Auburn, NY Daily Crime Reports - 11/29/2009

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault11/29/09. 04:44 PM.00 BLOCK OF WALLACE AVE AUBURNDetails
BVandalism11/29/09. 06:39 PM.00 BLOCK OF GROVE AVE AUBURNDetails
CVandalism11/29/09. 06:23 AM.00 BLOCK OF SHERMAN ST AUBURNDetails
DOther11/29/09. 12:17 PM.100 BLOCK OF FITCH AVE AUBURNDetails
EOther11/29/09. 01:20 PM.00 BLOCK OF MUNDT AVE AUBURNDetails
FOther11/29/09. 04:03 AM.00 BLOCK OF AUGUSTUS ST AUBURNDetails
GOther11/29/09. 02:21 AM.00 BLOCK OF JEFFERSON ST AUBURNDetails
HOther11/29/09. 11:11 AM.00 BLOCK OF OWASCO ST AUBURNDetails
IAssault11/29/09. 03:03 AM.00 BLOCK OF E GENESEE ST AUBURNDetails
JAssault11/29/09. 04:47 PM.00 BLOCK OF GROVER ST AUBURNDetails
KOther11/29/09. 03:17 PM.00 BLOCK OF THORNTON AVE AUBURNDetails
LOther11/29/09. 02:17 AM.00 BLOCK OF LANSING ST AUBURNDetails
MTheft11/29/09. 03:17 PM.200 BLOCK OF GRANT AVE AUBURNDetails
NTheft11/29/09. 01:03 PM.00 BLOCK OF CHESTNUT ST AUBURNDetails
OOther11/29/09. 11:14 AM.00 BLOCK OF AUGUSTUS ST AUBURNDetails
POther11/29/09. 04:09 PM.100 BLOCK OF SOUTH ST AUBURNDetails
QOther11/29/09. 11:02 AM.E GENESEE ST AND MARKET ST AUBURNDetails
ROther11/29/09. 12:26 AM.00 BLOCK OF WALL ST AUBURNDetails
SOther11/29/09. 04:38 AM.00 BLOCK OF GARROW ST AUBURNDetails
TOther11/29/09. 12:07 AM.00 BLOCK OF PARKER ST AUBURNDetails

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