Wichita, KS Daily Crime Reports - 09/03/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest09/03/12. 4800 BLOCK OF S. BROADWAY WICHITADetails
BArrest09/03/12. W. 12TH AND RIDGE ROAD WICHITADetails
CArrest09/03/12. 10100 BLOCK OF E. MT. VERNON WICHITADetails
DArrest09/03/12. 3000 BLOCK OF E. 21ST WICHITADetails
EAssault09/03/12. 2400 BLOCK OF W. 31ST S. WICHITADetails
FAssault09/03/12. 1600 BLOCK OF S. ESTELLE WICHITADetails
GAssault09/03/12. 600 BLOCK OF N. DUNSWORTH WICHITADetails
HBurglary09/03/12. 2200 BLOCK OF S. BONN WICHITADetails
IBurglary09/03/12. 10000 BLOCK OF W. HASKELL WICHITADetails
JTheft09/03/12. 11400 BLOCK OF E. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
KTheft09/03/12. 4400 BLOCK OF S. MERIDIAN WICHITADetails
LTheft09/03/12. 2600 BLOCK OF E. 21ST WICHITADetails
MTheft09/03/12. 2300 BLOCK OF N. ESTELLE WICHITADetails
NTheft09/03/12. 3200 BLOCK OF S. KESSLER WICHITADetails
OTheft09/03/12. 800 BLOCK OF S. OLIVER WICHITADetails
PTheft09/03/12. 2000 BLOCK OF N. ROCK ROAD WICHITADetails
QTheft09/03/12. 5500 BLOCK OF E. HARRY WICHITADetails
RTheft09/03/12. 7700 BLOCK OF E. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
STheft09/03/12. 500 BLOCK OF E. PAWNEE WICHITADetails
TTheft09/03/12. 1000 BLOCK OF MCCORMICK WICHITADetails
UTheft09/03/12. 7200 BLOCK OF W. BARRINGTON WICHITADetails
VTheft09/03/12. 6100 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
WTheft09/03/12. 2000 BLOCK OF S. WICHITA WICHITADetails
XTheft09/03/12. 2200 BLOCK OF S. MAIN WICHITADetails
YTheft09/03/12. 2300 BLOCK OF S. MARKET WICHITADetails
ZTheft09/03/12. 10300 BLOCK OF W. HARDTNER WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 300 BLOCK OF W. CLARK WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 800 BLOCK OF N. LITCHFIELD WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. E. 14TH AND PENNSYLVANIA WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 700 BLOCK OF N. SILVER SPRINGS WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 400 BLOCK OF S. FOUNTAIN WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 1100 BLOCK OF S. WEBB ROAD WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 200 BLOCK OF N. MOSLEY WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 1800 BLOCK OF E. FIRST WICHITADetails
Theft09/03/12. 1700 BLOCK OF N. FAIRMOUNT WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 2400 BLOCK OF N. ROSENTHAL WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 2800 BLOCK OF W. DOUGLAS WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 9100 BLOCK OF E. HARRY WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 7000 BLOCK OF E. BAYLEY WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 1100 BLOCK OF S. BRIARCLIFF WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 1000 BLOCK OF S. WOODLAWN WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 800 BLOCK OF N. SHERIDAN WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 2000 BLOCK OF N. PENNSYLVANIA WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 2000 BLOCK OF E. MONA WICHITADetails
Vandalism09/03/12. 1200 BLOCK OF N. HILLSIDE WICHITADetails

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