Portland, OR Daily Crime Reports - 12/18/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault12/18/11. 07:51 PM.4800 BLOCK OF NE 97TH AVE PORTLANDDetails
BOther12/18/11. 07:27 PM.21/NEWARK PORTLANDDetails
CShooting12/18/11. 07:19 PM.E 60TH AVE / SE BELMONT ST PORTLANDDetails
DTheft12/18/11. 07:10 PM.2400 BLOCK OF SE HARNEY ST PORTLANDDetails
EOther12/18/11. 07:06 PM.E 88TH AVE / SE FOSTER RD PORTLANDDetails
FShooting12/18/11. 07:04 PM.1400 BLOCK OF SE SALMON ST PORTLANDDetails
GOther12/18/11. 07:04 PM.E LAMBERT ST / SE 82ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
HAssault12/18/11. 06:49 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SW 2ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
IShooting12/18/11. 06:40 PM.12400 BLOCK OF SE MILL ST PORTLANDDetails
JShooting12/18/11. 06:37 PM.E 106TH AVE / NE WASCO ST PORTLANDDetails
KShooting12/18/11. 06:37 PM.1800 BLOCK OF NE 113TH AVE PORTLANDDetails
LOther12/18/11. 06:36 PM.2800 BLOCK OF N GANTENBEIN AVE PORTLANDDetails
MOther12/18/11. 06:31 PM.8700 BLOCK OF SE MARKET ST PORTLANDDetails
NOther12/18/11. 06:19 PM.W 18TH AVE / NW COUCH ST [ST MARY'S CA PORTLANDDetails
OTheft12/18/11. 06:15 PM.9800 BLOCK OF SE WASHINGTON ST PORTLANDDetails
PArrest12/18/11. 05:59 PM.700 BLOCK OF NW FLANDERS ST PORTLANDDetails
QOther12/18/11. 05:57 PM.2800 BLOCK OF N LOMBARD ST PORTLANDDetails
RArrest12/18/11. 05:40 PM.NB I405 FWY TO / WB SUNSET HWY PORTLANDDetails
STheft12/18/11. 04:52 PM.1200 BLOCK OF NE 102ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
TOther12/18/11. 04:37 PM.NB I205 FWY TO / SE STARK ST EXIT PORTLANDDetails
UTheft12/18/11. 04:11 PM.11700 BLOCK OF NE MARX ST PORTLANDDetails
VOther12/18/11. 04:03 PM.8200 BLOCK OF NE SANDY BLVD PORTLANDDetails
WArrest12/18/11. 03:59 PM.1500 BLOCK OF SE MALDEN ST PORTLANDDetails
XOther12/18/11. 03:47 PM.8800 BLOCK OF NE GOING ST PORTLANDDetails
YOther12/18/11. 03:39 PM.2600 BLOCK OF N LOMBARD ST[TOM'S PIZZA PORTLANDDetails
ZArrest12/18/11. 02:58 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SW 2ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 02:54 PM.E RAMONA ST / SE 130TH PL PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 02:47 PM.11500 BLOCK OF NE SUMNER ST PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 02:46 PM.12400 BLOCK OF SE REEDWAY ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 02:43 PM.1500 BLOCK OF SE MALDEN ST PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 02:23 PM.3400 BLOCK OF N COMMERCIAL AVE PORTLANDDetails
Assault12/18/11. 01:34 PM.00 BLOCK OF UNKNOWN ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 01:21 PM.E 11TH AVE / NE BROADWAY PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 01:14 PM.2700 BLOCK OF SE 174TH AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 01:14 PM.7300 BLOCK OF N OATMAN AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 01:07 PM.N SHAVER ST / N CASTLE AVE PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 12:33 PM.4400 BLOCK OF N INTERSTATE AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 12:30 PM.600 BLOCK OF SE 60TH AVE PORTLANDDetails
Assault12/18/11. 11:59 AM.1100 BLOCK OF SW 2ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
Assault12/18/11. 11:25 AM.00 BLOCK OF UNKNOWN ST PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 11:19 AM.2000 BLOCK OF NE RODNEY AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 11:15 AM.3600 BLOCK OF SE 62ND AVE PORTLANDDetails
Theft12/18/11. 10:37 AM.2800 BLOCK OF NE SANDY BLVD PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 10:27 AM.2700 BLOCK OF SE 160TH AVE PORTLANDDetails
Assault12/18/11. 10:21 AM.9200 BLOCK OF SE CLINTON ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 10:02 AM.1100 BLOCK OF SE 33RD AVE PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 09:27 AM.3900 BLOCK OF N LONGVIEW AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 09:22 AM.E 45TH AVE / SE MAIN ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 08:12 AM.E 80TH AVE / SE RHINE ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 04:56 AM.E 10TH AVE / NE HOLMAN ST PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 08:12 PM.18100 BLOCK OF SE MAIN ST PORTLANDDetails
Arrest12/18/11. 07:16 PM.2500 BLOCK OF NW 2ND TER PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 07:12 PM.1300 BLOCK OF NW EASTMAN PKWY PORTLANDDetails
Theft12/18/11. 05:50 PM.E DIVISION ST / NE KELLY AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 03:45 PM.1100 BLOCK OF NE KELLY AVE PORTLANDDetails
Theft12/18/11. 03:39 PM.400 BLOCK OF NE 181ST AVE PORTLANDDetails
Other12/18/11. 02:34 PM.1300 BLOCK OF NW EASTMAN PKWY PORTLANDDetails
Theft12/18/11. 12:07 PM.1000 BLOCK OF SW HIGHLAND DR PORTLANDDetails
Shooting12/18/11. 11:10 AM.E 162ND AVE / E BURNSIDE ST PORTLANDDetails
Theft12/18/11. 04:48 AM.1900 BLOCK OF SE 6TH ST PORTLANDDetails
Assault12/18/11. 08:22 PM.200 BLOCK OF LINCOLN ST PORTLANDDetails

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