUNNY MORNING CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:29 PM.3600 BLOCK OF CHERRY RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:29 PM.3300 BLOCK OF MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:29 PM.2500 BLOCK OF MONETTE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:35 PM.2700 BLOCK OF SOUTH PERKINS MEMPHISDetails
Other06/22/12. 02:35 PM.2800 BLOCK OF COACH DR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:39 PM.2500 BLOCK OF GOODWILL LN MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 02:39 PM.2500 BLOCK OF GOODWILL LN MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:39 PM.2200 BLOCK OF JACKSON AVE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:44 PM.3100 BLOCK OF DANUBE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:44 PM.4500 BLOCK OF DUNN RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:49 PM.2200 BLOCK OF LAMAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:54 PM.3700 BLOCK OF ANDREAS DR MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 02:59 PM.4000 BLOCK OF HEMINGWAY MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 03:05 PM.4000 BLOCK OF PARK AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 03:05 PM.5100 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 03:05 PM.4100 BLOCK OF ST PIERRE BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 03:05 PM.900 BLOCK OF POPE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 03:09 PM.200 BLOCK OF BALTIC ST MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 03:09 PM.2400 BLOCK OF CABLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 03:09 PM.2900 BLOCK OF PARK AVE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 07:19 AM.1700 BLOCK OF MILLBRANCH SOUTH MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 07:19 AM.1200 BLOCK OF DES ARC MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 07:25 AM.400 BLOCK OF E PONTOTOC MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:25 AM.4000 BLOCK OF LAMAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Arson06/22/12. 07:25 AM.3600 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER PARK CIR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:29 AM.600 BLOCK OF SOUTH BELVEDERE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 08:24 AM.2100 BLOCK OF E HILLVIEW MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 08:39 AM.3100 BLOCK OF DANVILLE CIR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 08:44 AM.600 BLOCK OF S BELVEDERE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 08:44 AM.700 BLOCK OF S MCLEAN MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 08:59 AM.3900 BLOCK OF S PERKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 09:24 AM.3100 BLOCK OF RENDEZVOUS MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 09:44 AM.4200 BLOCK OF EASTWIND MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 09:59 AM.1700 BLOCK OF MILLBRANCH PARK S MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 09:59 AM.1600 BLOCK OF WINWAY MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 09:59 AM.300 BLOCK OF ELDER MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 09:59 AM.3500 BLOCK OF MILLARD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 10:04 AM.4300 BLOCK OF ALICE DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:04 AM.2800 BLOCK OF LAMAR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 10:04 AM.2400 BLOCK OF WARREN MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:14 AM.8000 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:14 AM.2900 BLOCK OF ELBERT DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 10:14 AM.3800 BLOCK OF EAGLESNEST MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:19 AM.4100 BLOCK OF CHIPPEWA RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:19 AM.3400 BLOCK OF AMERICAN WAY MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:34 AM.3200 BLOCK OF CLOAR CV MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 10:34 AM.4200 BLOCK OF ZELDA LN MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 10:34 AM.3100 BLOCK OF CASTLEMAN MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:34 AM.5000 BLOCK OF WARRINGTON RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:44 AM.4900 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 10:49 AM.4000 BLOCK OF KERWIN DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 03:54 AM.I40 E//B EAST OF WHITTEN RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 03:54 AM.5700 BLOCK OF LOS GATOS MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 03:54 AM.5600 BLOCK OF MT MORIAH MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 03:54 AM.5300 BLOCK OF SUMMER MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 03:55 AM.2200 BLOCK OF W RIVERTRACE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 04:19 AM.2800 BLOCK OF VAYU MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 04:19 AM.4100 BLOCK OF WAGON WHEEL DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 04:24 AM.5000 BLOCK OF STAGE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 04:24 AM.2600 BLOCK OF BAY POINTE CIRCLE EAST MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 04:24 AM.3000 BLOCK OF KETTLE CREEK MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 04:24 AM.1800 BLOCK OF CEDARHURST MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 04:29 AM.200 BLOCK OF S CAMILLA MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 04:29 AM.6800 BLOCK OF BIRCH LAKE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 04:29 AM.FRAYSER//WATKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 04:29 AM.3400 BLOCK OF WATKINS MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 04:29 AM.1000 BLOCK OF JOEL AVE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 04:29 AM.2800 BLOCK OF FALLING STREAM MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 04:34 AM.PARK//MT MORIAH MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 04:39 AM.1300 BLOCK OF LAMBERT MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 04:54 AM.200 BLOCK OF E REDBUD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 04:59 AM.500 BLOCK OF S HIGHLAND ST MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 05:04 AM.3200 BLOCK OF WALNUT GROVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 05:14 AM.2900 BLOCK OF HICKORY HILL RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 05:19 AM.5900 BLOCK OF LITTLEBROOK CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 05:59 AM.700 BLOCK OF KENT MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 06:04 AM.KIMBALL//PENDLTON MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 06:04 AM.4200 BLOCK OF KENOSHA MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 06:04 AM.5000 BLOCK OF SCOTTSDALE MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 06:09 AM.3600 BLOCK OF HAZELWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 AM.KANSAS//FAY MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 AM.3400 BLOCK OF WEST WINCHESTER PLACE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:19 AM.SECOND ST NEAR PEABODY PL MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 06:29 AM.4100 BLOCK OF TARRY PARK MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 06:29 AM.3600 BLOCK OF OUTLAND MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 06:34 AM.100 BLOCK OF ASPHODEL MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:34 AM.JACKSON//LEATH MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:39 AM.4900 BLOCK OF BYRON MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 06:39 AM.2400 BLOCK OF CABLE AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:39 AM.3500 BLOCK OF MYNDERS MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 06:44 AM.700 BLOCK OF MCCONNELL MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 06:54 AM.4000 BLOCK OF WALES AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 06:59 AM.5600 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER RD MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 06:59 AM.3800 BLOCK OF HICKORY FARMS MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 07:04 AM.1900 BLOCK OF S THIRD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 07:09 AM.1300 BLOCK OF FERGUSON MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 07:14 AM.2500 BLOCK OF W HILLIEW MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 07:14 AM.200 BLOCK OF MODDER MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:14 AM.400 BLOCK OF S HIGHLAND MEMPHISDetails
Other06/22/12. 12:14 AM.1600 BLOCK OF DUKE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:39 AM.4400 BLOCK OF MILLCREEK MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:39 AM.1600 BLOCK OF WINFIELD MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 12:39 AM.3200 BLOCK OF SEMINOLE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:44 AM.1300 BLOCK OF ROYAL OAKS MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:44 AM.1100 BLOCK OF PERKINS RD MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 12:44 AM.3200 BLOCK OF SPRING GROVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:49 AM.1600 BLOCK OF WINDFIELD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 12:49 AM.1100 BLOCK OF S PERKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 12:49 AM.3300 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 12:59 AM.300 BLOCK OF EDITH MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 12:59 AM.500 BLOCK OF MALLORY MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:04 AM.3100 BLOCK OF SHARPE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:04 AM.2300 BLOCK OF AIRWAYS BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 01:04 AM.900 BLOCK OF ALICE MEMPHISDetails
Arrest06/22/12. 01:05 AM.800 BLOCK OF MADISON MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:09 AM.2800 BLOCK OF KIMBALL AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:09 AM.1100 BLOCK OF TUNSTALL MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 01:14 AM.3300 BLOCK OF STEVE RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:14 AM.1300 BLOCK OF CLEMENTINE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:19 AM.1700 BLOCK OF PENDLTON MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:19 AM.1200 BLOCK OF GETWELL MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:19 AM.1600 BLOCK OF PENDLETON MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 01:24 AM.900 BLOCK OF S COOPER MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:34 AM.1300 BLOCK OF CLEMENTINE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:39 AM.3300 BLOCK OF HADLEY MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 01:44 AM.600 BLOCK OF E MALLORY MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:44 AM.2200 BLOCK OF AIRWAYS MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 01:49 AM.3300 BLOCK OF STEVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:04 AM.3600 BLOCK OF RANDOLPH MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:09 AM.3500 BLOCK OF EASTLINE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary06/22/12. 02:09 AM.3000 BLOCK OF SUNRISE MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:14 AM.1500 BLOCK OF BRITTON MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:20 AM.3000 BLOCK OF COVINGTON PIKE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism06/22/12. 02:20 AM.3100 BLOCK OF SIGNAL MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:20 AM.3300 BLOCK OF DAWN MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:34 AM.2900 BLOCK OF N TREZEVANT MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:34 AM.4900 BLOCK OF STAGE MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:34 AM.FOURTH//ADAMS MEMPHISDetails
Assault06/22/12. 02:44 AM.2600 BLOCK OF GARDENWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Theft06/22/12. 02:44 AM.VANCE//FRONT MEMPHISDetails
Robbery06/22/12. 02:44 AM.3800 BLOCK OF JACKSON MEMPHISDetails

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