Memphis, TN Daily Crime Reports - 01/20/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ARobbery01/20/12. 03:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF CLEMENTINE MEMPHISDetails
BAssault01/20/12. 03:00 AM.1500 BLOCK OF MADISON AVE MEMPHISDetails
CRobbery01/20/12. 02:40 AM.3900 BLOCK OF CAMELOT LN MEMPHISDetails
DArrest01/20/12. 02:40 AM.1700 BLOCK OF WELLS STATION MEMPHISDetails
EBurglary01/20/12. 02:40 AM.2800 BLOCK OF EMMIT MEMPHISDetails
FBurglary01/20/12. 02:40 AM.3400 BLOCK OF BRUTONWOOD MEMPHISDetails
GRobbery01/20/12. 02:40 AM.3800 BLOCK OF N ADVANTAGE WAY MEMPHISDetails
HBurglary01/20/12. 02:40 AM.3600 BLOCK OF DEBBY MEMPHISDetails
ITheft01/20/12. 02:40 AM.4500 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
JTheft01/20/12. 02:40 AM.1500 BLOCK OF DUKE MEMPHISDetails
KAssault01/20/12. 02:39 AM.3300 BLOCK OF GREEN RIDGE CV MEMPHISDetails
LArson01/20/12. 02:39 AM.800 BLOCK OF SEMMES MEMPHISDetails
MVandalism01/20/12. 02:39 AM.800 BLOCK OF E BROOKS MEMPHISDetails
NTheft01/20/12. 02:39 AM.4500 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
OBurglary01/20/12. 02:39 AM.300 BLOCK OF LEONORA DR MEMPHISDetails
PAssault01/20/12. 02:10 AM.5900 BLOCK OF HICKORY LEAF CV MEMPHISDetails
QTheft01/20/12. 02:10 AM.200 BLOCK OF WEST JOHNSON CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
RBurglary01/20/12. 02:10 AM.6200 BLOCK OF ARBOR CREEK TRL MEMPHISDetails
STheft01/20/12. 02:10 AM.5600 BLOCK OF ST JOSEPH FAIRWAY MEMPHISDetails
TAssault01/20/12. 01:55 AM.5900 BLOCK OF PARK MEMPHISDetails
UBurglary01/20/12. 01:55 AM.4200 BLOCK OF RHODES MEMPHISDetails
VBurglary01/20/12. 01:55 AM.2800 BLOCK OF S MENDENHALL MEMPHISDetails
WAssault01/20/12. 01:54 AM.1900 BLOCK OF JEFFERSON MEMPHISDetails
XOther01/20/12. 01:53 AM.1300 BLOCK OF GLEESON MEMPHISDetails
YVandalism01/20/12. 01:53 AM.2600 BLOCK OF THOUSANDS OAKS BLVD MEMPHISDetails
ZArrest01/20/12. 01:51 AM.VALLEYDALE//SUNNY SLOPE MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 01:51 AM.5700 BLOCK OF SYCAMORE VIEW MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 01:51 AM.2400 BLOCK OF TORI DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 01:51 AM.2200 BLOCK OF OXFORD SQUARE CT MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 01:50 AM.2500 BLOCK OF W HILLVIEW MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 01:50 AM.2300 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 01:50 AM.4800 BLOCK OF DURBIN MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 01:50 AM.1100 BLOCK OF BROWER MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 01:50 AM.4500 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 01:50 AM.300 BLOCK OF EDSEL MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 06:44 AM.800 BLOCK OF PAR MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 06:29 AM.5400 BLOCK OF MEADOWLAKE DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 06:29 AM.8400 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 06:29 AM.2600 BLOCK OF THOUSAND OAKS MEMPHISDetails
Robbery01/20/12. 06:19 AM.BELZ//FLORIDA MEMPHISDetails
Robbery01/20/12. 06:19 AM.3800 BLOCK OF HICKORY FARMS MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 06:14 AM.3800 BLOCK OF S ADVANTAGE MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:59 AM.2400 BLOCK OF KETCHUM CV MEMPHISDetails
Robbery01/20/12. 05:54 AM.W HILLVIEW MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 05:39 AM.S PKWY//WELLINGTON MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:39 AM.1800 BLOCK OF POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:35 AM.400 BLOCK OF S BULTER WOODS CV MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 05:30 AM.MACON CV//SYCAMORE VIEW MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:24 AM.2800 BLOCK OF N GERMANTOWN PKWY MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 03:44 AM.HORN LAKE//VAN HUESEN MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 03:14 AM.2700 BLOCK OF LOLA MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:45 AM.3200 BLOCK OF FOREST BROOK RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:44 AM.3200 BLOCK OF FOREST BROOK RD MEMPHISDetails
Other01/20/12. 11:24 AM.300 BLOCK OF WALKER MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 11:14 AM.100 BLOCK OF NORTH PAULINE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:10 AM.100 BLOCK OF W DESOTO MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:10 AM.900 BLOCK OF SOUTH ORLEANS MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:09 AM.1100 BLOCK OF SORLEANS MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:05 AM.3500 BLOCK OF JAMES RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:05 AM.4400 BLOCK OF PARKWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:00 AM.3000 BLOCK OF COVINGTON PIKE MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 11:00 AM.3300 BLOCK OF N TREZEVANT MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 11:00 AM.2500 BLOCK OF ELMS CT MEMPHISDetails
Other01/20/12. 10:54 AM.4000 BLOCK OF NAVAHO MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 10:50 AM.900 BLOCK OF MEAGHER MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 10:24 AM.4600 BLOCK OF YOSEMITN CT MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 10:19 AM.900 BLOCK OF SPEED MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 10:14 AM.100 BLOCK OF NORTH FOURTH ST MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 08:59 AM.2700 BLOCK OF MENDENHALL MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 08:30 AM.700 BLOCK OF MONTGOMERY MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 08:29 AM.LAMAR AVE//WINCHESTER RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 08:24 AM.1200 BLOCK OF VOLLINTINE MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 08:19 AM.3700 BLOCK OF BENADINE MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:59 AM.100 BLOCK OF S FOURTH MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 07:54 AM.3800 BLOCK OF KIPLING MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 07:41 AM.3800 BLOCK OF HICKORY FARMS DR MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 07:29 AM.4500 BLOCK OF POPLAR AVE MEMPHISDetails
Robbery01/20/12. 07:29 AM.2600 BLOCK OF AMY LN MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 07:24 AM.8300 BLOCK OF TOURNAMENT DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:09 AM.500 BLOCK OF DEERSKIN MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 06:49 AM.1400 BLOCK OF BRIARCREST LN MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 07:15 PM.3200 BLOCK OF JACKSON MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:15 PM.4800 BLOCK OF SHULMAN CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 07:15 PM.4400 BLOCK OF KERWIN DR MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:10 PM.7000 BLOCK OF CROSS TIMBER LN MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 07:10 PM.5000 BLOCK OF PARK AVE MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 07:10 PM.3800 BLOCK OF DONNA MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 07:09 PM.1800 BLOCK OF ST ELMO MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 07:04 PM.5100 BLOCK OF QUINCE RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:00 PM.4700 BLOCK OF ASPEN MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 07:00 PM.6400 BLOCK OF WHISPERING LN SOUTH MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 06:55 PM.3300 BLOCK OF ADAIR MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 06:55 PM.800 BLOCK OF CHELSEA MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 06:50 PM.4100 BLOCK OF BLACKSMITH CV MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 06:49 PM.WINCHESTER//RIDGEWAY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 06:31 PM.4100 BLOCK OF SILVERLEAF MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 06:19 PM.6200 BLOCK OF ARBOR WOOD DR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 06:04 PM.1600 BLOCK OF S WELLINGTON ST MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 05:54 PM.600 BLOCK OF ADAMS AVE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:49 PM.1800 BLOCK OF KELTNER CIRCLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:40 PM.7500 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:40 PM.4500 BLOCK OF SUMNERS WELLS RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:40 PM.2000 BLOCK OF RIDGEWAY RD MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:39 PM.4500 BLOCK OF AMBOY MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:35 PM.3000 BLOCK OF S GOODLETT MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:35 PM.2000 BLOCK OF RIDGEWAY RD MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:34 PM.4900 BLOCK OF AMERICAN WAY MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 05:29 PM.6300 BLOCK OF QUINCE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:19 PM.1300 BLOCK OF N HOLLYWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 05:14 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BRIARCREST LN MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 05:10 PM.3900 BLOCK OF AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 05:09 PM.3600 BLOCK OF VANDERWOOD MEMPHISDetails
Other01/20/12. 03:54 PM.5300 BLOCK OF WINCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:54 PM.1800 BLOCK OF DEARING RD MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 03:49 PM.1700 BLOCK OF S PERKINS MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:14 PM.1300 BLOCK OF FARMVILLE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:14 PM.2500 BLOCK OF PERES MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:14 PM.3500 BLOCK OF KRUGER MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:04 PM.4200 BLOCK OF S THIRD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 03:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF GEORGE RD MEMPHISDetails
Other01/20/12. 03:00 PM.1700 BLOCK OF WILCHESTER MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 03:00 PM.2900 BLOCK OF LAMAR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 02:59 PM.1400 BLOCK OF WHITNEY MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 02:55 PM.2800 BLOCK OF OLD AUSTIN PEAY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 11:59 PM.800 BLOCK OF WINGFIELD RD MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 11:54 PM.4500 BLOCK OF WOODDALE MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:49 PM.500 BLOCK OF W SHELBY MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:49 PM.4300 BLOCK OF GRACELAND MEMPHISDetails
Robbery01/20/12. 11:44 PM.3100 BLOCK OF TULIP POPLAR MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 11:44 PM.4100 BLOCK OF WEBBWAY MEMPHISDetails
Burglary01/20/12. 11:40 PM.2800 BLOCK OF HICKORY VILLA DR MEMPHISDetails
Arrest01/20/12. 11:40 PM.2300 BLOCK OF ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 11:40 PM.3600 BLOCK OF BELLBRANCH MEMPHISDetails
Other01/20/12. 11:36 PM.3200 BLOCK OF OLD BROMPTON MEMPHISDetails
Assault01/20/12. 11:35 PM.1900 BLOCK OF E RAINES MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:30 PM.4400 BLOCK OF MALLORY MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:26 PM.5000 BLOCK OF PLEASANT VIEW MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:26 PM.8100 BLOCK OF WALNUT KNOLL CV MEMPHISDetails
Theft01/20/12. 11:26 PM.MACON//GREENBROOK MEMPHISDetails
Vandalism01/20/12. 11:19 PM.4100 BLOCK OF RAINWOOD MEMPHISDetails

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