Honolulu, HI Daily Crime Reports - 07/13/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ABurglary07/13/11. 01:57 AM.1000 BLOCK OF ALA MOANA HONOLULUDetails
BBurglary07/13/11. 11:35 PM.1000 BLOCK OF KINAU STREET HONOLULUDetails
CBurglary07/13/11. 01:19 PM.1400 BLOCK OF KANAPUU DRIVE HONOLULUDetails
DBurglary07/13/11. 06:00 PM.1600 BLOCK OF LUSITANA STREET HONOLULUDetails
EBurglary07/13/11. 05:21 PM.2300 BLOCK OF AUMAKUA STREET HONOLULUDetails
FBurglary07/13/11. 02:45 PM.400 BLOCK OF HOOMALU STREET HONOLULUDetails
GBurglary07/13/11. 12:08 PM.410200 BLOCK OF NAKINI STREET HONOLULUDetails
HBurglary07/13/11. 09:04 PM.450000 BLOCK OF WAIAPE PL HONOLULUDetails
IBurglary07/13/11. 11:22 AM.460300 BLOCK OF HOLOPU PL HONOLULUDetails
JBurglary07/13/11. 03:28 AM.700 BLOCK OF SHERIDAN STREET HONOLULUDetails
KBurglary07/13/11. 11:41 AM.900 BLOCK OF KAHEKA STREET HONOLULUDetails
LBurglary07/13/11. 06:07 AM.940300 BLOCK OF KUAHELANI AVE HONOLULUDetails
MBurglary07/13/11. 10:50 AM.990400 BLOCK OF IWAIWA STREET HONOLULUDetails
NBurglary07/13/11. 01:32 PM.990600 BLOCK OF POHULI STREET HONOLULUDetails
OTheft07/13/11. 12:48 PM.1000 BLOCK OF KAWAIAHAO STREET HONOLULUDetails
PTheft07/13/11. 10:36 AM.1000 BLOCK OF MAKOLU STREET HONOLULUDetails
QTheft07/13/11. 11:27 PM.1200 BLOCK OF ALA MOANA PARK DRIVE HONOLULUDetails
RTheft07/13/11. 09:20 PM.1400 BLOCK OF KAPIOLANI BLVD HONOLULUDetails
STheft07/13/11. 12:08 PM.1500 BLOCK OF MAKIKI STREET HONOLULUDetails
TTheft07/13/11. 07:32 PM.1700 BLOCK OF WILIKINA DRIVE HONOLULUDetails
UTheft07/13/11. 06:47 AM.2300 BLOCK OF AHAPULE STREET HONOLULUDetails
VTheft07/13/11. 12:28 PM.300 BLOCK OF RODGERS BLVD HONOLULUDetails
WTheft07/13/11. 05:37 PM.300 BLOCK OF RODGERS BLVD HONOLULUDetails
YTheft07/13/11. 07:43 AM.530200 BLOCK OF KAM HWY HONOLULUDetails
ZTheft07/13/11. 04:24 PM.550200 BLOCK OF KULANUI STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 03:48 PM.700 BLOCK OF KEEAUMOKU STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 07:08 PM.700 BLOCK OF KEEAUMOKU STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 02:17 PM.800 BLOCK OF ALA LILIKOI STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 01:33 PM.940000 BLOCK OF FARRINGTON HWY HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 05:24 AM.940000 BLOCK OF WAIPAHU STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 07:39 AM.940400 BLOCK OF FARRINGTON HWY HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 01:35 PM.950400 BLOCK OF MAKAIMOIMO STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 05:22 PM.951000 BLOCK OF AOAKUA STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 06:55 AM.980200 BLOCK OF KANUKU STREET HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 05:23 PM.980500 BLOCK OF KOAUKA LP HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 11:12 AM.981000 BLOCK OF MOANALUA RD HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 02:05 AM.990000 BLOCK OF KAM HWY HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 06:44 PM.990500 BLOCK OF SALT LAKE BLVD HONOLULUDetails
Theft07/13/11. 01:19 AM.N BERETANIA STREET HONOLULUDetails
Vandalism07/13/11. 11:48 AM.940000 BLOCK OF LEOLUA STREET HONOLULUDetails

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