Providence, RI Daily Crime Reports - 06/05/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AShooting06/05/12. 11:32 PM.200 BLOCK OF MASSACHUSETTS AVE. PROVIDENCEDetails
BTheft06/05/12. 11:21 AM.00 BLOCK OF PROVIDENCE PL PROVIDENCEDetails
CTheft06/05/12. 11:42 AM.100 BLOCK OF TELL ST PROVIDENCEDetails
DBurglary06/05/12. 01:49 PM.100 BLOCK OF REGENT AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
ETheft06/05/12. 02:08 PM.100 BLOCK OF OPHELIA ST PROVIDENCEDetails
FTheft06/05/12. 02:23 PM.100 BLOCK OF BROAD ST PROVIDENCEDetails
GBurglary06/05/12. 04:36 PM.00 BLOCK OF EVA ST PROVIDENCEDetails
HTheft06/05/12. 09:25 AM.100 BLOCK OF WESTMINSTER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
IAssault06/05/12. 05:03 AM.100 BLOCK OF CANTON ST PROVIDENCEDetails
JAssault06/05/12. 09:44 AM.100 BLOCK OF OXFORD ST PROVIDENCEDetails
KTheft06/05/12. 05:40 AM.00 BLOCK OF DRESSER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
LTheft06/05/12. 03:21 PM.200 BLOCK OF WESTMINSTER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
MTheft06/05/12. 04:08 PM.200 BLOCK OF CHAD BROWN ST PROVIDENCEDetails
NAssault06/05/12. 02:37 PM.300 BLOCK OF WICKENDEN ST PROVIDENCEDetails
OTheft06/05/12. 10:34 AM.300 BLOCK OF CHARLES ST PROVIDENCEDetails
PTheft06/05/12. 05:06 AM.00 BLOCK OF JASPER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
QAssault06/05/12. 10:31 PM.00 BLOCK OF CATHEDRAL SQ PROVIDENCEDetails
RTheft06/05/12. 02:05 PM.400 BLOCK OF HARTFORD AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
STheft06/05/12. 11:36 AM.00 BLOCK OF PROSPECT ST PROVIDENCEDetails
TShooting06/05/12. 04:23 PM.600 BLOCK OF DOUGLAS AVE PROVIDENCEDetails
URobbery06/05/12. 04:29 PM.700 BLOCK OF WESTMINSTER ST PROVIDENCEDetails
VTheft06/05/12. 05:06 AM.800 BLOCK OF MANTON AVE PROVIDENCEDetails

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