Cleveland, OH Daily Crime Reports - 07/23/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ARobbery07/23/11. 04:45 AM.3800 BLOCK OF ARCHWOOD AVE CLEVELANDDetails
BBurglary07/23/11. 12:05 AM.3800 BLOCK OF E 140TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
CAssault07/23/11. 12:00 AM.2900 BLOCK OF E 130TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
DTheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.1800 BLOCK OF W 58TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
ETheft07/23/11. 12:45 AM.E 93RD ST & CRANE AV CLEVELANDDetails
FTheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.W 6TH ST & W LAKESIDE AV CLEVELANDDetails
GTheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.E 105TH ST & SANDUSKY AV CLEVELANDDetails
HAssault07/23/11. 01:20 AM.GREEN RD & N GREEN RD CLEVELANDDetails
ITheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.10400 BLOCK OF IGNATIUS AV CLEVELANDDetails
JTheft07/23/11. 06:46 AM.9700 BLOCK OF NELSON AV CLEVELANDDetails
KTheft07/23/11. 06:47 AM.W 54TH ST & CLARK AV CLEVELANDDetails
LTheft07/23/11. 11:30 AM.7900 BLOCK OF EUCLID AV CLEVELANDDetails
MTheft07/23/11. 12:01 AM.2800 BLOCK OF DETROIT AV CLEVELANDDetails
NRobbery07/23/11. 08:00 AM.E 125TH ST & KINSMAN RD CLEVELANDDetails
OAssault07/23/11. 12:20 PM.3400 BLOCK OF E 98TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
PRobbery07/23/11. 06:30 PM.2300 BLOCK OF E 22ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
QAssault07/23/11. 02:00 AM.3400 BLOCK OF W 99TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
RRobbery07/23/11. 04:20 AM.3600 BLOCK OF ARCHWOOD AV CLEVELANDDetails
SRobbery07/23/11. 04:00 AM.LAKEVIEW RD & ST CLAIR AV CLEVELANDDetails
TTheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF W 106TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
UTheft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.2200 BLOCK OF E 89TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
VBurglary07/23/11. 06:25 AM.2500 BLOCK OF E 124TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
WRobbery07/23/11. 02:30 PM.1600 BLOCK OF E 65TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
XAssault07/23/11. 05:10 PM.W 84TH ST & DETROIT AV CLEVELANDDetails
YBurglary07/23/11. 12:00 AM.17400 BLOCK OF LOTUS DR CLEVELANDDetails
ZRobbery07/23/11. 05:30 PM.1400 BLOCK OF CHESTER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/23/11. 12:00 AM.4400 BLOCK OF STATE RD CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/23/11. 03:00 PM.800 BLOCK OF E 155TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/23/11. 06:00 PM.1800 BLOCK OF E 12TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 02:00 PM.9600 BLOCK OF YEAKEL AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 11:00 PM.WATERLOO RD & E 156TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 11:00 PM.10500 BLOCK OF ASHBURY AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.W 32ND ST & MEYER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/23/11. 06:30 AM.1100 BLOCK OF E 143RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 08:30 PM.16200 BLOCK OF LAKE SHORE BL CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 05:20 PM.4100 BLOCK OF COMMERCE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.3100 BLOCK OF MARTIN LUTHER KING DR CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 04:00 PM.3400 BLOCK OF MEYER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/23/11. 04:00 AM.4500 BLOCK OF PEARL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 08:30 PM.3000 BLOCK OF BRIDGE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 03:00 PM.7000 BLOCK OF IRVINGTON TERRACE CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 11:00 PM.3900 BLOCK OF E 121ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 11:10 PM.500 BLOCK OF E 114TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 12:00 AM.1800 BLOCK OF MANNERING RD CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/23/11. 05:59 PM.E 131ST ST & SHAW AV CLEVELANDDetails
Robbery07/23/11. 09:18 PM.5400 BLOCK OF SUPERIOR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 10:00 AM.500 BLOCK OF E 99TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 08:00 PM.2200 BLOCK OF W 101ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 12:00 AM.2100 BLOCK OF W 32ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 02:30 AM.10000 BLOCK OF MANOR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 08:30 PM.1300 BLOCK OF E 188TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 09:30 PM.4500 BLOCK OF W 174TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 06:00 PM.10200 BLOCK OF LAMONTIER AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 07:30 PM.4300 BLOCK OF W 50TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 07:00 PM.1400 BLOCK OF E 52ND ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 08:00 PM.2400 BLOCK OF ONTARIO ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.7800 BLOCK OF EVE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 03:00 AM.3600 BLOCK OF E 81ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 04:40 PM.LOYOLA ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/23/11. MADISON AVENUE CLEVELANDDetails
Vandalism07/23/11. SHOPPING PLAZA CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. GALEMORE DRIVE CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. CREST ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. PEARL ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 10:11 AM.7400 BLOCK OF COLGATE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 03:30 PM.17000 BLOCK OF ROSELAND RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 06:58 PM.2600 BLOCK OF CEDAR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 09:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF EDDY RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 06:00 PM.4000 BLOCK OF FULTON RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 03:30 AM.11500 BLOCK OF FLORIAN AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 12:00 AM.3400 BLOCK OF E 123RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. MAYFIELD ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 10:00 PM.FRANKLIN DRIVE CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 01:34 PM.RIDGESTONE COURT CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 01:30 PM.3000 BLOCK OF E 87TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.E 65TH ST & GRAND AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. DETROIT ROAD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 01:00 PM.7700 BLOCK OF LAWN AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.11300 BLOCK OF NELSON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 01:40 PM.3400 BLOCK OF W 128TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 11:30 AM.3000 BLOCK OF MARTIN LUTHER KING DR CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 07:13 PM.1200 BLOCK OF W 112TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:30 AM.18300 BLOCK OF MELVILLE RD CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 PM.3500 BLOCK OF E 91ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 01:30 AM.I 480 EB & BROOKPARK - GRAYTON CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 07:30 AM.300 BLOCK OF CANAL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 03:00 PM.4200 BLOCK OF E 131ST ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 AM.3700 BLOCK OF WALTON AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 10:58 AM.6000 BLOCK OF SCOVILL AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 02:42 PM.2500 BLOCK OF WOODHILL RD CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 08:00 PM.3400 BLOCK OF SEYMOUR AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 05:00 PM.2500 BLOCK OF E 66TH ST CLEVELANDDetails
Theft07/23/11. 12:00 PM.4100 BLOCK OF SPOKANE AV CLEVELANDDetails
Burglary07/23/11. 05:00 PM.3000 BLOCK OF W 43RD ST CLEVELANDDetails
Assault07/23/11. 12:00 PM.2500 BLOCK OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE AV CLEVELANDDetails

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