Reading, PA Daily Crime Reports - 06/05/2010

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft06/05/10. 03:00 AM.100 BLOCK OF GREENWICH ST READINGDetails
BTheft06/05/10. 05:46 PM.500 BLOCK OF N 6TH ST READINGDetails
CAssault06/05/10. 12:16 AM.500 BLOCK OF CEDAR ST READINGDetails
DVandalism06/05/10. 01:31 AM.800 BLOCK OF GREEN ST READINGDetails
EAssault06/05/10. 03:13 AM.400 BLOCK OF N 9TH ST READINGDetails
FRobbery06/05/10. 09:00 AM.300 BLOCK OF N 10TH ST READINGDetails
GAssault06/05/10. 02:45 PM.00 BLOCK OF S 9TH ST READINGDetails
HArrest06/05/10. 09:57 PM.S 4TH ST / FRANKLIN ST READINGDetails
IAssault06/05/10. 03:42 PM.S 8TH ST / FRANKLIN ST READINGDetails
KBurglary06/05/10. 10:30 PM.1100 BLOCK OF GREEN ST READINGDetails
LBurglary06/05/10. 09:51 PM.400 BLOCK OF N 2ND ST READINGDetails
MBurglary06/05/10. 02:30 AM.600 BLOCK OF RIVER OAK DR READINGDetails
NTheft06/05/10. 05:07 PM.100 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON ST READINGDetails
OTheft06/05/10. 02:45 PM.00 BLOCK OF S 9TH ST READINGDetails
PAssault06/05/10. 09:57 PM.4TH ST / FRANKLIN ST READINGDetails
QAssault06/05/10. 03:40 PM.800 BLOCK OF FRANKLIN ST READINGDetails
RAssault06/05/10. 08:14 PM.300 BLOCK OF MILLER ST READINGDetails
SVandalism06/05/10. 02:55 AM.300 BLOCK OF S 4TH ST READINGDetails
TBurglary06/05/10. 12:30 PM.500 BLOCK OF WOODWARD ST READINGDetails
UTheft06/05/10. 12:01 AM.800 BLOCK OF DOUGLASS ST READINGDetails
VBurglary06/05/10. 12:00 AM.100 BLOCK OF SCHILLER ST READINGDetails
WVandalism06/05/10. 11:30 AM.300 BLOCK OF N 6TH ST READINGDetails
XBurglary06/05/10. 01:14 PM.1500 BLOCK OF MULBERRY ST READINGDetails
YBurglary06/05/10. 04:17 PM.1500 BLOCK OF N 12TH ST READINGDetails
ZArrest06/05/10. 12:53 AM.1300 BLOCK OF N 10TH ST READINGDetails
Burglary06/05/10. 03:30 PM.1100 BLOCK OF N 5TH ST READINGDetails
Assault06/05/10. 11:14 AM.800 BLOCK OF SCHUYLKILL AVE READINGDetails
Theft06/05/10. 12:15 PM.100 BLOCK OF WINDSOR ST READINGDetails
Arrest06/05/10. 12:13 AM.800 BLOCK OF N 9TH ST READINGDetails
Theft06/05/10. 03:45 AM.500 BLOCK OF E WYOMISSING BLVD READINGDetails
Burglary06/05/10. 01:45 AM.1300 BLOCK OF LIGGETT AVE READINGDetails
Assault06/05/10. 09:49 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BROOKE BLVD READINGDetails

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