Wichita, KS Daily Crime Reports - 01/30/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
BArrest01/30/12. 2300 BLOCK OF E. DOUGLAS WICHITADetails
CArrest01/30/12. 400 BLOCK OF N. MAIN WICHITADetails
DArrest01/30/12. 5600 BLOCK OF E. LINCOLN WICHITADetails
EArrest01/30/12. 300 BLOCK OF S. EDGEMOOR WICHITADetails
FArrest01/30/12. 2100 BLOCK OF W. HARRY WICHITADetails
GArrest01/30/12. 800 BLOCK OF OSAGE WICHITADetails
HArrest01/30/12. 4000 BLOCK OF W. SECOND WICHITADetails
IAssault01/30/12. 2900 BLOCK OF N. COOLIDGE WICHITADetails
JAssault01/30/12. 1100 BLOCK OF W. MUNNELL WICHITADetails
KAssault01/30/12. 1700 BLOCK OF S. YALE WICHITADetails
LBurglary01/30/12. 1500 BLOCK OF E. DOUGLAS WICHITADetails
MBurglary01/30/12. 1000 BLOCK OF W. DAVIS WICHITADetails
NBurglary01/30/12. 900 BLOCK OF N. HARDING AVENUE WICHITADetails
OBurglary01/30/12. 2300 BLOCK OF E. 20TH WICHITADetails
PBurglary01/30/12. 1400 BLOCK OF S. STREET CLAIR WICHITADetails
QBurglary01/30/12. 11300 BLOCK OF E. DONEGAL WICHITADetails
RRobbery01/30/12. 6300 BLOCK OF E. 21STREET WICHITADetails
SRobbery01/30/12. 700 BLOCK OF S. OLIVER WICHITADetails
TTheft01/30/12. 3000 BLOCK OF S. GORDON WICHITADetails
UTheft01/30/12. 3400 BLOCK OF S. MERIDIAN WICHITADetails
VTheft01/30/12. 9100 BLOCK OF E. HARRY WICHITADetails
XTheft01/30/12. 2400 BLOCK OF S. GLENDALE WICHITADetails
YTheft01/30/12. 7700 BLOCK OF E. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
ZTheft01/30/12. 5500 BLOCK OF E. HARRY WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 1600 BLOCK OF S. MAIZE ROAD WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 6100 BLOCK OF W. CENTRAL WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 3500 BLOCK OF W. HARRY WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 4600 BLOCK OF W. KELLOGG WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 800 BLOCK OF S. HYDRAULIC WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 500 BLOCK OF S. WEST STREET WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 600 BLOCK OF S. TYLER ROAD WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 10600 BLOCK OF W. 21STREET WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 1500 BLOCK OF W. MACARTHUR WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 10700 BLOCK OF W. PONDEROSA WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 2900 BLOCK OF S. VICTORIA WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. S. HOLYOKE AND 31STREET WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 1200 BLOCK OF S. SANTA FE WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 1700 BLOCK OF S. EDWARDS WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 1900 BLOCK OF S. MILLWOOD WICHITADetails
Theft01/30/12. 900 BLOCK OF W. 29TH S. WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 10200 BLOCK OF W. 13TH WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 800 BLOCK OF N. ERIE WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 200 BLOCK OF S. ILLINOIS WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 1300 BLOCK OF S. WEBB ROAD WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 5000 BLOCK OF W. DOUGLAS WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 3500 BLOCK OF S. LEONINE WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 8400 BLOCK OF E. HARRY WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 700 BLOCK OF S. GOVERNEOUR WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 2500 BLOCK OF N. MAIZE ROAD WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 3200 BLOCK OF S. CLIFTON WICHITADetails
Vandalism01/30/12. 2000 BLOCK OF S. VINE WICHITADetails

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