Erie, PA Daily Crime Reports - 07/19/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther07/19/12. 1600 BLOCK OF PENELEC PARK DR. ERIEDetails
BOther07/19/12. 5300 BLOCK OF NORRIS RD. ERIEDetails
COther07/19/12. 1600 BLOCK OF TREETOP DR. ERIEDetails
DOther07/19/12. 5900 BLOCK OF PINECREST DR. ERIEDetails
FOther07/19/12. 3500 BLOCK OF W 38TH ST. ERIEDetails
GOther07/19/12. 00 BLOCK OF SCOTT PARK RD. ERIEDetails
HTheft07/19/12. 2500 BLOCK OF W 12TH ST. ERIEDetails
ITheft07/19/12. 1300 BLOCK OF LYNN ST ERIEDetails
JTheft07/19/12. 800 BLOCK OF MILLCREEK MALL ERIEDetails
KAssault07/19/12. 800 BLOCK OF PLUM ST. ERIEDetails
LTheft07/19/12. 800 BLOCK OF CASCADE ST. ERIEDetails
MTheft07/19/12. 900 BLOCK OF E GRANDVIEW BLVD. ERIEDetails
NTheft07/19/12. 2300 BLOCK OF PENINSULA DR. ERIEDetails
OTheft07/19/12. 2300 BLOCK OF PENINSULA DR ERIEDetails
POther07/19/12. 1800 BLOCK OF W GORE RD. ERIEDetails
QOther07/19/12. 3500 BLOCK OF JULIE CT. ERIEDetails

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