Providence, RI Daily Crime Reports - 07/09/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ABurglary07/09/12. 07:53 AM.100 BLOCK OF RUGGLES ST PROVIDENCEDetails
BTheft07/09/12. 12:08 PM.00 BLOCK OF ROCKINGHAM ST PROVIDENCEDetails
COther07/09/12. 05:12 PM.00 BLOCK OF VEAZIE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
DAssault07/09/12. 12:50 AM.100 BLOCK OF BURNS ST PROVIDENCEDetails
EAssault07/09/12. 11:35 PM.100 BLOCK OF WAVERLY ST PROVIDENCEDetails
FAssault07/09/12. 09:52 AM.100 BLOCK OF LAURA ST PROVIDENCEDetails
GOther07/09/12. 06:01 PM.100 BLOCK OF KNIGHT ST PROVIDENCEDetails
HAssault07/09/12. 11:17 PM.00 BLOCK OF CURTIS ST PROVIDENCEDetails
IArrest07/09/12. 08:11 PM.00 BLOCK OF FREDERICK PROVIDENCEDetails
JTheft07/09/12. 07:35 AM.100 BLOCK OF WEYBOSSET ST PROVIDENCEDetails
KAssault07/09/12. 12:07 AM.100 BLOCK OF VERNDALE AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
LAssault07/09/12. 12:06 PM.100 BLOCK OF CRANSTON ST PROVIDENCEDetails
MAssault07/09/12. 03:35 PM.100 BLOCK OF BRIDGHAM ST PROVIDENCEDetails
NOther07/09/12. 10:25 PM.100 BLOCK OF OPHELIA ST PROVIDENCEDetails
OOther07/09/12. 09:00 PM.00 BLOCK OF BERNON ST PROVIDENCEDetails
PBurglary07/09/12. 07:58 PM.00 BLOCK OF MOORE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
QBurglary07/09/12. 03:39 AM.200 BLOCK OF CHARLES ST PROVIDENCEDetails
RAssault07/09/12. 03:48 PM.200 BLOCK OF STERLING AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
STheft07/09/12. 03:39 AM.200 BLOCK OF BAKER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
TOther07/09/12. 05:26 PM.00 BLOCK OF MONTROSE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
UOther07/09/12. 01:20 PM.200 BLOCK OF WHITFORD AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
VTheft07/09/12. 07:29 PM.200 BLOCK OF JEWETT ST PROVIDENCEDetails
WTheft07/09/12. 09:38 AM.00 BLOCK OF CHARLES ST PROVIDENCEDetails
XTheft07/09/12. 10:57 AM.00 BLOCK OF CRANSTON ST PROVIDENCEDetails
YTheft07/09/12. 05:30 PM.200 BLOCK OF BROADWAY ST PROVIDENCEDetails
ZOther07/09/12. 02:27 AM.200 BLOCK OF CHAD BROWN ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 10:09 AM.00 BLOCK OF CAROLINA AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 02:35 PM.300 BLOCK OF ATWELLS AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
Burglary07/09/12. 07:44 PM.00 BLOCK OF NEWBURY ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Burglary07/09/12. 09:12 PM.00 BLOCK OF VIOLET ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 08:17 AM.400 BLOCK OF PINE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 02:16 PM.00 BLOCK OF PRAIRIE AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
Assault07/09/12. 07:41 PM.500 BLOCK OF SMITH ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Burglary07/09/12. 08:33 AM.600 BLOCK OF ELMWOOD AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
Arrest07/09/12. 03:57 AM.00 BLOCK OF BURNETT ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Assault07/09/12. 10:04 AM.00 BLOCK OF ALTON ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 01:44 PM.00 BLOCK OF EAST BMANNING ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 09:44 PM.00 BLOCK OF GROVE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Burglary07/09/12. 12:05 PM.00 BLOCK OF KEENE ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Assault07/09/12. 01:52 PM.00 BLOCK OF BODELL AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 03:20 PM.00 BLOCK OF BORINQUEN ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Assault07/09/12. 07:54 PM.00 BLOCK OF CACTUS ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 02:35 PM.800 BLOCK OF SMITH ST PROVIDENCEDetails
Theft07/09/12. 08:46 AM.00 BLOCK OF KENNEDY PLZ PROVIDENCEDetails

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