Memphis, TN Daily Crime Reports - 05/12/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ARobbery05/12/12. 02:49 AM.600 BLOCK OF PATTERSON MEMPHISDetails
BArrest05/12/12. 02:44 AM.INTERSTATE 40//N MCLEAN MEMPHISDetails
CBurglary05/12/12. 02:44 AM.4200 BLOCK OF COLEMAN MEMPHISDetails
DBurglary05/12/12. 02:44 AM.3800 BLOCK OF JACKSON MEMPHISDetails
EAssault05/12/12. 02:39 AM.3100 BLOCK OF WRITE PLACE MEMPHISDetails
FArrest05/12/12. 02:39 AM.MADEWELL//FRASYER MEMPHISDetails
GTheft05/12/12. 02:34 AM.3800 BLOCK OF CHELSEA EXTD MEMPHISDetails
HTheft05/12/12. 02:24 AM.2400 BLOCK OF JACKSON AVE MEMPHISDetails
IAssault05/12/12. 02:19 AM.3300 BLOCK OF SOUTHERN AVE MEMPHISDetails
JAssault05/12/12. 01:29 AM.800 BLOCK OF SHADOWLINE MEMPHISDetails
KVandalism05/12/12. 01:24 AM.3500 BLOCK OF LONGBOW MEMPHISDetails
LTheft05/12/12. 01:19 AM.1900 BLOCK OF E RAINES MEMPHISDetails
MAssault05/12/12. 01:14 AM.4600 BLOCK OF WATERMILL MEMPHISDetails
NTheft05/12/12. 01:14 AM.3100 BLOCK OF CARADINE MEMPHISDetails
OTheft05/12/12. 01:09 AM.5000 BLOCK OF DURBIN MEMPHISDetails
PAssault05/12/12. 01:09 AM.3700 BLOCK OF TOWNS MEMPHISDetails
QBurglary05/12/12. 01:09 AM.2800 BLOCK OF SPOTTSWOOD MEMPHISDetails
RArrest05/12/12. 01:04 AM.1400 BLOCK OF STACEY MEMPHISDetails
SArrest05/12/12. 12:59 AM.200 BLOCK OF E TRIGG MEMPHISDetails
TAssault05/12/12. 12:59 AM.3400 BLOCK OF TUTWILLER ST MEMPHISDetails
UAssault05/12/12. 12:54 AM.800 BLOCK OF EASTERN RD MEMPHISDetails
VAssault05/12/12. 12:39 AM.3700 BLOCK OF COSGRAVE MEMPHISDetails
WAssault05/12/12. 12:39 AM.6000 BLOCK OF WATERSTONE OAKWAY MEMPHISDetails
XAssault05/12/12. 12:39 AM.3900 BLOCK OF AUTUMN RIDGE MEMPHISDetails
YAssault05/12/12. 12:39 AM.2700 BLOCK OF RANGE LINE MEMPHISDetails
ZAssault05/12/12. 12:39 AM.300 BLOCK OF S BELLEVUE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:34 AM.E PKWY//SAM COOPER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:34 AM.1600 BLOCK OF MADISON MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 12:34 AM.700 BLOCK OF E ALSTON MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 12:34 AM.1500 BLOCK OF CT AVE APT 3 MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 12:34 AM.1000 BLOCK OF S WELLINGTON MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:29 AM.5100 BLOCK OF ROLLING FIELDS MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:29 AM.2500 BLOCK OF COVINGTON PIKE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:29 AM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 12:29 AM.800 BLOCK OF RESTBROOK MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 12:24 AM.1400 BLOCK OF CORNING MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 12:24 AM.1400 BLOCK OF NORTHSIDE DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 12:19 AM.2800 BLOCK OF VAYU MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 12:19 AM.1500 BLOCK OF ARBOR VIEW CT MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 12:14 AM.4000 BLOCK OF DENVER ST MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 12:14 AM.3800 BLOCK OF KERWIN MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 07:13 AM.3200 BLOCK OF SUMMER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:59 AM.1100 BLOCK OF S BELLEVUE BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:59 AM.200 BLOCK OF DANNY THOMAS MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 06:34 AM.900 BLOCK OF KNEY MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 06:34 AM.900 BLOCK OF ALMA MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:29 AM.1500 BLOCK OF S WHITE STATION MEMPHISDetails
Robbery05/12/12. 06:24 AM.3700 BLOCK OF CARNES MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 06:19 AM.5900 BLOCK OF GREEN DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:19 AM.6500 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 05:49 AM.3100 BLOCK OF D THOMAS MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 05:49 AM.1400 BLOCK OF DECATUR MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 05:49 AM.400 BLOCK OF BEALE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 05:44 AM.600 BLOCK OF GREENLAW PL MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 04:49 AM.200 BLOCK OF HAMLIN MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 04:44 AM.600 BLOCK OF JENETTE PL MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 04:44 AM.HACKS CROSS//PLAYERS CLUB MEMPHISDetails
Arson05/12/12. 04:19 AM.1900 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Robbery05/12/12. 04:18 AM.100 BLOCK OF HILLVIEW MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 04:18 AM.6300 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 04:13 AM.5300 BLOCK OF CESSNA MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 04:13 AM.4600 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 04:09 AM.2100 BLOCK OF WILSON MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 04:09 AM.MILLBRANCH//WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 04:09 AM.3200 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 04:08 AM.3700 BLOCK OF SOUTH THIRD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 04:08 AM.900 BLOCK OF EYERS MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 03:09 AM.2600 BLOCK OF BARRON MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 03:04 AM.3800 BLOCK OF LAKEHURST MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 03:04 AM.900 BLOCK OF NORTH WILLETT MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 03:04 AM.1400 BLOCK OF BRIARCREST MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 03:04 AM.3800 BLOCK OF LAKEHURST MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 10:59 AM.1000 BLOCK OF SAUNDERS MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:54 AM.2400 BLOCK OF DANA CV MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 10:43 AM.4200 BLOCK OF RIDGESTONE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 10:43 AM.3900 BLOCK OF BEAVER CREEK MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:39 AM.3700 BLOCK OF NORTH ADVANTAGE WAY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:39 AM.3900 BLOCK OF NEW COVINGTON MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:34 AM.3100 BLOCK OF KETTLE CREEK MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 09:54 AM.4800 BLOCK OF SOUTHWORTH CT MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 09:54 AM.1200 BLOCK OF WHITEWATER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 09:24 AM.200 BLOCK OF E MCLEMORE MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 08:34 AM.1000 BLOCK OF ORLEANS MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 08:34 AM.WALKER//DRIVER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:34 AM.300 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 08:29 AM.1400 BLOCK OF KANSAS MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:14 AM.4000 BLOCK OF ANN ARBOR CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 07:49 AM.200 BLOCK OF JOHNSON CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 07:49 AM.5500 BLOCK OF HERITAGE LAKE CV MEMPHISDetails
Arson05/12/12. 07:29 AM.600 BLOCK OF SPRING MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 07:28 AM.4000 BLOCK OF SUMMER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 07:28 AM.1000 BLOCK OF MOLLY CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 07:23 AM.600 BLOCK OF AVON MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 07:19 AM.4700 BLOCK OF MARCEL MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 03:14 PM.1600 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 03:09 PM.3100 BLOCK OF KIMBALL MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 03:09 PM.1600 BLOCK OF FAY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 03:09 PM.1300 BLOCK OF CLEMENTINE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 03:04 PM.1500 BLOCK OF SOUTH HIGHLAND MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 03:04 PM.1800 BLOCK OF S LAUDERDALE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 03:04 PM.1900 BLOCK OF PROSPECT MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 02:59 PM.PROSPECT//TAMPA MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:54 PM.2600 BLOCK OF WINDSOR PKWY MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:54 PM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 02:49 PM.3900 BLOCK OF BAYLISS AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 02:49 PM.1000 BLOCK OF TILLMAN MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 02:49 PM.3600 BLOCK OF N LLOYD CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 02:49 PM.500 BLOCK OF WARING RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:49 PM.4300 BLOCK OF SUMMER MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:39 PM.3300 BLOCK OF LAMAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:34 PM.1600 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 02:34 PM.4600 BLOCK OF KNIGHT ARNOLD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:29 PM.3700 BLOCK OF LAMAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:29 PM.1400 BLOCK OF WANDA MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:14 PM.1600 BLOCK OF E RAINES MEMPHISDetails
Robbery05/12/12. 02:09 PM.400 BLOCK OF E EH CRUMP MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:09 PM.300 BLOCK OF S CLEVELAND MEMPHISDetails
Robbery05/12/12. 02:09 PM.700 BLOCK OF RICHMOND AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 02:04 PM.1800 BLOCK OF SOUTH THIRD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 02:04 PM.LEVI//FORD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 02:04 PM.4100 BLOCK OF WINDING BROOK LN MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:58 PM.1300 BLOCK OF FINLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:54 PM.4500 BLOCK OF WINDWARD RD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 01:54 PM.3500 BLOCK OF BELLBRANCH MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 01:49 PM.3100 BLOCK OF JOSIBPET LN MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:44 PM.1700 BLOCK OF HOMEDALE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 01:44 PM.4000 BLOCK OF RONNIE ST MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:29 PM.1000 BLOCK OF NORTH CLAYBROOK MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:19 PM.1300 BLOCK OF QUAILBROOK MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 01:19 PM.8100 BLOCK OF GIACOSA PLACE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 01:14 PM.3300 BLOCK OF KEYSTONE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 01:14 PM.2300 BLOCK OF HAWKINS MILL MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 01:04 PM.3200 BLOCK OF ASH MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 12:49 PM.1800 BLOCK OF CANDLE RIDGE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:29 PM.1700 BLOCK OF JACKSON MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 12:04 PM.2700 BLOCK OF APPLING RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 11:29 AM.OVERTON PARK MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 11:29 AM.300 BLOCK OF S CLEVELAND MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 11:28 AM.1600 BLOCK OF EVELYN MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 11:14 AM.800 BLOCK OF RIDGELAKE BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 06:54 PM.4000 BLOCK OF ELLISTON MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 06:49 PM.3700 BLOCK OF TIMBERLINE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 06:49 PM.4800 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER SQUARE NORTH MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 06:44 PM.1600 BLOCK OF GREGORY MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 06:44 PM.2600 BLOCK OF KIMBALL MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:44 PM.2600 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 06:44 PM.1800 BLOCK OF FARRINGTON MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 06:44 PM.1500 BLOCK OF CAMERON MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 06:44 PM.900 BLOCK OF CT MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 06:09 PM.1500 BLOCK OF ASH MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 06:09 PM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 06:09 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BRIARCREST MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 06:04 PM.4100 BLOCK OF RAINWATER CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 06:04 PM.3600 BLOCK OF RIDGEMONT MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 05:59 PM.2800 BLOCK OF MEADOWLAKE DR E MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:59 PM.4600 BLOCK OF AMERICAN WAY SUITE 01 MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 05:59 PM.1800 BLOCK OF WILLOW WOOD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 05:54 PM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTION PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 05:54 PM.2700 BLOCK OF BEVERLY HILLS MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:49 PM.3500 BLOCK OF KENDRICK MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 05:49 PM.3700 BLOCK OF ARGONNE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:44 PM.4000 BLOCK OF MARTINDALE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 05:34 PM.2900 BLOCK OF S GOODLETT RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 05:34 PM.3500 BLOCK OF LAMAR MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:34 PM.5000 BLOCK OF MORNINGVIEW CV MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 05:24 PM.5600 BLOCK OF MAPLE TREE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:24 PM.4200 BLOCK OF RUNNING BROOK CIR MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 05:19 PM.2200 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 05:14 PM.2200 BLOCK OF CHARJEAN MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 04:39 PM.3300 BLOCK OF DOGWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 04:39 PM.400 BLOCK OF BRADWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 04:39 PM.5300 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 11:54 PM.300 BLOCK OF CARPENTER MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 11:54 PM.3400 BLOCK OF WINDY HOLLOW CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 11:54 PM.3400 BLOCK OF WINDY HOLLOW CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Robbery05/12/12. 11:48 PM.3500 BLOCK OF SOUTH GOODLETT MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 11:43 PM.100 BLOCK OF INTERFAITH MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 11:39 PM.900 BLOCK OF UNION MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 11:38 PM.300 BLOCK OF S CLEVELAND MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 11:29 PM.1600 BLOCK OF ASH MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 11:14 PM.6700 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 11:14 PM.3900 BLOCK OF RAVENOAK MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:59 PM.PENDLETON//LAMAR MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:59 PM.1600 BLOCK OF AIRWAYS MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 10:54 PM.6600 BLOCK OF MARGAUX MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 10:49 PM.4900 BLOCK OF LAMAR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 10:49 PM.2800 BLOCK OF PUTTING GREEN CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 10:19 PM.1700 BLOCK OF E HOLMES MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 10:19 PM.500 BLOCK OF CLARICE DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 10:14 PM.7500 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER RD MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 10:14 PM.5500 BLOCK OF MASON MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:14 PM.3400 BLOCK OF DOBBIN FERRY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:10 PM.4400 BLOCK OF PINE RIDGE CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 10:10 PM.2100 BLOCK OF DEER RIDGE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 09:44 PM.HICKORY HILL//KNIGHT ARNOLD MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 09:39 PM.TRIGG//HEMLOCK MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 09:34 PM.700 BLOCK OF POLK MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 09:19 PM.5600 BLOCK OF MAPLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 09:14 PM.2600 BLOCK OF TWISTED OAK MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 09:05 PM.7500 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 09:05 PM.3400 BLOCK OF KNIGHT RD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism05/12/12. 09:05 PM.AUBURN//CRAFT MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 09:05 PM.2100 BLOCK OF CHERRY VALLEY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 09:05 PM.5400 BLOCK OF MEADOWLAKE DR NORTH MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:59 PM.1200 BLOCK OF ALCY MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:59 PM.8900 BLOCK OF LAKE SPRINGS CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:59 PM.800 BLOCK OF CULLENWOOD DR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 08:49 PM.2600 BLOCK OF WAYNE PL MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:44 PM.500 BLOCK OF GERMANTOWN PKWY MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:44 PM.2700 BLOCK OF N GERMANTOWN PKWY MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:44 PM.I40//APPLING RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:34 PM.4500 BLOCK OF DURBIN MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 08:24 PM.500 BLOCK OF LAUDERDALE OAKS CV MEMPHISDetails
Burglary05/12/12. 08:23 PM.4400 BLOCK OF BEACON HILL MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 08:19 PM.400 BLOCK OF FOOTE PARK LN MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:19 PM.200 BLOCK OF N CLEVELAND MEMPHISDetails
Other05/12/12. 08:19 PM.400 BLOCK OF BUTLERWOODS CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:14 PM.TATE//WALNUT MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:14 PM.1500 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:14 PM.600 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:14 PM.1700 BLOCK OF MADISON MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:09 PM.2200 BLOCK OF N GERMANTOWN PKWY MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:09 PM.900 BLOCK OF RIDGE LAKE MEMPHISDetails
Assault05/12/12. 08:09 PM.7800 BLOCK OF CLUB DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:09 PM.3800 BLOCK OF SUMMER MEMPHISDetails
Arrest05/12/12. 08:09 PM.900 BLOCK OF PEABODY MEMPHISDetails
Theft05/12/12. 08:09 PM.3800 BLOCK OF SUMMER AVE MEMPHISDetails

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