Pittsburgh, PA Daily Crime Reports - 10/24/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault10/24/11. 11:30 AM.1500 BLOCK OF BRIGHTON RD PITTSBURGHDetails
BAssault10/24/11. 12:35 PM.800 BLOCK OF MT PLEASANT RD PITTSBURGHDetails
CAssault10/24/11. 01:30 PM.500 BLOCK OF MARSHALL AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
DAssault10/24/11. 02:40 PM.2400 BLOCK OF PERRYSVILLE AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
EArrest10/24/11. 04:06 PM.2000 BLOCK OF MOUNTFORD AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
GRobbery10/24/11. 07:45 PM.1400 BLOCK OF LIVERPOOL ST PITTSBURGHDetails
HTheft10/24/11. 10:00 PM.3500 BLOCK OF MEXICO ST PITTSBURGHDetails
ITheft10/24/11. 12:01 AM.10TH ST AND PENN AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
JAssault10/24/11. 02:30 AM.300 BLOCK OF FISK ST PITTSBURGHDetails
KTheft10/24/11. 01:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF FORBES AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
LAssault10/24/11. 02:00 PM.2000 BLOCK OF GROVE PL PITTSBURGHDetails
MBurglary10/24/11. 03:00 PM.5100 BLOCK OF HOLMES ST PITTSBURGHDetails
NRobbery10/24/11. 03:29 PM.2100 BLOCK OF FORBES AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
OAssault10/24/11. 04:25 PM.600 BLOCK OF 1ST AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
PTheft10/24/11. 05:00 PM.5200 BLOCK OF KEYSTONE ST PITTSBURGHDetails
QTheft10/24/11. 07:00 PM.BUTLER ST AND 45TH ST PITTSBURGHDetails
RArrest10/24/11. 08:51 PM.51ST ST AND BUTLER ST PITTSBURGHDetails
STheft10/24/11. 09:25 PM.600 BLOCK OF FIRST AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
TTheft10/24/11. 12:50 AM.300 BLOCK OF OLYMPIA ST PITTSBURGHDetails
UArrest10/24/11. 02:05 AM.500 BLOCK OF LIME ST PITTSBURGHDetails
VTheft10/24/11. 03:30 AM.200 BLOCK OF RUXTON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
WArrest10/24/11. 01:25 PM.900 BLOCK OF SAW MILL RUN BLVD PITTSBURGHDetails
XTheft10/24/11. 03:35 PM.2300 BLOCK OF E CARSON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
YBurglary10/24/11. 09:00 PM.2300 BLOCK OF VALERA ST PITTSBURGHDetails
ZTheft10/24/11. 11:42 PM.1500 BLOCK OF E CARSON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 02:00 PM.6800 BLOCK OF THOMAS ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 05:15 PM.5800 BLOCK OF ALDERSON ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Arrest10/24/11. 09:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF FLOWERS AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 12:01 AM.4800 BLOCK OF ROSETTA ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 01:19 AM.7200 BLOCK OF KELLY ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Arrest10/24/11. 02:06 AM.6500 BLOCK OF LLEWELLYN PL PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 09:52 AM.7500 BLOCK OF UPLAND ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary10/24/11. 10:00 AM.5400 BLOCK OF BROAD ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 12:00 PM.5700 BLOCK OF PENN AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Robbery10/24/11. 02:25 PM.7000 BLOCK OF MONTICELLO ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 05:07 PM.5300 BLOCK OF FRIENDSHIP AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 05:15 PM.6200 BLOCK OF PENN AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 06:41 PM.1000 BLOCK OF BRUSHTON AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary10/24/11. 07:00 PM.5900 BLOCK OF BRYANT ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 07:15 PM.1000 BLOCK OF CHISLETT ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 08:53 PM.4000 BLOCK OF PENN AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Robbery10/24/11. 09:35 PM.5900 BLOCK OF BAUM SQ PITTSBURGHDetails
Burglary10/24/11. 12:20 AM.900 BLOCK OF WOODLOW ST PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 12:00 PM.800 BLOCK OF BROOKLINE BLVD PITTSBURGHDetails
Assault10/24/11. 09:05 PM.1100 BLOCK OF HAMPSHIRE AVE PITTSBURGHDetails
Theft10/24/11. 11:59 PM.700 BLOCK OF BAY RIDGE AVE PITTSBURGHDetails

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