Raleigh, NC Daily Crime Reports - 03/20/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AShooting03/20/12. 01:25 AM.300 BLOCK OF BART ST RALEIGHDetails
BTheft03/20/12. 01:37 AM.4700 BLOCK OF DANSEY DR RALEIGHDetails
CTheft03/20/12. 02:17 AM.2400 BLOCK OF SPRING FOREST RD RALEIGHDetails
DVandalism03/20/12. 04:16 AM.400 BLOCK OF HAYWOOD ST RALEIGHDetails
EOther03/20/12. 04:43 AM.300 BLOCK OF E MARTIN ST RALEIGHDetails
FTheft03/20/12. 01:18 AM.2800 BLOCK OF MILLBROOK MANOR CIR RALEIGHDetails
GTheft03/20/12. 07:29 AM.100 BLOCK OF CLAREDON CRESCENT RALEIGHDetails
HVandalism03/20/12. 03:36 AM.11700 BLOCK OF NEW LEESVILLE BLVD RALEIGHDetails
ITheft03/20/12. 06:36 AM.3500 BLOCK OF MAITLAND DR RALEIGHDetails
JOther03/20/12. 07:23 AM.100 BLOCK OF N TARBORO ST RALEIGHDetails
KOther03/20/12. 07:59 AM.300 BLOCK OF RALEIGHDetails
LArrest03/20/12. 06:44 AM.100 BLOCK OF IDLEWILD AVE RALEIGHDetails
MTheft03/20/12. 06:55 AM.3500 BLOCK OF HORTON ST RALEIGHDetails
OOther03/20/12. 08:44 AM.400 BLOCK OF S MCDOWELL ST RALEIGHDetails
PTheft03/20/12. 08:37 AM.2300 BLOCK OF TW ALEXANDER DRIVE RALEIGHDetails
QTheft03/20/12. 08:07 AM.1300 BLOCK OF WRENN TREE CIR RALEIGHDetails
RBurglary03/20/12. 08:24 AM.1400 BLOCK OF DIGGS DR RALEIGHDetails
SAssault03/20/12. 08:15 AM.1400 BLOCK OF ATHENS DR RALEIGHDetails
TTheft03/20/12. 08:59 AM.900 BLOCK OF NORRIS ST RALEIGHDetails
UTheft03/20/12. 09:25 AM.2700 BLOCK OF LAYDEN STREET RALEIGHDetails
WTheft03/20/12. 09:41 AM.3100 BLOCK OF TUCKLAND DRIVE RALEIGHDetails
XOther03/20/12. 07:28 AM.1400 BLOCK OF HEDINGHAM BLVD RALEIGHDetails
YTheft03/20/12. 09:34 AM.7400 BLOCK OF PENNSYLVANIA CT RALEIGHDetails
ZVandalism03/20/12. 09:59 AM.900 BLOCK OF ILEAGNES ROAD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 10:37 AM.6300 BLOCK OF CREEDMOOR RD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 10:20 AM.1700 BLOCK OF GORMAN STREET RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 11:13 AM.1000 BLOCK OF TIPTON ST RALEIGHDetails
Vandalism03/20/12. 11:17 AM.3300 BLOCK OF HEWBERRY LN RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 12:50 PM.1600 BLOCK OF ATHENS DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 11:04 AM.8300 BLOCK OF BANDFORD WAY RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 12:29 PM.700 BLOCK OF CHAMERLAIN ST RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 12:38 PM.3800 BLOCK OF BRENTWOOD RD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 12:27 PM.200 BLOCK OF FARRINGTON DR RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 01:09 PM.700 BLOCK OF LUNAR DR RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 01:36 PM.2700 BLOCK OF EVERS DR RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 12:14 PM.6200 BLOCK OF SHANDA DR RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 12:55 PM.4300 BLOCK OF LOUISBURG RD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 01:34 PM.8200 BLOCK OF ROWLOCK WAY RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 01:55 PM.5200 BLOCK OF NEW BERN AVE RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/20/12. 02:11 PM.700 BLOCK OF N PERSON ST RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/20/12. 01:32 PM.4600 BLOCK OF GRINDING STONE DR RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 02:27 PM.2400 BLOCK OF SPRING FOREST RD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 03:24 PM.200 BLOCK OF SHEPHERD ST RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 02:38 PM.3100 BLOCK OF HILLSBOROUGH ST RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 03:19 PM.7300 BLOCK OF FOX RD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 02:32 PM.7900 BLOCK OF OLD WAKE FOREST RD RALEIGHDetails
Vandalism03/20/12. 04:48 PM.300 BLOCK OF S SWAIN STREET RALEIGHDetails
Vandalism03/20/12. 05:05 PM.1500 BLOCK OF N RALEIGH BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 03:53 PM.5900 BLOCK OF TRIANGLE TOWN BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Vandalism03/20/12. 05:12 PM.1900 BLOCK OF WOLFTECH LN RALEIGHDetails
Arrest03/20/12. 02:34 PM.500 BLOCK OF BRAGG ST RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 02:59 PM.1000 BLOCK OF OBERLIN ROAD RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 05:34 PM.1100 BLOCK OF N KING CHARLES RD RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/20/12. 05:27 PM.3000 BLOCK OF DUNKIRK DR RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 07:58 PM.6900 BLOCK OF VALLEY RIDGE CT RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 07:36 PM.6400 BLOCK OF ROCKREST CT RALEIGHDetails
Assault03/20/12. 07:58 PM.1100 BLOCK OF N RALEIGH BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 07:07 PM.700 BLOCK OF N RALEIGH BLVD RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 08:11 PM.1000 BLOCK OF WAKE TOWNE DR RALEIGHDetails
Arrest03/20/12. 08:49 PM.300 BLOCK OF S SALISBURY ST RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 07:29 PM.7900 BLOCK OF OLD WAKE FOREST RD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 08:50 PM.500 BLOCK OF SHELLY RIDGE LN RALEIGHDetails
Arrest03/20/12. 09:06 PM.400 BLOCK OF S WILMINGTON ST RALEIGHDetails
Burglary03/20/12. 09:20 PM.2700 BLOCK OF CHERRY FIELD DR RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 10:27 PM.5100 BLOCK OF CREEDMOOR RD RALEIGHDetails
Arrest03/20/12. 11:14 PM.2200 BLOCK OF BILTMORE CT RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 11:11 PM.2300 BLOCK OF RANGE ROAD RALEIGHDetails
Other03/20/12. 07:47 PM.4700 BLOCK OF MALLORY CT RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 07:05 AM.4900 BLOCK OF ARCADIAN COURT RALEIGHDetails
Theft03/20/12. 06:26 AM.2800 BLOCK OF CAPITAL BLVD RALEIGHDetails

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