Augusta, GA Daily Crime Reports - 01/04/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault01/04/12. 2000 BLOCK OF GREENLAND RD AUGUSTADetails
BAssault01/04/12. 1000 BLOCK OF BROAD STREET AUGUSTADetails
CAssault01/04/12. 500 BLOCK OF 2ND STREET AUGUSTADetails
DArrest01/04/12. 200 BLOCK OF SAND BAR FERRY RD AUGUSTADetails
EArrest01/04/12. 500 BLOCK OF RICHMOND HILL RD B-5 AUGUSTADetails
FArrest01/04/12. 1400 BLOCK OF GORDON HWY AUGUSTADetails
GAssault01/04/12. 1800 BLOCK OF TUBMAN HOME RD AUGUSTADetails
HAssault01/04/12. 1300 BLOCK OF INTERSTATE PKWY AUGUSTADetails
IAssault01/04/12. 3800 BLOCK OF MIKE PADGETT HWY AUGUSTADetails
JAssault01/04/12. 2400 BLOCK OF COURTNEY RD AUGUSTADetails
KAssault01/04/12. MIDDLETON LANE AUGUSTADetails
LAssault01/04/12. 2700 BLOCK OF BOLLING RD AUGUSTADetails
MAssault01/04/12. 1700 BLOCK OF ESSIE MCINTYRE BLVD D34 AUGUSTADetails
NAssault01/04/12. 3400 BLOCK OF MIKE PADGETT HWY AUGUSTADetails
OAssault01/04/12. 2200 BLOCK OF WHEELESS RD AUGUSTADetails
PBurglary01/04/12. 2300 BLOCK OF WHEELESS RD AUGUSTADetails
QBurglary01/04/12. 1700 BLOCK OF VERDERY STREET AUGUSTADetails
RBurglary01/04/12. 2600 BLOCK OF TEAKWOOD DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
SBurglary01/04/12. 3500 BLOCK OF JONATHAN CIRC AUGUSTADetails
TBurglary01/04/12. 3000 BLOCK OF DEANS BRIDGE RD C-0 AUGUSTADetails
UBurglary01/04/12. 2300 BLOCK OF BARTON CHAPEL RD AUGUSTADetails
VBurglary01/04/12. 2400 BLOCK OF DAMASCUS RD 7D AUGUSTADetails
WBurglary01/04/12. 3300 BLOCK OF HILLIS RD AUGUSTADetails
XBurglary01/04/12. 3500 BLOCK OF BECTON RD AUGUSTADetails
YBurglary01/04/12. 1000 BLOCK OF RIVER RIDGE RD 29D AUGUSTADetails
ZBurglary01/04/12. 2600 BLOCK OF TEAKWOOD DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
Robbery01/04/12. 3000 BLOCK OF LANGFORD DRIVE AUGUSTADetails
Robbery01/04/12. 1100 BLOCK OF 15TH STREET AUGUSTADetails

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