Salisbury, MD Daily Crime Reports - 11/29/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest11/29/11. 06:20 AM.400 BLOCK OF MARTIN STREET SALISBURYDetails
BArrest11/29/11. 08:59 PM.600 BLOCK OF MARVEL RD SALISBURYDetails
CArrest11/29/11. 10:15 AM.1300 BLOCK OF ASPEN DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
DArrest11/29/11. 12:55 PM.200 BLOCK OF LONG AVENUE SALISBURYDetails
EArrest11/29/11. 04:37 PM.300 BLOCK OF BARCLAY STREET SALISBURYDetails
FArrest11/29/11. 10:38 AM.500 BLOCK OF GRANDVIEW CT SALISBURYDetails
GArrest11/29/11. 06:54 PM.500 BLOCK OF E ISABELLA STREET SALISBURYDetails
HOther11/29/11. 06:36 PM.800 BLOCK OF S SCHUMAKER DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
IOther11/29/11. 11:02 AM.1300 BLOCK OF N SALISBURY BV SALISBURYDetails
JOther11/29/11. 02:45 PM.500 BLOCK OF WAILES STREET SALISBURYDetails
KOther11/29/11. 10:13 AM.500 BLOCK OF ALABAMA AVENUE SALISBURYDetails
LOther11/29/11. 08:10 AM.600 BLOCK OF W ISABELLA STREET SALISBURYDetails
MOther11/29/11. 08:49 AM.700 BLOCK OF COLLEGE LANE SALISBURYDetails
NOther11/29/11. 03:21 AM.200 BLOCK OF OHIO AVENUE SALISBURYDetails
OOther11/29/11. 09:46 AM.400 BLOCK OF W NAYLOR MILL RD SALISBURYDetails
POther11/29/11. 09:24 AM.600 BLOCK OF W SALISBURY PKWY SALISBURYDetails
QOther11/29/11. 12:09 AM.700 BLOCK OF DEBORAH DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
ROther11/29/11. 08:18 AM.1000 BLOCK OF MEADOW VIEW DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
TOther11/29/11. 08:17 PM.800 BLOCK OF S SCHUMAKER DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
UOther11/29/11. 09:20 PM.1000 BLOCK OF FAIRGROUND DRIVE SALISBURYDetails
VRobbery11/29/11. 02:17 PM.800 BLOCK OF SNOW HILL RD SALISBURYDetails
WTheft11/29/11. 12:39 PM.100 BLOCK OF COLONIAL CT SALISBURYDetails
XTheft11/29/11. 07:35 PM.1400 BLOCK OF UNIVERSITY TER SALISBURYDetails
YTheft11/29/11. 01:30 PM.1100 BLOCK OF MT HERMON RD SALISBURYDetails
ZTheft11/29/11. 05:10 PM.2700 BLOCK OF N SALISBURY BV SALISBURYDetails
Vandalism11/29/11. 09:17 AM.200 BLOCK OF W COLLEGE AVENUE SALISBURYDetails
Vandalism11/29/11. 07:43 PM.400 BLOCK OF COLES CIR SALISBURYDetails
Vandalism11/29/11. 04:38 PM.600 BLOCK OF W SALISBURY PKWY SALISBURYDetails

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