Cleveland, OH Daily Crime Reports - 02/17/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault02/17/12. 12:50 AM.2100 BLOCK OF W 105TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
BTheft02/17/12. 01:00 AM.9900 BLOCK OF PIERPONT AV CLEVELANDDetails
CTheft02/17/12. 08:00 AM.E 79TH ST & HOUGH AV CLEVELANDDetails
DTheft02/17/12. 09:30 AM.9100 BLOCK OF DENISON AV CLEVELANDDetails
ETheft02/17/12. 12:50 PM.3700 BLOCK OF W 31ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
FTheft02/17/12. 02:15 PM.E 4TH ST & PROSPECT AV CLEVELANDDetails
GTheft02/17/12. 02:50 PM.200 BLOCK OF W HURON RD CLEVELANDDetails
HTheft02/17/12. 05:05 PM.3600 BLOCK OF E 103RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
ITheft02/17/12. 10:05 AM.3100 BLOCK OF HAMILTON AV CLEVELANDDetails
JRobbery02/17/12. 04:00 PM.200 BLOCK OF W HURON RD CLEVELANDDetails
KBurglary02/17/12. 08:15 AM.900 BLOCK OF PARKWOOD DR CLEVELANDDetails
LAssault02/17/12. 11:00 PM.2800 BLOCK OF E 116TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
MTheft02/17/12. 07:00 PM.E 133RD ST & CAINE AV CLEVELANDDetails
NTheft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.W 42ND ST & BUCYRUS AV CLEVELANDDetails
OAssault02/17/12. 12:00 AM.7100 BLOCK OF DONALD AV CLEVELANDDetails
PTheft02/17/12. 06:00 AM.6200 BLOCK OF BROADWAY AV CLEVELANDDetails
QAssault02/17/12. 06:00 PM.W 100TH ST & MADISON AV CLEVELANDDetails
RRobbery02/17/12. 09:05 PM.E 131ST ST & HARVARD AV CLEVELANDDetails
SRobbery02/17/12. 11:20 PM.13800 BLOCK OF LIBERTY AV CLEVELANDDetails
TBurglary02/17/12. 01:00 PM.4500 BLOCK OF W 130TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
UTheft02/17/12. 06:00 PM.10800 BLOCK OF FIDELITY AV CLEVELANDDetails
VTheft02/17/12. 03:30 AM.400 BLOCK OF S ST CLAIR ST CLEVELANDDetails
WRobbery02/17/12. 02:30 PM.9700 BLOCK OF MILES AV CLEVELANDDetails
XTheft02/17/12. 01:45 PM.2400 BLOCK OF UNWIN RD CLEVELANDDetails
YBurglary02/17/12. 02:30 PM.5700 BLOCK OF PORTAGE AV CLEVELANDDetails
ZAssault02/17/12. 06:00 PM.9900 BLOCK OF DENISON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery02/17/12. 10:20 PM.1300 BLOCK OF W 112TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 08:00 AM.10400 BLOCK OF PARK HEIGHTS RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 08:00 PM.4100 BLOCK OF WICHITA AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery02/17/12. 01:10 PM.11900 BLOCK OF BEREA RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.3300 BLOCK OF STEELYARD DR CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery02/17/12. 03:35 PM.ST ALEXIS CT & MAGNET CT CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 05:15 AM.1100 BLOCK OF E 123RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 05:00 PM.1300 BLOCK OF W 111TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 10:45 AM.5100 BLOCK OF HAMM AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:24 PM.3000 BLOCK OF W 103RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Assault02/17/12. 04:30 PM.4100 BLOCK OF FULTON RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 01:15 PM.8900 BLOCK OF LAKE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:00 AM.11600 BLOCK OF CROMWELL AV CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest02/17/12. 03:00 AM.BEACH AVENUE CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism02/17/12. WESTLAKE AVENUE CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. AVON ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism02/17/12. 01:35 AM.ANNE DRIVE CLEVELANDDetails
Other02/17/12. 02:00 AM.SEMINARY STREET CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism02/17/12. MAYFIELD ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Other02/17/12. EAGLE TRACE CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest02/17/12. ENGLE ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Assault02/17/12. MAYFIELD ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. SHELDON ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 08:00 PM.600 BLOCK OF E 93RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:00 AM.6800 BLOCK OF OTTAWA RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 05:15 PM.3300 BLOCK OF W 123RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 07:30 PM.10800 BLOCK OF FORTUNE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 01:00 AM.8300 BLOCK OF CHESTER PKWY CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 04:00 AM.E 126TH ST & GRIFFING AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.5100 BLOCK OF PEARL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:00 PM.9900 BLOCK OF DENISON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.13200 BLOCK OF SHAKER SQ CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest02/17/12. 02:15 PM.WESTBOUND INTERSTATE 90 CLEVELANDDetails
Arrest02/17/12. 11:15 PM.I-90 AND HILLIARD BOULEVARD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 04:00 PM.12500 BLOCK OF FIRSBY AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 07:15 PM.4100 BLOCK OF PAYNE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 02:00 AM.3200 BLOCK OF W 73RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 07:00 AM.5700 BLOCK OF HARVARD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:30 PM.1400 BLOCK OF W 98TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 08:30 PM.14300 BLOCK OF VIOLA AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 08:00 PM.13500 BLOCK OF BENNINGTON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. CEDAR ROADDetails
Assault02/17/12. PLAINFIELD ROADDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:20 PM.2100 BLOCK OF ADELBERT RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 01:30 PM.E 55TH ST & HARVARD AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.3600 BLOCK OF E 146TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism02/17/12. 08:24 AM.400 BLOCK OF W LAKESIDE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 10:30 PM.2000 BLOCK OF W 44TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 PM.1200 BLOCK OF W 25TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.2800 BLOCK OF E 126TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:15 AM.400 BLOCK OF W LAKESIDE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. ABRAHAM DRIVE CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 11:00 PM.1300 BLOCK OF E 26TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 08:00 AM.2200 BLOCK OF E 55TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.6900 BLOCK OF HOSMER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 12:00 AM.11200 BLOCK OF BELLFLOWER RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 08:51 AM.7800 BLOCK OF LAUMAR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:00 AM.3700 BLOCK OF E 65TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 12:00 AM.600 BLOCK OF E 93RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary02/17/12. 04:30 PM.3900 BLOCK OF PEARL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft02/17/12. 04:00 PM.4600 BLOCK OF W 157TH ST CLEVELANDDetails

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