Pittsburgh, PA Daily Crime Reports - 11/27/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther11/27/11. 11:18 PM.31100 BLOCK OF BERGMAN PITTSBURGHDetails
BAssault11/27/11. 12:25 AM.200 BLOCK OF NORTHSHORE DR PITTSBURGHDetails
CAssault11/27/11. 01:30 AM.E NORTH AVE AND EAST ST PITTSBURGHDetails
DAssault11/27/11. 12:00 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BENTON AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
EBurglary11/27/11. 09:50 PM.1400 BLOCK OF CHICAGO ST PITTSBURGHDetails
FTheft11/27/11. 11:15 PM.800 BLOCK OF MT PLEASANT RD PITTSBURGHDetails
GAssault11/27/11. 01:15 AM.300 BLOCK OF 6TH AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
HArrest11/27/11. 01:31 AM.42ND ST AND BUTLER ST PITTSBURGHDetails
ITheft11/27/11. 08:30 AM.2100 BLOCK OF BEDFORD AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
JTheft11/27/11. 11:57 PM.700 BLOCK OF MT PLEASANT RD PITTSBURGHDetails
KAssault11/27/11. 01:40 PM.600 BLOCK OF 1ST AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
LArrest11/27/11. 03:15 PM.2600 BLOCK OF CENTRE AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
MArrest11/27/11. 03:55 PM.500 BLOCK OF WILLIAM PENN P PITTSBURGHDetails
NTheft11/27/11. 10:00 PM.2900 BLOCK OF WEBSTER AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
OTheft11/27/11. 11:00 PM.1300 BLOCK OF 5TH AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
PRobbery11/27/11. 12:34 AM.S 14TH ST AND SARAH PITTSBURGHDetails
QTheft11/27/11. 01:00 AM.E CARSON ST AND S 2ND ST PITTSBURGHDetails
STheft11/27/11. 02:00 AM.S 9TH ST AND BINGHAM ST PITTSBURGHDetails
TTheft11/27/11. 02:26 AM.1300 BLOCK OF BINGHAM ST PITTSBURGHDetails
UOther11/27/11. 02:30 AM.2000 BLOCK OF JANE ST PITTSBURGHDetails
VTheft11/27/11. 03:45 AM.S 12TH ST AND E CARSON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
WBurglary11/27/11. 09:00 AM.300 BLOCK OF VIRGINIA AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
XBurglary11/27/11. 10:15 AM.2700 BLOCK OF JANE ST PITTSBURGHDetails
YTheft11/27/11. 07:30 PM.S 12TH ST PITTSBURGHDetails
ZArrest11/27/11. 08:50 PM.1000 BLOCK OF ARLINGTON AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary11/27/11. 09:00 AM.2200 BLOCK OF MURRAY AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 09:44 AM.100 BLOCK OF S HIGHLAND AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 10:00 AM.300 BLOCK OF FLOWERS AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 10:28 AM.2000 BLOCK OF BEECHWOOD BLVD PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault11/27/11. 12:45 PM.2000 BLOCK OF 5TH AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Arrest11/27/11. 01:15 PM.2000 BLOCK OF 5TH AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary11/27/11. 04:30 PM.300 BLOCK OF MC KEE PL PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 05:45 PM.300 BLOCK OF HAILMAN ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary11/27/11. 07:07 PM.300 BLOCK OF N NEVILLE ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary11/27/11. 10:00 PM.4600 BLOCK OF 5TH AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault11/27/11. 11:40 PM.400 BLOCK OF W ELIZABETH ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Robbery11/27/11. 05:30 AM.PENN AVE AND AIKEN PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 08:00 PM.200 BLOCK OF S GRAHAM ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 10:20 PM.500 BLOCK OF LARIMER AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft11/27/11. 09:04 PM.700 BLOCK OF ELKTON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Robbery11/27/11. 11:05 PM.3100 BLOCK OF BERGMAN ST PITTSBURGHDetails

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