Raleigh, NC Daily Crime Reports - 03/25/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault03/25/12. 12:36 AM.2800 BLOCK OF BRENTWOOD RD RALEIGHDetails
BTheft03/25/12. 01:33 AM.300 BLOCK OF HILL ST RALEIGHDetails
COther03/25/12. 01:47 AM.3600 BLOCK OF TOP OF THE PINES DR RALEIGHDetails
DOther03/25/12. 01:12 AM.2000 BLOCK OF NOBLE RD RALEIGHDetails
EAssault03/25/12. 01:56 AM.400 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD AVE RALEIGHDetails
FBurglary03/25/12. 02:25 AM.2700 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
GArrest03/25/12. 01:43 AM.600 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
HOther03/25/12. 04:12 AM.200 BLOCK OF S WILMINGTON ST RALEIGHDetails
IAssault03/25/12. 01:13 AM.100 BLOCK OF BERTIE DR RALEIGHDetails
JAssault03/25/12. 03:39 AM.4000 BLOCK OF ATLANTIC AVE RALEIGHDetails
KArrest03/25/12. 04:35 AM.1000 BLOCK OF N ROGERS LN RALEIGHDetails
LBurglary03/25/12. 03:40 AM.3300 BLOCK OF SERENDIPITY DR RALEIGHDetails
MOther03/25/12. 05:07 AM.100 BLOCK OF FRIENDLY DR RALEIGHDetails
NVandalism03/25/12. 06:18 AM.100 BLOCK OF FRIENDLY DR RALEIGHDetails
OAssault03/25/12. 05:49 AM.4400 BLOCK OF LAKE BOONE TRL RALEIGHDetails
PTheft03/25/12. 02:29 AM.6700 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD AVE RALEIGHDetails
QAssault03/25/12. 08:21 AM.2000 BLOCK OF N RALEIGH BLVD RALEIGHDetails
ROther03/25/12. 04:21 AM.3000 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
SVandalism03/25/12. 09:23 AM.3500 BLOCK OF MAITLAND DRIVE RALEIGHDetails
TVandalism03/25/12. 08:49 AM.2300 BLOCK OF CALVERT DR RALEIGHDetails
UOther03/25/12. 10:56 AM.3200 BLOCK OF PRIDWEN CIRCLE RALEIGHDetails
VVandalism03/25/12. 10:28 AM.4700 BLOCK OF MATT DR RALEIGHDetails
WTheft03/25/12. 10:16 AM.1100 BLOCK OF CLANTON ST RALEIGHDetails
XOther03/25/12. 11:05 AM.1300 BLOCK OF KENT ROAD RALEIGHDetails
YTheft03/25/12. 11:23 AM.5400 BLOCK OF ARBOR OAK LN RALEIGHDetails
ZBurglary03/25/12. 10:53 AM.2100 BLOCK OF TEE DEE ST RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 12:21 PM.2000 BLOCK OF CAMERON STREET RALEIGHDetails
Robbery03/25/12. 11:29 AM.4800 BLOCK OF WATERBURY CT RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 01:02 PM.400 BLOCK OF DANIELS STREET RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 12:08 PM.600 BLOCK OF BRAGG ST RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 12:16 PM.3900 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 01:42 PM.600 BLOCK OF RAWLS DR RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 02:04 PM.400 BLOCK OF FENTON ST RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/25/12. 12:40 PM.5700 BLOCK OF CLARKS FORK DR RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 01:53 PM.600 BLOCK OF PEACH RD RALEIGHDetails
Vandalism03/25/12. 03:01 PM.1400 BLOCK OF ROCK QUARRY RD RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 11:53 AM.3200 BLOCK OF MILL RUN RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 01:41 PM.500 BLOCK OF HOCUTTS LN RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/25/12. 01:49 PM.5600 BLOCK OF FOREST OAKS DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 03:24 PM.700 BLOCK OF W PEACE ST RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 03:30 PM.2400 BLOCK OF KEITH DR RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 03:46 PM.5600 BLOCK OF CREEDMOOR RD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 01:59 PM.2800 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/25/12. 04:15 PM.2400 BLOCK OF SHEPHERD VALLEY ST RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 04:32 PM.4000 BLOCK OF MACKINAC ISLAND LN RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 03:28 PM.300 BLOCK OF BRAGG ST RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 03:35 PM.10000 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD AVE RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 05:03 PM.1300 BLOCK OF BEAUTY AVE RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 05:45 PM.3800 BLOCK OF CAMP MANGUM WYND RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 06:29 PM.4200 BLOCK OF SAMANTHA DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 04:10 PM.6600 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD AVE RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 04:20 PM.4300 BLOCK OF GLENWOOD AVE RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 03:13 PM.5400 BLOCK OF INGATE WAY RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 07:18 PM.200 BLOCK OF NORTHCLIFT DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 08:06 PM.2800 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/25/12. 09:17 PM.4400 BLOCK OF KILCULLEN DR RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 10:02 PM.600 BLOCK OF RALPH DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 10:33 PM.500 BLOCK OF ROSE LN RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 11:00 PM.2400 BLOCK OF PAULA ST RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/25/12. 11:15 PM.4100 BLOCK OF LAKE LYNN DR RALEIGHDetails
Robbery03/25/12. 09:15 PM.200 BLOCK OF E SIX FORKS RD RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 10:42 PM.3000 BLOCK OF LARK CIR RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/25/12. 10:31 PM.2600 BLOCK OF MILLBOROUGH CT RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 11:56 PM.2600 BLOCK OF WAKE FOREST RD RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/25/12. 10:17 PM.7800 BLOCK OF BRECKON WAY RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/25/12. 07:15 PM.4200 BLOCK OF SNOWCREST LN RALEIGHDetails

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