Cleveland, OH Daily Crime Reports - 07/02/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ABurglary07/02/12. 12:50 AM.1100 BLOCK OF E 67TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
BRobbery07/02/12. 01:10 AM.COOK AV & BROADVIEW RD CLEVELANDDetails
CTheft07/02/12. 01:00 AM.1600 BLOCK OF E 82ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
DTheft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.1600 BLOCK OF PLEASANTDALE RD CLEVELANDDetails
ETheft07/02/12. 06:00 AM.500 BLOCK OF E 105TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
FBurglary07/02/12. 07:28 AM.800 BLOCK OF EDDY RD CLEVELANDDetails
GTheft07/02/12. 01:00 AM.5100 BLOCK OF HECTOR ST CLEVELANDDetails
HBurglary07/02/12. 07:30 AM.1800 BLOCK OF W 44TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
IBurglary07/02/12. 09:07 AM.4500 BLOCK OF INDUSTRIAL PKWY CLEVELANDDetails
JTheft07/02/12. 11:23 AM.SUPERIOR AV & E 13TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
KTheft07/02/12. 01:00 AM.10300 BLOCK OF SHAKER BL CLEVELANDDetails
LTheft07/02/12. 01:17 PM.10600 BLOCK OF ST CLAIR AV CLEVELANDDetails
MBurglary07/02/12. 04:29 AM.1100 BLOCK OF CENTER ST CLEVELANDDetails
NBurglary07/02/12. 09:30 AM.4200 BLOCK OF TROWBRIDGE AV CLEVELANDDetails
OTheft07/02/12. 01:00 AM.7400 BLOCK OF COLGATE AV CLEVELANDDetails
PBurglary07/02/12. 11:12 AM.10700 BLOCK OF GOODING AV CLEVELANDDetails
QRobbery07/02/12. 12:04 PM.E 82ND ST & CEDAR AV CLEVELANDDetails
RBurglary07/02/12. 11:00 AM.4100 BLOCK OF E 138TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
SRobbery07/02/12. 01:00 PM.9500 BLOCK OF WADE PARK AV CLEVELANDDetails
TTheft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.3100 BLOCK OF WEST BL CLEVELANDDetails
UTheft07/02/12. 02:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF GIDDINGS RD CLEVELANDDetails
VTheft07/02/12. 04:10 PM.3100 BLOCK OF WEST BL CLEVELANDDetails
WRobbery07/02/12. 04:30 PM.E 135TH ST & BYRON AV CLEVELANDDetails
XTheft07/02/12. 09:00 AM.4300 BLOCK OF STATE RD CLEVELANDDetails
YAssault07/02/12. 12:00 AM.900 BLOCK OF STEVENSON RD CLEVELANDDetails
ZTheft07/02/12. 05:30 PM.11900 BLOCK OF BEREA RD CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 07:07 PM.4300 BLOCK OF GERMAINE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 08:10 PM.2300 BLOCK OF BELVOIR BL CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 08:00 PM.3500 BLOCK OF E 116TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 09:17 PM.PUBLIC SQ & W SUPERIOR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:05 PM.3900 BLOCK OF BEHRWALD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 10:12 PM.E 117TH ST & UNION AV CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 10:15 PM.4100 BLOCK OF E 106TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 09:50 PM.12900 BLOCK OF WATTERSON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:35 AM.8900 BLOCK OF JEFFRIES AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 11:45 PM.EDNA AV & NORWOOD RD CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 09:30 PM.E 133RD ST & MELZER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:30 PM.12300 BLOCK OF OSCELOLA AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:00 AM.8500 BLOCK OF JEFFRIES AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 03:00 PM.3400 BLOCK OF W 95TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 06:00 PM.4500 BLOCK OF LEE RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 04:00 PM.4400 BLOCK OF W 146TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:30 PM.3100 BLOCK OF W 38TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:00 AM.5300 BLOCK OF RIVERSIDE DR CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 07:30 AM.4100 BLOCK OF E 131ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 03:54 AM.13200 BLOCK OF BENWOOD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 11:25 AM.1800 BLOCK OF W 44TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 09:00 PM.LORAIN AV & W 111TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 10:45 PM.5700 BLOCK OF PORTAGE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 10:30 PM.500 BLOCK OF PROSPECT AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 10:50 PM.300 BLOCK OF PROSPECT AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 10:50 PM.PROSPECT AV & BOLIVAR RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 11:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF E 118TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 09:00 AM.3300 BLOCK OF E 137TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 09:00 PM.E 118TH ST & BUCKEYE RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 PM.E 116TH ST & BUCKEYE RD CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 11:00 PM.E 116TH PL & EUCLID AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 10:00 PM.3900 BLOCK OF E 64TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 08:00 AM.3400 BLOCK OF W 62ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:40 PM.1100 BLOCK OF EAST BL CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 07:53 PM.11900 BLOCK OF SUPERIOR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 PM.12500 BLOCK OF LENACRAVE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 02:00 PM.10100 BLOCK OF ROSEHILL AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 04:40 PM.1800 BLOCK OF REYBURN RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 06:00 PM.4500 BLOCK OF CULLEN DR CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 06:00 PM.2500 BLOCK OF MONTCLAIR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/02/12. 02:45 AM.W 41ST ST & MEMPHIS AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 06:00 PM.11800 BLOCK OF HAZELDELL DR CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. CEDAR ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 09:00 PM.2900 BLOCK OF SILVERDALE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.10600 BLOCK OF HARVARD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/02/12. NORTH GREENWAY CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/02/12. 11:00 AM.3300 BLOCK OF W 23RD PL CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:00 AM.3900 BLOCK OF W 158TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest07/02/12. 09:05 PM.WIESE ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 01:00 PM.GATES ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Other07/02/12. 10:01 PM.DORCHESTER ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/02/12. 03:35 AM.ROCKSIDE ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest07/02/12. AURORA ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/02/12. COLORADO AVENUE CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. DARTWORTH DRIVE CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 08:30 PM.WALTER ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 08:51 PM.CHAGRIN BOULEVARD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 05:00 PM.16700 BLOCK OF ERNADALE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 01:00 PM.3300 BLOCK OF WEST BL CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. WEST 164TH STREET CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. SMITH ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/02/12. EAST BAGLEY CLEVELANDDetails
Other07/02/12. PEARL ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/02/12. 01:57 AM.ADRIAN ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Other07/02/12. PRASSE ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 07:00 PM.6100 BLOCK OF GERTRUDE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:00 AM.8900 BLOCK OF HOUGH AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.3700 BLOCK OF E 52ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 PM.13200 BLOCK OF WEST AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 05:15 PM.18900 BLOCK OF ST CLAIR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:00 AM.7400 BLOCK OF SUPERIOR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.400 BLOCK OF E 143RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 04:00 PM.3800 BLOCK OF W 140TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 08:00 AM.4700 BLOCK OF E 174TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 06:35 PM.13200 BLOCK OF SHAKER BL CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 01:43 PM.3800 BLOCK OF W 19TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 08:00 PM.11900 BLOCK OF FARRINGDON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 04:00 PM.W 87TH ST & LAKE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:00 AM.6900 BLOCK OF LANSING AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 01:30 PM.200 BLOCK OF W HURON RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 11:00 PM.1100 BLOCK OF E 169TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:01 PM.3500 BLOCK OF ARCHWOOD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 12:00 AM.2600 BLOCK OF E 122ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 09:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF W 74TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 06:30 AM.1300 BLOCK OF WEST BL CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/02/12. 10:00 AM.1800 BLOCK OF E 90TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 03:00 PM.4600 BLOCK OF W 150TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 10:00 AM.E 14TH ST & CARNEGIE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 12:00 AM.9500 BLOCK OF EUCLID AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 09:30 AM.12200 BLOCK OF FAIRHILL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/02/12. 02:00 PM.1300 BLOCK OF W 91ST ST CLEVELANDDetails

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