Indianapolis, IN Daily Crime Reports - 08/22/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AArrest08/22/12. 01:59 AM.1500 BLOCK OF SHEPARD ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
COther08/22/12. 01:38 AM.500 BLOCK OF N GRAY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
DOther08/22/12. 01:12 AM.STOOPS BUICK INDIANAPOLISDetails
ETheft08/22/12. 04:10 AM.200 BLOCK OF S ARLINGTON AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
FAssault08/22/12. 03:37 AM.1000 BLOCK OF W 10TH ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
GOther08/22/12. 03:34 AM.1700 BLOCK OF HANDBALL LN NO. B INDIANAPOLISDetails
HOther08/22/12. 03:10 AM.2800 BLOCK OF N CHESTER AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
IArrest08/22/12. 03:09 AM.800 BLOCK OF BROAD RIPPLE AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
JArrest08/22/12. 03:01 AM.700 BLOCK OF E MARKET ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
KRobbery08/22/12. 06:01 AM.2100 BLOCK OF SHELBY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
LAssault08/22/12. 05:57 AM.11300 BLOCK OF FAIRWEATHER PL INDIANAPOLISDetails
MOther08/22/12. 05:04 AM.9400 BLOCK OF GRANVILLE PL INDIANAPOLISDetails
OBurglary08/22/12. 04:42 AM.800 BLOCK OF ARBOR AV NO. B INDIANAPOLISDetails
PArrest08/22/12. 04:34 AM.3800 BLOCK OF INDUSTRIAL BL INDIANAPOLISDetails
QOther08/22/12. 04:22 AM.600 BLOCK OF N LASALLE ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
ROther08/22/12. 08:18 AM.4700 BLOCK OF W VERMONT ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
SArrest08/22/12. 08:08 AM.6800 BLOCK OF E 21ST ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
TOther08/22/12. 08:05 AM.1100 BLOCK OF VILLA AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
UArrest08/22/12. 08:02 AM.433-1 AND 00 BLOCK OF E WASHINGTON ST NO INDIANAPOLISDetails
VOther08/22/12. 07:53 AM.2200 BLOCK OF W WASHINGTON ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
WTheft08/22/12. 07:52 AM.9100 BLOCK OF E 38TH PL INDIANAPOLISDetails
XArrest08/22/12. 07:47 AM.6600 BLOCK OF COPPEL CT INDIANAPOLISDetails
YArrest08/22/12. 07:39 AM.00 BLOCK OF S ALABAMA ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
ZShooting08/22/12. 07:39 AM.3700 BLOCK OF N SADLIER DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 07:37 AM.3500 BLOCK OF N SADLIER DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 07:36 AM.200 BLOCK OF E OHIO ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 12:06 AM.2100 BLOCK OF BRAEBURN E DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:18 PM.4222-7A RUE LEMANS INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 12:15 PM.4800 BLOCK OF W PEBBLE WY NO. L INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 12:15 PM.3000 BLOCK OF BAVARIAN W DR NO. 512 INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 12:14 PM.00 BLOCK OF N ALABAMA ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:05 PM.00 BLOCK OF W 38TH ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 12:04 PM.7600 BLOCK OF E 52ND ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 12:04 PM.10500 BLOCK OF E 34 NO. D INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 12:02 PM.1600 BLOCK OF S EMERSON AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:59 AM.300 BLOCK OF N RURAL ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:57 AM.3200 BLOCK OF TARA CT E NO. F INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:57 AM.6000 BLOCK OF W 46TH ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 11:53 AM.6100 BLOCK OF RALEIGH DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:50 AM.1301-1 AND 00 BLOCK OF RINGGOLD AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 11:50 AM.2400 BLOCK OF N NEW JERSEY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 11:47 AM.E 14TH ST AND N PENNSYLVANIA S INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:45 AM.100 BLOCK OF BETSY LN NO. 92 INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:44 AM.1500 BLOCK OF E TABOR ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:44 AM.2800 BLOCK OF EL LAGO N DR NO. A INDIANAPOLISDetails
Vandalism08/22/12. 02:19 PM.N PINE ST AND E OHIO ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 02:19 PM.4600 BLOCK OF CARROLTON AVE INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 02:18 PM.00 BLOCK OF EASTERN AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 02:16 PM.4500 BLOCK OF S HARDING ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 02:12 PM.4500 BLOCK OF S HARDING ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 02:08 PM.1700 BLOCK OF SENATE BL INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 02:02 PM.8200 BLOCK OF ROB LN INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 01:57 PM.00 BLOCK OF N ALABAMA ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 01:57 PM.3900 BLOCK OF N COLLEGE AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 01:55 PM.00 BLOCK OF N ALABAMA ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 01:52 PM.10400 BLOCK OF E INDIAN CREEK RD S INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 04:18 PM.4000 BLOCK OF BRENTWOOD DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 04:15 PM.100 BLOCK OF N 4TH AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 04:12 PM.3000 BLOCK OF KYLE CT INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 04:11 PM.E 38TH ST AND N SHERMAN DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 04:00 PM.6800 BLOCK OF E SOUTHPORT RD INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 03:57 PM.4200 BLOCK OF BRIDLE LN APT A INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 09:07 AM.3700 BLOCK OF NORTH SADLIER DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:39 AM.2800 BLOCK OF N GLADSTONE AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 06:15 PM.6300 BLOCK OF MANN RD INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 06:12 PM.4700 BLOCK OF W REGENT ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 06:09 PM.8100 BLOCK OF PENDLETON PIKE NO. B INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 06:03 PM.6300 BLOCK OF FIESTA CT INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 06:00 PM.4600 BLOCK OF LAFAYETTE RD INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 05:57 PM.4400 BLOCK OF DUNSANY CT INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 05:47 PM.1100 BLOCK OF SHELBY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 05:46 PM.200 BLOCK OF E MARKET ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 05:43 PM.1800 BLOCK OF LUDLOW AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 05:42 PM.6000 BLOCK OF E 21ST ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 05:37 PM.E 16TH ST AND N NEW JERSEY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 08:15 PM.800 BLOCK OF LINCOLN ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 08:14 PM.2700 BLOCK OF N ILLINOIS ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 08:07 PM.100 BLOCK OF N LINWOOD AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 08:05 PM.7000 BLOCK OF E 25S INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 07:54 PM.3600 BLOCK OF IRELAND CT INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 07:51 PM.3100 BLOCK OF STATION ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 07:50 PM.3700 BLOCK OF GRACELAND AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 07:41 PM.5700 BLOCK OF WILKINS ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 07:39 PM.1900 BLOCK OF N SHADELAND AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 10:11 PM.1000 BLOCK OF S WHITCOMB AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 10:08 PM.2900 BLOCK OF S PENNSYLVANIA ST NO. 2 INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 10:01 PM.500 BLOCK OF N EXETER AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 09:54 PM.3500 BLOCK OF W 12TH ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:53 PM.9100 BLOCK OF ROCKVILLE RD INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:51 PM.2800 BLOCK OF ELWIN DR NO. C INDIANAPOLISDetails
Theft08/22/12. 09:49 PM.6200 BLOCK OF BROOKVILLE RD INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:46 PM.1700 BLOCK OF ROOSEVELT AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:44 PM.1400 BLOCK OF W 33RD ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:35 PM.2600 BLOCK OF N BAZIL AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 09:34 PM.E 52ND ST AND N RICHARDT AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:30 PM.7200 BLOCK OF WHARFSIDE LN NO. 1B INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:29 PM.4300 BLOCK OF N ARLINGTON AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 09:24 PM.1000 BLOCK OF N TACOMA AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 09:17 PM.4100 BLOCK OF HICKORY CR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:19 AM.1000 BLOCK OF S PERSHING AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:10 AM.3800 BLOCK OF N EMERSON AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 12:01 AM.3000 BLOCK OF N LAYMAN AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:59 PM.7600 BLOCK OF BLUE WILLOW DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:50 PM.2100 BLOCK OF E 32ND ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:44 PM.3000 BLOCK OF BAYSIDE DR NO. C INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 11:39 PM.3000 BLOCK OF HEMLOCK WY INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:37 PM.2100 BLOCK OF E 32ND ST NO. C INDIANAPOLISDetails
Assault08/22/12. 11:37 PM.8000 BLOCK OF E 38TH ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:37 PM.500 BLOCK OF N LASALLE ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 11:33 PM.E NEW YORK ST AND N RURAL ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 11:33 PM.2800 BLOCK OF HERVEY ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:22 PM.2100 BLOCK OF E 32ND ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:20 PM.8800 BLOCK OF TIMBERWOOD DR INDIANAPOLISDetails
Other08/22/12. 11:18 PM.3200 BLOCK OF BALTIMORE AV INDIANAPOLISDetails
Shooting08/22/12. 11:14 PM.W 36TH ST AND N ILLINOIS ST INDIANAPOLISDetails
Arrest08/22/12. 11:10 PM.00 BLOCK OF S ALABAMA ST INDIANAPOLISDetails

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