Ottawa County, MI Daily Crime Reports - 10/09/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ABurglary10/09/12. 05:44 PM.16000 BLOCK OF LAKEPOINT DR FERRYSBURGDetails
BOther10/09/12. 07:52 PM.500 BLOCK OF SAVIDGE ST SPRING LAKEDetails
COther10/09/12. 09:30 AM.1700 BLOCK OF ROBBINS RD GRAND HAVENDetails
DOther10/09/12. 07:42 PM.500 BLOCK OF WAVERLY AVE GRAND HAVENDetails
EArrest10/09/12. 09:43 PM.1000 BLOCK OF COLFAX ST GRAND HAVENDetails
FOther10/09/12. 10:43 PM.US-31 AND TYLER ST OLIVE TWP.Details
GTheft10/09/12. 08:52 AM.800 BLOCK OF 16TH ST HOLLANDDetails
HOther10/09/12. 11:22 AM.400 BLOCK OF 21ST ST HOLLANDDetails
IOther10/09/12. 11:45 AM.00 BLOCK OF 8TH ST HOLLANDDetails
JOther10/09/12. 12:11 PM.700 BLOCK OF MYRTLE AVE HOLLANDDetails
KAssault10/09/12. 12:45 PM.600 BLOCK OF VAN RAALTE AVE HOLLANDDetails
LOther10/09/12. 07:02 AM.100 BLOCK OF ELBERDENE ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
MArrest10/09/12. 07:10 AM.12100 BLOCK OF FILLMORE ST OLIVE TWP.Details
OOther10/09/12. 08:57 AM.12100 BLOCK OF JAMES ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
PTheft10/09/12. 06:10 PM.300 BLOCK OF RIVER AVE HOLLANDDetails
QTheft10/09/12. 08:58 AM.900 BLOCK OF O'MALLEY DR COOPERSVILLEDetails
ROther10/09/12. 11:02 AM.12100 BLOCK OF JAMES ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
SBurglary10/09/12. 12:32 PM.8200 BLOCK OF 120TH AVE OLIVE TWP.Details
TAssault10/09/12. 03:42 PM.10500 BLOCK OF LEARNING LN ALLENDALE TWP.Details
UAssault10/09/12. 04:02 PM.300 BLOCK OF 6TH ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
VOther10/09/12. 01:52 PM.11600 BLOCK OF 8TH AVE TALLMADGE TWP.Details
WTheft10/09/12. 01:03 PM.3100 BLOCK OF VAN BUREN ST HUDSONVILLEDetails
XOther10/09/12. 01:01 PM.136TH AVE AND FRANKLIN ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
YTheft10/09/12. 03:10 PM.1200 BLOCK OF RANDALL ST COOPERSVILLEDetails
ZArrest10/09/12. 03:47 PM.100 BLOCK OF BURKE AVE HOLLAND TWP.Details
Burglary10/09/12. 06:22 PM.2400 BLOCK OF JOHNSON ST TALLMADGE TWP.Details
Burglary10/09/12. 06:42 PM.00 BLOCK OF BAY MEADOWS DR PARK TWP.Details
Burglary10/09/12. 07:23 PM.13200 BLOCK OF RED CEDAR ST HOLLAND TWP.Details
Burglary10/09/12. 09:01 PM.300 BLOCK OF OAK BLUFF CT PARK TWP.Details
Arrest10/09/12. 07:18 PM.12100 BLOCK OF FILLMORE ST OLIVE TWP.Details
Shooting10/09/12. 08:12 PM.3500 BLOCK OF TAYLOR ST GEORGETOWN TWP.Details
Other10/09/12. 06:56 PM.700 BLOCK OF 16TH ST HOLLANDDetails
Burglary10/09/12. 11:58 PM.17000 BLOCK OF HICKORY ST SPRING LAKE TWP.Details

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