Wichita, KS Daily Crime Reports - 08/24/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AVandalism08/24/12. 1500 BLOCK OF N. COOLIDGE WICHITADetails
BVandalism08/24/12. 1900 BLOCK OF W. GREENFIELD WICHITADetails
CVandalism08/24/12. 1100 BLOCK OF S. INVERNESS WICHITADetails
DVandalism08/24/12. 1900 BLOCK OF S. ROANOKE WICHITADetails
EVandalism08/24/12. 1000 BLOCK OF S. GREENWOOD WICHITADetails
FVandalism08/24/12. 1300 BLOCK OF S. WATER WICHITADetails
GVandalism08/24/12. 900 BLOCK OF N. WATER WICHITADetails
HVandalism08/24/12. 8400 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
IVandalism08/24/12. 300 BLOCK OF S. ARAPAHO WICHITADetails
JVandalism08/24/12. 900 BLOCK OF AMIDON WICHITADetails
KVandalism08/24/12. 6300 BLOCK OF S. HYDRAULIC WICHITADetails
LTheft08/24/12. W. 13TH AND STREET PAUL WICHITADetails
MTheft08/24/12. 1900 BLOCK OF S. TYLER ROAD WICHITADetails
NTheft08/24/12. 1600 BLOCK OF S. ROCK ROAD WICHITADetails
OTheft08/24/12. 3000 BLOCK OF N. ROCK ROAD WICHITADetails
PTheft08/24/12. 11400 BLOCK OF E. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
QTheft08/24/12. 3200 BLOCK OF N. LONGFELLOW WICHITADetails
RTheft08/24/12. 2000 BLOCK OF S. EXCHANGE WICHITADetails
STheft08/24/12. 2200 BLOCK OF S. STREET FRANCIS WICHITADetails
TTheft08/24/12. 4600 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
UTheft08/24/12. 500 BLOCK OF E. PAWNEE WICHITADetails
VTheft08/24/12. 3600 BLOCK OF N. INWOOD WICHITADetails
WTheft08/24/12. 10500 BLOCK OF W. CENTRAL WICHITADetails
XRobbery08/24/12. 600 BLOCK OF N. KESSLER WICHITADetails
YRobbery08/24/12. 2400 BLOCK OF S. STREET CLAIR WICHITADetails
ZRobbery08/24/12. 1000 BLOCK OF S. TOPEKA WICHITADetails
Burglary08/24/12. 8400 BLOCK OF E. GILBERT WICHITADetails
Burglary08/24/12. 1500 BLOCK OF S. WACO WICHITADetails
Burglary08/24/12. W. TEXAS AND EXPOSITION WICHITADetails
Burglary08/24/12. 1300 BLOCK OF S. MARKET WICHITADetails
Assault08/24/12. 3800 BLOCK OF S. BROADWAY WICHITADetails
Assault08/24/12. 600 BLOCK OF N. KESSLER WICHITADetails
Assault08/24/12. 1600 BLOCK OF N. ERIE WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 5700 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 4600 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. S. I-135 AND HYDRAULIC WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 700 BLOCK OF AMIDON WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 9300 BLOCK OF W. CENTRAL WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 300 BLOCK OF N. EMPORIA WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 3300 BLOCK OF S. KESSLER WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 5300 BLOCK OF S. BROADWAY WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 1600 BLOCK OF S. GREEN WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 1900 BLOCK OF S. LORRAINE WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 3000 BLOCK OF S. OLD LAWRENCE ROAD WICHITADetails
Arrest08/24/12. 2200 BLOCK OF E. MACARTHUR WICHITADetails
Other08/24/12. 04:58 PM.26 AND PARK PLACE WICHITADetails

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