Douglasville, GA Daily Crime Reports - 11/15/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault11/15/11. 11:02 PM.3400 BLOCK OF W STEWART MILL RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
BOther11/15/11. 08:25 AM.6300 BLOCK OF DOUGLAS BLVD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
COther11/15/11. 11:33 AM.6700 BLOCK OF W CHURCH ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
DOther11/15/11. 08:52 AM.3400 BLOCK OF W STEWART MILL RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
ETheft11/15/11. 10:15 PM.6000 BLOCK OF FAIRBURN RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
FVandalism11/15/11. 10:48 AM.7800 BLOCK OF LEE RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
GTheft11/15/11. 12:14 PM.8300 BLOCK OF GRADY ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
HTheft11/15/11. 12:22 PM.6500 BLOCK OF E SPRING ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
ITheft11/15/11. 08:34 AM.6200 BLOCK OF ELLIS ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
JTheft11/15/11. 11:34 AM.8100 BLOCK OF COLQUITT ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
KTheft11/15/11. 04:29 PM.5400 BLOCK OF SOMER MILL RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
LOther11/15/11. 02:17 AM.2000 BLOCK OF FAIRBURN RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
MAssault11/15/11. 01:23 AM.8500 BLOCK OF DUNCAN ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
NAssault11/15/11. 02:30 AM.7700 BLOCK OF DALLAS HWY DOUGLASVILLEDetails
OOther11/15/11. 11:27 AM.8200 BLOCK OF DURELEE LN DOUGLASVILLEDetails
PArrest11/15/11. 02:46 PM.3100 BLOCK OF HWY 5 DOUGLASVILLEDetails
QAssault11/15/11. 01:23 AM.DUNCAN ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
RAssault11/15/11. 02:30 AM.DALLAS HWY DOUGLASVILLEDetails
STheft11/15/11. 08:24 AM.ELLIS ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
TVandalism11/15/11. 10:48 AM.LEE RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
UTheft11/15/11. 11:34 AM.COLQUITT ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
VTheft11/15/11. 12:22 PM.E SPRING ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
WTheft11/15/11. 12:14 PM.GRADY ST DOUGLASVILLEDetails
XTheft11/15/11. 04:29 PM.SOMER MILL RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails
YAssault11/15/11. 11:02 PM.W STEWART MILL RD DOUGLASVILLEDetails

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